Guess Who is the Tibetan Singer Challenge

Guess Who is the Tibetan Singer Challenge

W: Put it right in the middle MC: Today we are having a contest on who knows more Tibetan Songs MC: When we play the song MC: If you know the name of the singer, pick up the item MC: Say the name MC: If you don’t know it. The other person gets to answer MC: How many songs do you guys think you know? L: I think I know like 6 MC: Like 6? L: (Under Breath) I mean. Yah D: I think I know about 4 S: How many do you know? C: Ummm S: You should know all of them since you sing all the time C: 8 S: 8? C: Yes MC:8? C: Yes S: If you are only a 8 I should be a 1 TL: 11 (Both Laugh) TL: W how much you know? W: (Still Laughing) W: 10. Between 9 and 10 S: Phurbu T Namgyal D: I’ve heard this song L: Phurbu Namgyal L: Phurbu T Namgyal D: Oh, yah! (Both Laugh) L: When I first heard it I was wondering. “What is it?” D: Doesn’t Phurbu T Namgyal live here, In MN TL: Phuri Namgyal TL: Phuri Namgyal TL: Phuri Namgyal is MN’s most famous artist (Tibetan) C: Kunga C: (Laughing) S: (Sad she lost) L: Kunga? MC: Yes D: I’m probably not going to get any points D: Is this from Tibet? L: Yah it’s from Tibet. It’s really old. D: Oh ok L: I think it’s like 6 years old D: Oh ok TL: Kunga! Kunga TL: W is just singing with the song C: No, Nam, Nam, Namtsa S: Lumo Tso! Lumo Tso! S: Yah C: I don’t wanna play now S: You are losing you know D: I’m gonna get the next one D: This one is also from Tibet D: I only know the tone L: It’s a girl L: The singer D: Tsewang Lhamo L: Is this Lumo Tso? D: Oh he got it! TL: Lumo Tso! Lumo Tso! W: I’m just singing the song, but can’t think of the name S: Tenzin Seungyi S: Sing’s momo song right? S: Sing that song S: Momo (trying to sing) C: Momomomomo D: (Laughing) oh shit D: Tenzin Seungyi L: Oh hoho! Nice one D: I got 1! D: I got 1 point W: Shapale W: That’s not it? TL: Seungyi! Seungyi! Tenzin Seungyi! TL: Shapale? W: I thought it was the Shapale song TL: Did you feel like eating Shapale? S: Dosi C: Donsel S: Donsel? C: It’s D-O-N. Donsel L: Oh! Donsel L: It’s the same song D: Song? Oh! D: It’s the same song? L: Played it 3 times D: 3 times? W: It’s Chulsum Tenzin Donsel right? W: Oh this person’s song is played at graduation parties and birthday parties all the time S: Who is this? S: Ta-Tashi Jigme? C: Tashi Gyurmey C: .Tsering Gyurmey! Tsering Gyurmey! MC/S: Tsering! S: I was wrong? C: You said Tashi Gyurmey. You’re wrong D: (Singing along) L: Tsering Gyurmey D: I know this one D: The song’s very good W: Wait. Isn’t it… Ten.. TL: Tsering Gyurmey! Tsering Gyurmey! W: Tsering Gyurmey is a very famous singer S/C: (Singing along) C: Tashi Phuntsok S: Do you know how to sing this song?
C: Yes S: Sing C: (Sings) L: Oh My God D: Ah.. This.. L I’ve heard this song D: I don’t have any idea D: Where? L: Tibet. He sang in China recently D: He’s you’re relative? D: Tashi Tenzin D: Tashi Dorjee D: Tashi Palmo D: That was a girl’s name (embarrassed) L: Ama Yi Chak (song name) DL Ohhh! Oh My God! D: You’ve heard the song MC: Name is Tashi Phuntsok L: Tashi Phuntsok
D: Tashi Phuntsok
MC: Yes D: oh ok W: (Singing along) TL: Tashi Phuntsok TL: She’s just singing the song TL: Tashi Phuntsok sings very well W: Is Tashi Phuntsok the same person that sings Phur (Fly)? TL: No no. Different people TL: Tashi Phuntsok is. He got first place from a show in China recently C: (Singing the tune) S: (Singing along) S: Sonam Topden! Sonam Topden D: Sonam Topden! W: Ying du la Kunsel W: Right? Tenzin Kunsel and Sonam Topden W: oh yah!
TL: Good job! S: Phur Phur Phur. Anu. Anu S/C: (Singing along) S: Ok I won! (No you didn’t) L: I know the song, but don’t know the singer D: It’s Phur right? I dont’ know who sings it L: Oh! Anu Ranglug W: It’s Phur! TL: It’s Phur. I don’t know who sings it W/TL: Anu Ranglug W: Phur is a song that makes everyone feel good TL: Everyone is dancing TL: Fly W: Everyone is feeling good and happy S: I said 1 before but I am a 10 now. C: please just stop singing S: I wanna sing too you know C: as long as you are happy D: I feel like I’ve heard some of the songs D: But D: Since I don’t pay much attention to the artist names D: So I don’t know them. I don’t really know them well L: Nothing particularly, but i like listening to Sherten songs L: Sometimes and Tsering Gyurmey TL: How do I feel after listening? After hearing the songs I knew them all. TL: I felt like Oh I listen to songs very well TL: Next time listening to a song it’s important to know who the artist is TL: And when someone asks you. You can just tell them to play this song or that song really easily W: TL and I went to the same school. So when I hang out with her I got really into Tibetan songs

