Honda Civic EVAP Leak P1457 (no visible smoke)

Honda Civic EVAP Leak P1457 (no visible smoke)

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  1. Hey man. Quick easy test on the purge valve I was taught. Unplug the connector so it doesn't activate, leave manifold side hose plugged in and unplug the canister side hose and put a vacuum gauge on it and run the engine. If there's any vacuum done deal. I used to blow through it with my mouth but that burned me it can be a really small leak that you can't feel.

  2. I blow smoke in through the vent valve and if the ball drops to zero then I put a vent valve in it, the caveat is if it has a tank pressure sensor then you need to start the car up and pull a vacuum with a scan tool to verify the sensors working.

  3. Lol…I left a c clamp on a customer exhaust I welded. Called them for a follow up check and removed

  4. Amazed on how much I learn watching your videos! I didn't fully understand how the evap system worked but after your drawing of the low tech way it cleared up the confusion I had

  5. Electronic ampifier ear phones with hand probe is great for finding leaks through audible noise. We used this method to find leaks through rivets etc on pressurized aircraft. Also on 18 wheeler air leaks. P.S also use soap & Water

  6. Scanner Danner, I really love your channel especially the fact that you never miss a chance to explain every single move you are doing. and even when you are done with the fix, you usually come back and prove that the theory you were talking about actually works. I am referring here here to all your videos I have watched so far, not necessarily to this specific one. thank you so much and keep it up.

  7. We’ve all got our asses handed to us by something stupid at some point. No worries, happens to the best of us from time to time.

  8. I heard using a laser pointer works on smoke leaks. When the laser hits the smoke it breaks up the beam. Just giving you a different way of looking for smoke instead of a light

  9. I bought a Paint can smoke machine and unfortunately it has no leak flow meter , but any leak flow can plainly be heard with a mechanic's stethoscope to the lid. I bought a nice size commercial spray bottle and use a very high concentration of dish soap where the soap is viscous enough to make nice size highly visible bubbles. I never new the Evap Schraeder valves were left hand threads, just assumed they were glued in to [email protected]–k us over. After a quick look at the fuel cap and cap sealing area of filler neck, usually tested the purge valve is fully closed first and then test from the disconnected purge valve hose on back instead of dealing with the evap test port fitting whenever I can.

  10. This is the biggest pain in the ass, I've replaced the purge solenoid, the evap canister, fuel pump, and the shut off valve and still can't pass emissions. I've got the FTP sensor, and the purge valve, and then idk what else to do if those don't work

  11. Makes me want to buy a smoke machine……Not!!!. Thanks for the video. Real world. Love it. I do residential commercial refrigeration and i have all kinds of scanners and sniffers and big blue soap is amazing. Old school.

  12. I like your comment on how there's a high probability on the newer designs they took the Schrader valve out.

  13. What is the psi of the smoke machine? I have the same code 1457 on 2000 acura tl. Don't have an expensive smoke machine. Was going to try the soap method.

  14. I have the exact same cannister and replace the solenoid valve. The screws were frozen and the inserts into the cannister came out. How do you replace that solenoid and valve?

  15. Hello Paul, A small UV Blue pen light will likely work better. I like your honesty in that even you being a pro can occasionally be stumped by something and get frustrated.

    Lacquer thinner or acetone to wipe the gas spout off first assures no oily residue. An expansion plug into the filler neck with a tube/hose connector should work better than the adhesive pads. I understand that is a universal adapter and why the adhesive pads. If all else fails, use duct tape! Then I see you switch to that nice simple rubber adapter that fits snug as a bug!

  16. When you said the vent is normally open were you meaning with engine off? I thought purge was normally open and vent normally closed? Love the vids man I've learned too much to retain lol.

  17. My lesson learned is: 1 Put smoke maker machine back into the box – return it or dispose it. 2 Use el'cheapo spray bottle filled with soapy water to find leaks.(Need to apply small amount of compressed air into vacuum lines for soap bottle testing.)

