Honda CR-V REVIEW all-new CRV generation 2019 2018 @ Geneva Motor Show – Autogefühl

Honda CR-V REVIEW all-new CRV generation 2019 2018 @ Geneva Motor Show – Autogefühl

The Honda CR-V is one of the most successful
SUVs worldwide. Alone in the US, just in one year, almost
400,000 pieces. That’s really massive, and here’s the new
generation. Has been out in the US in 2017, in 2018 also
comes to European markets. We’ll make a roundup of the all-new Honda
CR-V exterior, interior, and what else is there under the hood, features, technology,
we’ll take a look. Let’s go. The new CR-V is the same platform as
the new Civic, by the way, and you can see in the front is a more harmonic design first
of all. In the predecessor, it was basically split
in two elements. Here, this round shape, a friendly face, and
again one unit now with headlights and front grille, and the front grille has this active
shutter technology, so, when not so much cooling is needed, the shutters are closed and therefore
improving then the wind efficiency. In the lower part, you still have this crossover
look with a rather rugged plastic fender, and the car is a little bit wider than before
4 meters 58 or 15 foot is the total length. That is 6 centimeters longer than the predecessor
version. Also, the wheelbase has been made long a little
bit. We’ll check out how that has an effect on
the interior. Here, then, also with massive 18 inch wheels
in the 2 color scheme. Looks pretty much technology oriented, so
also a special highlight for this vehicle, of course all optional. Standard one comes with smaller ones. Then this rugged look here again at the wheel
arches. The side profile is dominated by the dropping
line you see in light and shadow at the height of the door handles, and this very characteristic
rear angle of the CR-V has been remained a little bit to show us a little bit wider here
and it looks somehow more elegant also in this side profile. You can see that the taillights are already
beginning right here. They have been changed even more. We’ll take a look at that. Now, this part has really changed. The taillights now, a little bit Volvo alike,
aren’t they, you know, with a vertical here and then the horizontal. Overall, it looks more chrome-ish, definitely. So, this is really different from the predecessor
model. By the way, also the ground clearance is a
little bit higher, so plus 4 centimeters, now at 20 centimeters. So, for soft off-roading, that’s also now
more suitable, and there’s a little wider track. So, you see the whole car is also a little
bit wider. You can see that from the rear, and let’s
take a look at the hatch. So, non-electric here with struts. Wow. That looks pretty amazing. So, pretty square dimensions, here also with
a replacement tire, and then there’s this top cover. That is a little bit wobbly, so there’s no
rail on the either side, but, considering that, it’s still quite nice, and then, let’s
see, we can also flip the seats with those right here, those levers, and yeah, that works,
and maybe this one needs a little push, there we are, but the front seat is too much in
the front right now, but you can see here you can load things through, so pretty versatile
in the use, and I suppose there’s also possible to put this one here higher. Yeah. There we go. So, you can put this one a little bit higher
and then you have an even loading through surface. That’s very well done. Also, quality wise, it has been improved massively. And here, also in the white color, how do
you like that one? We’re here with privacy glass, looks, of
course, even more spectacular. That won’t be happening in real life with
this black screen, and this is also the hybrid prototype with a new mild hybrid engine. It’s pretty interesting to drive that one
too at the later stage. Also see the hybrid logo right there. So, what do you think? Which engine will you go for and also which
color would you choose? Let’s check the interior in the front. So, what do we have here? Looks quite nice. Soft materials at the insert of the doors,
should be leatherette, and then it really looks like it’s not matte wood but, you know,
somehow even out, but it looks real. Actually, I think it’s real wood. Also, nice accentuation. Really some premium feeling. Well, those high glossy black, I don’t fancy
that that much. You see it collects a lot of finger prints
there. Not too much space of the inside of the doors
here. Shouldn’t fit for two big bottles. Then, at the inside, of course, base, you
can also get fabric seats, I guess in US also leatherette. This one, I think, is the full animal skin
spec, but the interior itself, you see they are completely new seats. Push a little bit backward, soon finding my
seating position. The steering wheel we know that basically
from the Civic, also with those transparent buttons here, left and right, for example for cruise control on the right, and then you can see there’s a digital screen
here now. So, you have, at the maximum setup, a 7-inch
screen left, can see here the digital speed, and also a 7-inch screen on the right. So, this one would then the top trim. So, infotainment wise, a big upgrade, and
the shifting lever, you can see below that, has been integrated like a van, like, you
know, so, from the vans, for example, basically integrated in the middle console, here, in
this case, the automatic gearbox, but I mean, why not? You can easily access it by this way. Then, let’s get inside and see how the seat
can be controlled and steering wheel and stuff. This one here to manually pump it up, so,
maybe, you know, just a little bit to sit a little bit more straight, electric then
for the lumbar support. Then the steering rack right there, so it
can be also controlled in the reach so you can find a good position here, and, well,
the first impression is that that’s actually quite comfortable to sit in. You know, you have this typical high seating