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  1. ཧ་ཅང་གི་ཡག་པོ་བཟོས་འདུག མུ་མཐུད་ནས་ཡིན་ནོ།

  2. རྗེས་སུ་ད་རུང་འདི་འདྲ་ཡོད་པའི་རེ་བ་ཡོད།

  3. Welldone, Its very good Idea. those who speak weak Motherlanguge. But i didn,t mean you guys speakweak. for all of us who live outside Tibetansociaty n there children didnot speak got Motherlangue. So its also Fun n lern also. Thamsup Bro.

  4. ཡག་པོ་ཞེས་དྲག་འདུག གཞོན་སྐྱེས་ནང་ནས་བོད་སྐད་དང་བོད་གཞས་ལ་དོ་སྣང་བྱེད་མཁན་མང་རུ་འགྲོ་རེ་འདུག བྱུང་ན་མ་འོང་པར་བོད་ཀྱི་རྒྱལ་རབ་དང་ཆོས་བྱུང་སྐོར་བཟོས་ཐུབ་ན་དེ་བས་ལེགས་བསམ་ཚུལ་ཙམ་ཡིན།

  5. དཔེ་མི་སྲིད་པས་ཡག་པོ་འདུག། མུ་མཐུད་ནས་ཡིན་ད།

  6. It is unique contest I like it, at the same time I felt sad that the participants they really don't know much about the tibetan singer….

  7. nice…we loved your performance…before we will get to see only in other language but good to see in tibetan language

  8. རྩེད་མོ་དེ་ཡག་པོ་འདུག ནུབ་ཕྱོགས་སུ་འཚར་གྱིན་པའི་ན་གཞོན་ཚོར་བོད་གཞས་ལ་དགའ་མོས་དང་དང་དོད་སླེབས་ཐུབ་པའི་དགེ་ཚན་ལྡན་པ་ཞིག་རེད་འདུག

  9. Enjoyed while watching this!!!!so good to see tibetan in youtube doing these kind of tibetan challenges videos..expecting for more

  10. ཡག་པོ་འདུག ད་དུང་དེ་འདྲ་མང་པོ་བྱུང་ན་ཡག་པོ་བྱུང་ས་རེད། Great! Hope to see you more challenges !!!!

  11. if u wan 2 upload such sort of " Tibetan version "videos in social media, better assure performers will speak pure Tibetan only. feels sorry for those country mates who had struggled with their life for preserving our language. especially you guys are so called the "Tibetan students" here. Appreciate for making such kind of entertainment videos with Tibetan songs. just felt bad when you guys speak Ra Ma Luk language .(specially those two guy)

  12. Toooooooo Happy to see such reactions of my own country. I never thought our people had such video like other countries do. Proud n fun to see it . Thank you to the entertainment.💞🤩

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