Granville Island and Awesome Dim Sum!

Granville Island and Awesome Dim Sum!

We returned to Vancouver in March to visit Granville Island and were greeted again with magnificent weather. Technically a peninsula that juts out into
False Creek, Granville Island is located directly across from downtown Vancouver. It’s a fun 15-minute ferry ride or 10-minute
drive from downtown. We spent the day exploring the many shops,
from wine and cheese to arts, crafts and jewelry. You can even get a fresh boiled lobster from the Lobster Man. Local acts perform in front of the market,
like the bubble man or this talented young singer. (Singing Ed Sheeran Song, Photograph) And if you hurt me, well, that’s okay baby, only words bleed, Inside these pages you just hold me, and I won’t ever be alone. Wait for me to come home) (clapping) Thank you! The real star of the show is the public market. Established 30 years ago, it is the oldest farmers market in Vancouver. You can pick up everything you need to make a gourmet meal. Vendors sell everything from produce and flowers to artisanal chacuturie and fine cheeses. The meats and seafood are so fresh, we were tempted to eat them raw. Instead, we picked up some cooked striped shrimp to snack on. Boy, were they sweet! There is a chacuterie shop that has an impressive selection of pates, but the counter was so crowded, I couldn’t even see the display. We did manage to pick up some salami and cheese to eat at the hotel. As the day went on, the crowds made it impossible to film and we didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, so we headed to the hotel to check-in. We stayed at Hotel Le Soleil in Downtown Vancouver, located four blocks from the convention center. It’s a small boutique hotel with a very
professional and friendly staff. A great feature of this hotel is that all
rooms are suites. Our room was about 400 sq. ft., which feels a bit cramped. I would give this a hotel a 10 for service
a 7 for comfort. Even though our room was on the 5th floor, we could still hear street noise, and the bed was not very comfortable. Still, the amenities were nice, including
a fridge to chill wine. We enjoyed a cold glass with the meats and cheeses from the farmers market. Sunday morning, we had Dim Sum at the Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood restaurant. The restaurant is conveniently located in
the Aberdeen Centre, a mall in Richmond, so you can browse stores while you wait for a table We only waited for 30 minutes, but if you
get hungry, there is an impressive food court serving a variety of Asian foods. We are standing outside the Fisherman’s Terrace’s? (Chi) Waiting for our table (Chris) It’s coming up soon! (Chi)Yup! (Chris) Dim Sum awesomeness! (Chi)Yup! (Chi) The hostess is a tough cookie. Don’t mess with her. (Chris) She’s doing a good job, keeping these people inline, literally. (Chi) Single file people! We’re here at the fisherman’s terrace restaurant and we ordered a bunch of dim sum There we go, and the server just put the receipt down. Let’s see, we ordered shrimp dumpling, shrimp and chives steamed pork dumplings, pan fried leak and shrimp scallop rice noodles and squid We’ve got the scallop wide rice noodles *Laughter* Hi, I’m Vietnamese and can’t use chopsticks So, similar to the wide rice noodle wraps, they usually have shrimp or beef in it. This one has fresh scallops. (Chris) Can we get a fork over here? Oh, it’s got little pieces of, um, leeks or something in it. It’s really good! It’s very light and the scallops taste really fresh. There’s no fishiness at all I like this! So this is the pork dumpling with the quail egg in it. Gorgeous! Here we go! Gotta separate these. They’re sticky. (Chi)There you go! You’re better than me! The stickiness helps when you want to pick them up, that’s for sure. (Chi) Oh look at that! The litle quail egg inside. That’s just delicious. The pork is so moist. (Slow dramatic piano music playing) So these are the chive dumplings with shrimp. I’m just going to take the whole thing. Ok, don’t laugh. Alright. Mmmm…chivey, eey. This is definitely better that what I’ve had before. The chive is really sweet, and the shrimp is not as savory. Thank you, there’s the Har Gow Get some sauce on that. Mmmm And it’s not greasy at all. It doesn’t taste like it’s been deep fried. They’re pan fried on each side and there’s big chunks of shrimp inside Our Har gow just arrived And this is shrimp and chives Alright, well here we have the all time classic, har gow One of my favorites. These are the size of racquet balls. So I can’t just shove them in my mouth whole like I usually do. It’s more of a three bite situation Mmmm, perfect. It’s nice and moist. The shrimp is cooked just right. The wrapper is nice and think so it doesn’t fall apart. (Chi) I yeah I hate that. (In a Minnesota accent) (Chris) Oh you betcha! It doesn’t matter where we go, I always to get fried squid especially at a Dim Sum restaurant or Chinese Let’s give this a try. Umm! So it’s nice and tender It has crispy pieces of garlic around it. It’s not chewy at all. That was pretty easy to bite. This is the shrimp and chive dumpling It is so pretty. It’s in an eggy wonton skin. Mmm.. So, it tastes like the pan fried dumpling, but not as crispy. And its a lot sweeter. I like it! That was probably the tastiest Dim Sum we’ve had! We ordered a lot of food so had plenty of leftovers to take home. We will definitely return, but hope to be
able to try dim sum in Hong Kong someday soon! We hope you enjoyed this trip! Please subscribe to our channel and check back next week for another video.

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  1. Granville Island is such a beautiful place to shop. Costly but beautiful. What a great place to get stock photos and video of beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables. Too bad they don't have fish tossing as well.

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