Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser

Here’s Why You Need to Buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
I needed to get a new car and I really didn’t like the idea of driving off the
lot and having my car immediately depreciate, and that’s when I came across
the FJ Cruiser I was looking for some that was incredibly reliable was made
with common model parts, the FJ is made with 4runner Tacoma and Tundra parts, so
they’re easy to get, it’s very unique it’s fun, and it really retains its value
because they last forever which explains why they’ve been going up
in value since they left the North American market in 2014 and the
worldwide market in 2018, they’ve actually been appreciating and after
having it for about a month I can see why, thankfully I was able to find one
with only 10,000 miles on it, and it’s practically brand new,
it’s unique it’s over the top and I love it, thanks to Scotty Kilmer for inspiring
me to buy a used truck, in 2007 the FJ Cruiser debuted at the Detroit Auto Show
as a concept vehicle, Toyota never intended on manufacturing the FJ cruiser
but it received so much attention that the normally risk-adverse Toyota Motors
took a chance, and decided to mass-produce it, the FJ Cruiser has its
roots in two Toyota’s most iconic trucks, the fj40 Land Cruiser and the prado Land
Cruiser, both renowned for their reliability their off-road capability
and just absolute durability, and to retain this they built the FJ cruiser in
the prado plant in Houma Japan and by Hino Motors, where they also used the
body-on-frame design and the suspension of the parado land cruiser on the FJ
the FJ was actually designed and tested in Southern California which makes sense
it’s feels like it belongs here, it’s really great for weekend activities it
excels on the sand gravel and on the dunes, but it makes for a really good
daily driver as well it’s incredibly safe, and the off-road capabilities can
deal with the terribly maintained Los Angeles roads, another great thing about
the FJ is just how versatile it is, and how many modifications are available to
fit all of that versatility depending on what you want to do with it
and again Toyota did something a little against character, the company tried
something they had never tried before, which is during the design phase they
invited in aftermarket parts makers and accessory makers to come in and take
measurements, so that the aftermarket parts would be available immediately
upon release of the FJ, and this has really created a very large market in
modifications, there if you don’t like something about the FJ you can change it
as an homage the FJ cruiser has a headlight and grille assembly that is
the same as the one that was on the fj40, which was originally designed to
resemble the eyelets of a samurai warrior mask as it was built initially
as a military vehicle, another interesting note about the FJ is that
it’s the only model in Toyotas fleet that actually has Toyota spelled out
across the grille as opposed to having the Toyota emblem, the hood scoop is
completely non-functional but hey it looks cool
the FJ also has a very angled windshield much like the fj40 Land Cruiser and
there are three wiper blades, one of the downsides of this setup as far as the
angle of the windshield is that small rocks and gravel might kick up and
pretty much every FJ owner I’ve talked to has had to replace their front
windshield if not once several times in there and they’re not cheap, FJs
come standard with a roof rack, it’s a really cool looking roof rack, but
unfortunately it creates a lot of cabin noise along with the very angled front
windshield and it’s fairly useless, if you’re doing any serious camping or over
landing you’ll want to get an aftermarket roof rack, the FJ is a kind
of a four-door, it’s really a two-door with two smaller or suicide doors really
not convenient for backseat passengers especially if you’ve got family or kids
but they look cool and they swing out really far if you’re in a tight parking
spot which you usually are in the FJ, unless you’re off-road or fielding a river
which you can because the seats are water resistant, the floorboards are all
plastic allowing for very easy cleanup, the FJ is actually designed to handle up