  18. The thing that gets me on this is that the control requires a system that essentially has a 0% leak. That leak is so small as to be almost undetectable.

  19. Hey scan dan (we're on a first name basis) I have a complete unit I pulled from a donor car. Is there a way to test it for leaks and function?

  20. get twinkie flavored smoke and then put a fat man on payroll. You'll find that evap leak every time!

  21. It would be nice if smoke machine could produce smoke gloving in ultraviolet light. This way it would be much easier to spot the leak using UV light.

  22. Can you add something to your smoke source(dye… etc) to make smoke easier to detect?
    Great troubleshooting!! Good series, keep them coming. Thanks

  23. "The proper light."

    Saw a fantastic suggestion over on the South Main Auto channel… Use a laser pointer.

    The smoke shows up like dust in a sunbeam.

  24. I just thought of a nutty idea as to why you didn't see smoke coming out of that vent valve. Don't vent valves have like a foam filter somewhere inside? I'm thinking that may have filtered your smoke at that leak point and only air was leaking, and that's why you only saw it with soap and water. I dealt with one that had a two-stage foam filter thingy inside and wondered if that could filter the smoke depending where the vent valve is leaking from. Could be overthinking it, but just an idea lol. Glad you didn't have to admit defeat! =]

  25. Thanks for sharing. If smoke or gas went through the canister, smoke or fuel might be filtered and trapped so only the air went out, that's why you didn't see smoke or smell the fuel?

  26. How much does doing this cost? My 03 Civic has a p1457 code and this being my first car I’m scared of it being a costly issue 😩😩

  27. I have the same issue with my honda civic. i have taken my car to multiple mechanics and can not find the leak.

  28. Lol Im dead after reading some of the comments haha. Great video, good content. I was kinda having the same problem smoking an exhaust. I was trying to film the exhaust leak to show the customer and it was just barely smoking. Rear oxygen sensors were flatlined at .220 volts @ idle.

  29. I have a small evap leak in my 2003 honda civic coupe….could it be caused from overfilling the gas tank??

  30. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you used baby oil for the smoke solution in your smoke machine. I bought the uber-pricey smoke machine Snap-On has a year and a half ago and their smoke solution for it is some special solution that also leaves a tracer due where it comes out at on real small leaks where you don’t really see any smoke. It saved my ass on a Ford Expedition that absolutely REFUSED to show any smoke.

  31. small evap code po442 inline fuel filter saturated with peppermint extract in smoke delivery line may save time master plumber hack#

  32. All you see is air due to the long tight area of the leak is scrubbing the smoke out of the air that is passing through. I bet if you took that valve apart it would be covered with the smoke residue and smell.

  33. Could you mix a little UV dye (used in oil leak detection) with the smoker oil and then use an UV flashlight? Do you think that would make the smoke more visible? I assume there's no harmful effect from using the UV dye. I'm just a home DIYer but just purchased a smoker and am thinking about using the UV dye to look for an exhaust leak. But I'm kind of surprised that I don't see anyone (on youtube) doing this so I'm wondering if there's any downside to it.

  34. So i can just use soap and water? I have found info that says you can use pressurized air no more than 3psi to pressurize the system and than use soap and water to find the leak. That actually makes sense since that is basically what the smoke machine does but with smoke. I don't know what do you think?

  35. Yeah i hate them EVAP Leaks too. Watching your video i learned that sometimes the obvious thing's you see in a visual inspection could very well be your problem. Not saying not to troubleshoot the system first but, i see that weather beat parts are to be looked at seriously. Thanks ScannerDanner! You always locate and fix the problem/problem's.

  36. So, what's the alternative to a smoke test? Would it be just as efficient to just change out ALL of the hoses, any defective connectors, and replace all of the evap componenets?

  37. I just had problem with my 03 honda odyssey p1457 code they change sa purge solenoid and after a day cel came on again i cant spend 100's of dollars to get it fix ill try to fix it my self im thinking to change the vapor canister valve solenoid next if still comes on ill just change the whole canister.

