Hold Nothing Back: Angie Mar

Hold Nothing Back: Angie Mar

– [Chef Angie] You have
these bites of food sometimes and they move you. (uplifting music) They move you, they do things to you, it’s an experience like
you haven’t had ever before but maybe at the same time it’s nostalgic. I want people to eat food that is so good that it just messes with their brain and I could’ve only done that if I was cooking food with abandon and cooking food for me,
not for anybody else. (uplifting music) (light piano music) When I first started cooking it was my first year in New York. I was in culinary school and
then got a job immediately, like my first week. It was really formative for
me, those couple of years, because I think there’s
something to be said for just being in a kitchen and being surrounded by talent. (light piano music) Pat LaFrieda’s probably
one of my oldest friends in the industry and has been somebody that’s just really supported
me and promoted me. I think there’s probably
a handful of chefs that have their names
in that dry-aging room, so I feel very fortunate
to be one of them. It’s definitely one of my favorite places. The Beatrice is, for those
people that don’t know it, it’s very much a New York institution. The building was built in 1871, it was one of New York’s first
speakeasies in the 1920s. Fitzgerald and Hemingway and Zelda, they all used to drink here. When I bought the restaurant
in 2016 with my cousin, we decided then that we really wanted to make this restaurant a
place for the neighborhood. We wanted to return it to the West Village because New York has really nurtured me and that’s what I wanted
this restaurant to be for everybody that comes here. I wanted it to feel like home. I closed it for a month and
really just kinda sat here in the walls of this space and said “Okay, what is this restaurant gonna be? “What do we wanna cook?” When I finally came to terms with the fact that I was not gonna make this restaurant like everyone else’s restaurant, it was probably one of the
most freeing things possible. As a creative especially, when we try and be something to everyone, that’s when we’re not
that great to anyone. (upbeat music) So I’m a very, very Manhattan girl and I don’t really leave Manhattan. This is my first time in Pittsburgh and it has been really fantastic. Everybody has been so welcoming. Sandra and Ping have been
so wonderful to work with. To have a team here on
the ground from Pittsburgh that was ready and willing and game to just roll up their sleeves and really adapt to our
style of hospitality. – [Female Voice] Thank you! – [Chef Angie] So the menu that
I’m doing here in Pittsburgh is all food that is
tremendously indicative to who I am as a chef. My food isn’t for everybody and I’m a 100% okay with that. (upbeat music) I would much rather be the girl that was cooking really amazing things that I was really passionate about versus the girl that was
trying to please everybody. And to put this really ridiculously large cut of beef on a table in front of people and to light whole animals on fire, and I sometimes forget the wow-factor. (diners cheering) (car tires whooshing) (uplifting music) What I think is really important now about people that are at my level, at Ping’s level, at Sandra’s level; is the ability and the
desire to give back. The scholarship program that
Audi will be rolling out is something that’s important, because you don’t forget
where you’ve come from, you don’t forget who put you there, you don’t forget to pay it forward to the people that are gonna
follow in your footsteps. Because somewhere along the way there was somebody who really invested time in all of us. If we can have people
come to these dinners every single night and have something that they’ve never experienced before, perhaps change the way that they think or viewed food or viewed
a dining experience, then I’ve done my job right. (bass beat)

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  2. I prefer Audi to others. But here, Audi is so expensive because it is CBU from germany, so the buyers must pay more just for the tax..

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