to 28 inches of water with a lifted air filter and a body designed to
push water away, Akio Nishimura the lead engineer of the FJ said the plastic
might look cheap but it’s way easier to clean up in the end, the FJ comes with a
traction control off button, a rear diff Locker and the a track control which is
really all you normally need, the four-wheel drive controls are manual the
engineers really wanted you to have the feel of being in a four-wheel-drive
vehicle as opposed to going with the electronic system, and you’ll notice the
dummy buttons on the dash which are for modifications, light bars etc, the FJ also
has a 115 volt 400 watt power inverter which is great for camping and power
tools, the Toyota factory radios are pretty good, it’s a six disc CD changer I
mostly used the Bluetooth but it’s got some good sound to it, there is a gauge
for rock crawling that I have no idea how to use, an outside
temperature gauge that I also don’t know how to use cuz I live in Los Angeles, and
an illuminated compass, the driver has his
own glove box in the FJ Cruiser, which actually is good because there’s no
storage in the FJ so I’ll take what I can get, apparently a lot of the fj’s
came standard with a sat-nav unit and that’s where it’s at so you could keep
an eye on the road and reference to your location, at first I thought wow they
just didn’t have a lot in 2012 you know it’s really sparse and simple in here
and then I see stuff like an auto dimming rearview mirror and a backup
camera and I realize the other things were actual choices they made, Toyota
long before it became popular and other similar kinds of trucks, they put a
inverter in the back and you know it’s great for camping a lot people use them
for refrigerators but it’s just not enough space back there
for more than two people on a weekend trip, if you have a family it’s not the
ideal vehicle for road trips etc but with these two guys it’s just the right
size, in 2008 Toyota launched the trail teams edition of the FJ cruiser, only
2500 will be manufactured each model year, containing a Toyota Racing
Development components such as 17-inch alloy rims, and Toyota Racing Development
brakes Bloustein sport-tuned shocks, rock rails
a skid plate running the length of the undercarriage and various other bells
and whistles to increase the off-road performance of the vehicle even further,
for the trail teams edition Toyota ditched the iconic white hood that
you’ll see on most FJ cruisers and painted the trail team models one solid
color, each year a specific custom color 2012 being radiant red, and adding those
accents to the seats and in the 2012 edition is the only Edition to have the
accent on the steering wheel they also blacked out several components
like the mirrors and body trim pieces when I purchased the FJ it had had the
Bluestein shocks removed Fox 2.0 shocks installed with a coil over and
two inch level and lift, the FJ Cruiser is powered by Toyotas v6 4 liter
variable valve timing engine, which puts out about 239 horsepower at 5200 RPM and
271 foot-pounds of torque, in the city you get about 17 miles a gallon, on the
highway about 22, it’s not as as bad as I would have thought it would be,
I’ve had other SUVs that got far worse than this, it’s a fairly
efficient engine and as everyone knows it’s very very reliable and
hopefully will last quite a long time the FJ Cruiser is a really unique
vehicle, so there’s no wonder it created a unique enthusiast community around
them, you can find a really great group at FJ Cruiser where there
are people all over the world who own an FJ and get together to help each other
out, thanks again to Scotty Kilmer for having me on his channel allowing me to
show off my new to me 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser trail teams
edition well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel check
this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I have 3 kids and it's perfect for family! me and my wife in front, kids in back, I'm not worried that they will open doors or tilt down windows while driving. Also raw plastic interior fits perfectly as I'm not worried if my kids will scratch anything inside. When I'm driving it I feel comfort and cool + super practical for family, perfect combination.