  38. lol about they couldn't fill the gas tank. hey it happens. I put new tires on the front one day on a truck that was rear wheel drive.

  39. this is why I left the Honda dealership. imagine being in the middle of struggling like that and the boss shoving 3 or 4 more work orders in your face at the end of the day because theyre "backed up" and don't have enough guys. we had no schedule appointment. we used to push thru at least 200 cars in a day with little help.

  40. I had this code p1457 on my 03 Civic… I changed the gas cap, charcoal canister, shut solenoid, and by pass solenoid… but the code came back on p1457… what can it be? 😩

  41. Is there a dye that can be added to the smoke oil that reacts to UV light so you could turn the lights out, crack a UV light out and find it easier as the smoke would even glow?

  42. Hi my code for 2000 Odyssey is P1456 (evap system leak). I am getting horrendous gas mileage- around 11 miles/gallon. Could it be the O2 sensor gone bad?

  43. Ugh i need to find that leak in my car just replaced that and the cannister and still have the code pop up everyone says i dont have a leak but i still get p1457 every 6 months for the last 2.5 yrs im sick of it! Help

  44. 👀👍Thank you again for the great video but you don’t like it don’t do it if you be complaining about it don’t do it do something else take care thank you

  45. Frustrating for you but imagine us with no lift to put the car on. Good to see that it ain't easy for anybody. If the pressure was high enough, strips of tissue taped to a pencil might blow in the wind from it? The soapy water and spray bottle probably most effective way. You still need the gear to pressurize the system, which I don't have.

  46. I cannot blow through my purge valve when closed as it should. Although, I can blow through it in the opposite direction. Is this a normal condition?

  47. Thank you for all your trouble recording this.  I am experiencing a dang evap leak on a 2004 Honda odyssey.  I replaced the vent valve, and it seem to run fine for a while.  Now the check engine light came back on with the same P1457 error code, and I am like what the hell!  I don't have the capability to open and close the valve. Sooo…Not sure what to do!

  48. This is a great video. I watched many videos on Evap leaks but this one is the only one that takes you through all the possible location where a leak could happen and also the different strategies on how to find them…

  49. Just an idea, but I’ve used a red or green laser. It helps a lot the smoke breaks the beam then I follow it back towards the source. Just a thought.

  50. you are wrong, you are not completely checking the whole car for leak, you should open bypass valvle in honda or toyota to check the whole system leak, otherwise you are checking only fuel tank side on new cars

  51. i believe the smoke wasn't visible because it was passing through the evap canister and the filter was catching all the smoke making it invisible to the naked eye. Unless it didn't go through there yet. It's hard to understand the direction of flow from here lol

  52. It is always better to see things that don't go exactly as planned. When people make a video and everything goes according to plan it doesn't help as much. Seeing you think and go through everything helps me learn more. If you would have turned on the smoke and saw an obvious leak and video is over in 2 mins it doest help. Thanks for the video.

  53. Is there any way to use soap and water and find this leak on my car? I don't have a smoke machine obviously but would it build any pressure with the car running or do I have to use pressurized air. My valve is also extremely rusty I will prob just replace it but be nice to know I hate being a parts changer.

  54. I would have gone to a single LED light (pencil light), turned off your shop lights for searching this. LED lights give a real good parallel rays for seeing smoke. When you add more than one led it reducing a lot of the ability to see smoke / vapor. thanks for the video

  55. Thanks, great video, really shows the frustration with this sort of problem. I am in the middle of it now with a P0456 on 2006 Suby Forester. Your video helped a ton.

  56. New to the ScannerDanner channel and found this video very useful. As a photographer I have one bit of advice with regards to the lighting. If you really want to emphasize smoke you want to position the light so that it is shining directly into the camera lens. There was a point where you did this in the video when you stuck the light up behind one of the hoses. Caleb even commented as much during the video.

    Perhaps there is a really small light (flat LED strips perhaps) that you can bend around and behind components. Also, if you camera has manual controls darkening the image with the back lighting will help you to see the smoke better.

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