  3. I wish my 4runner had that hand operated emergency brake. I cant understand why they felt the need to clutter up the floor with a foot brake for the E brakes. My big booted feet always get caught on it. Nice ride dude!

  4. I wish these were still inexpensive!

    One gent I spoke to won his new FJ in a contest, it's that nice vintage racing blue.
    All that sucks is the rear seating and easily breakable windshield. And visibility. And fuel economy. Ahh screw it I still want one.

  5. LOVE my FJ! had it nearly 10 years and I could get 80% of my money back now if I had taken better care of it lol. Mine gets used for it's intended purpose and it has held up wonderfully. I've put over 150k miles on it trouble free. If you're looking at getting a manual transmission the gas mileage is 18 tops and I get 14 to 16 with aggressive tread. The auto has a higher running gear ratio for higher milage but the 6 speed is more geared for off road.

  6. great job man, Im in market for one. But I may have missed, what year is yours? 2012? Any difference in the 2014? last year they made in USA

  7. My mom bought one of the first ones in Washington State. It's very beat up now despite her never getting in a crash and it has a ton of problems.

  8. Poorly designed vehicle ,poor visibility, too many blind spots . Mechanically it is very sound . I have owned two toyota trucks . I wish there was an aftermarket mirror to improve visibility.

  9. I need something for the flooding In Houston have to pick between manual fj cruiser or Range Rover evoque. Awd vs 4wd

  10. Brother, you have no idea just how lucky you are to have found such a low mileage gem. The FJs where I live would take serious dollars to rebuild at this point. But what you say does make for a good fantasy. We all hope Toyota will mass produce the FJ again, but it's not likely. Enjoy.

  11. I purchased my FJ in 2007. With over 210,000 miles; five years as a daily driver and seven years as a retirement ride, it remains my all time favorite vehicle. The FJ has been the perfect option for us exploring 35 National Parks. We have a roof top tent that pops up and a slider that holds a fridge and all of our camping equipment. Looking forward to visiting more National Parks and the next 100,000 miles of fun.

  12. Miss mine since I sold it a few months ago but at the same time what’s replaced it is better in every possible aspect. I can tow 2 ton and still be cheaper in petrol costs than the fj.

  13. I don't know any car people who would like to drive one of these as daily. As a third vehicle yes I like it. But the gas mileage, poor handling and the whole roughness doesn't make it a place I want to spend a lot of time. YES I have driven one ! And I think a Golf GTI would be 1000 times better daily driver. But for weekend boat tower the FJ is useful and cool looking reliable vehicle , but I will NEVER buy a Toyota from the North East US with al that salt those Toyotas are melting underneath.

  14. I love my 2012 FJ but when I park it outside and lock it after a few hours it'll beep, not chime like a seatbelt isn't fastened but beep 5 times like a car alarm. This 5 beep noise will happen multiple times either day or night. What's going on? I lock my car as usual using my FOB so what's up with this FJ? Perplexed to the max! Installed a new battery a few weeks ago.

  15. The FJ is a really cool SUV. I drove one for a time while living in Mexico and really liked it. I really wish it was available for my last recent car purchase.

  16. The FJ cruiser is the red headed step child of the LandCruiser family. It is a shitbox car. If you want a real cruiser, buy a real FJ, bj, HJ landcruiser

  17. A very cool ride if you're looking for that sort of thing. I like Toyota's reliability record. It doesn't work for me. It doesn't hold cargo or tow like a truck. It doesn't accelerate, handle, or get good mpg like a car. Kinda stuck in limbo land. I'm not surprised it didn't last in the US.

  18. Should I buy a 2007 fj cruiser that has 250k miles on it asking because I’m thinking about buying my first car it goes for 8,500

  19. Weird Scotty selling a Toyota I love the turtle shell with wheels. I love the visibility out of the tiny windshield and blind spots are great! 🙄

  20. "The FJ has a hood scoop that's non-functional, but it looks cool." This one statement pretty much sums up the vehicle entirely. It's an offload SUV for people who don't know any better, but want to stand out on their trip to Burger King.

  21. My FJ is a standard 6 speed 4 WD with control track top of the line with 210,000 miles i live up in the mountains in Puerto Rico my FJ helped me survive Hurricane Maria as a power plant to provide electricity to use my small fridge, the FJ is a beast the only thing i have done to it is a new starter, and its usual maintenance break pads Oil change, air cleaner highly recommend them best vehicle
    I ever owned.

  22. Fj40 was rugged looking, reliable but rusted badly 😲 .. the fj cruiser is on a planet by itself.. too convoluted in a pillowy sort of way.

  23. Terrible car, rear view visibility is horrible, dash too high with narrow windshield makes it claustrophobic. Should have 4 door than useless half door, terrible design. Buy a 4runner and it's much better.

  24. I have a 2013 TT. It was the best auto purchase I've ever made. I live in Salt Lake and it's been a god send in the winters here. It absolutely destroys everything in its path. It sucks on MPG but other than that I love it in every way:)

  25. Everything was up to par, until he quoted the power numbers. Those were for the '07-'09.. The 2010+ got a revised engine, putting out more power(260hp) and doing it while utilizing only 87 octane.

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