position as you know from the SUV, and, here, the back part can also be controlled manually
and it feels actually quite grown up, the CR-V. Before that, this was also, let’s
say, a good standard SUV with a good price performance ratio. They also intend to keep it that way. So, not everyone will buy it in the highest
trim level. I think that’s also very much fine. So, it gives you a nice high standard seating
position so that you get a feeling you don’t need anything that is basically bigger. So, that that’s really interesting. So, this would be, you know, the way that
I would be sitting right here. Right over here, also a big mirror with a
light too. So, you know, for some, that’s very important
that we have the light right there. The visibility to the front is a little bit
limited. It’s not too big, the front screen. That is due to the design, and also, the,
you know, the front hood is pretty bulky. Here on the top, by the way, we have… let’s
say, it’s not real hard plastic. It’s some leatherette cover. So, overall, they have improved also the build
quality. What I’m questioning a little bit, well, you
have this horizontal stress in the cockpit, you will soon see this also from the rear,
but, then again, you have a lot of different design elements here. Maybe that’s a little bit too much, little
bit too disturbing. So, it’s not really a simplistic design. Now, the interior overview. From this perspective there, you can see the
new horizontal stress of this cockpit and also the integration of the screen. The infotainment system was so far the weakness
of a lot of Hondas. You can see here it could react a little bit
faster but, visually, it is way more attractive than before. That’s important. You can also connect the phone via Bluetooth. That’s a, you know, standard function for
sure. Let’s get to the home menu, what else we can
see. It’s also the smartphone connectivity, that
one then will be enabling you to connect also, you know, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Again, the nice use of the wood here. I think that’s my favorite trim also for the
vehicle. The climate unit is still separate here so
you can easily control it while driving. ECON will be button to reduce the throttle
input then, and, here again, the automatic shifting lever. You can easily press down. Sport mode will turn up the RPMs a little
bit more. Electric handbrake. Then, we also have a seat heating available,
and in the lower middle console, we have a 12-volt power supply, and beverage holders,
they’re adaptive. Very easy to reach actually. Seems quite ergonomic to me, and, wow, how
much room do we have right here. Another 12 volt power supply, USB, USB 2,
so to connect with your phone, and HDMI, and again, so much space in this vehicle. It’s, you know, this vehicle is not screaming
out. It’s, in some ways, really simple but, then
again, really versatile and practical, especially for families, and so, for your glasses, you
can put them right here, and, hey, that’s an additional mirror. I think…there you can see Michelle. Maybe you can see, you know, your children
in the rear for example. I’m not sure about because…there it is. So, this is maybe…you don’t have to lean
back all the way then. Hey, what you guys are doing? Stop that. You just have to watch here then, just like
slide in, look there, and then, stop that, don’t do that. Now to the rear. By the way, door closing sound, could be a
little bit better, couldn’t it, but what’s really great, wow, that’s really 90 degrees
opening, and also, you know, some nice visual elements here, soft touch also right there. Really great from the quality, and how easy
is that to attach child seats, ISOFIX on the outside seats, for example. So easy to access this vehicle here. That’s really, really great. So, well done, Honda. Then let’s get inside, and how do I sit here
in the rear? Wow, that’s amazing. That’s really such a good package and will
be so important for the customers of this vehicle. Also, in the head room, I’m 1 meters 86 or
6 foot 1, that leaves me plenty of head room, and probably this is the best thing of the
new car, you know, wheel base is a little bit longer, car’s a little bit longer, but
then it doesn’t, you know, get too bulky on the exterior. You know, as you can control the angle of
the seat here, I can…this is the most upright seating position and it’s really super comfortable
in here also for tall people. I have to say, this may be one of my favorite
cars here at the booth. So, I think the sales success will continue. It seems to be, you know, improved in so many
different respects, and this one here probably, my favorite aspect of the vehicle. By the way, here’s the seat belt for the middle
seat. It’s quite funny construct. Well, you have to do it like this. Then, you have an armrest right there with
cupholders, and it’s really interesting that you can change the angle of the rear bench. That’s really helpful to relax maybe more
or to sit more upright like this and this is the difference, and then you can also put
it to the front like this. You see that the lower part goes down a little
bit. That is enabling the full flat loading surface. There’s also, by the way, also an electric
tailgate available, not the manual here one today, but optional also electric, and, what’s
interesting, this one here is also available now as a 7-seater even on the European market. This one is the 5-seater today but you can
also get a 7-seater. And, very interesting, 2 USB supplies for
the rear passengers also. I think so many good ideas that are basically
simple but just helpful with everyday driving. So, what’s under the hood here? Well, no hydraulic struts, so I have to search
where. I can’t find where I can put it up, so I’ll
just hold it for a second. Well, this one is the 1.5 turbo petrol engine,
190 horsepower, in mainly for the European market, and, for example, in Russia, you can
also get 2.4 liter naturally aspirated engine also with 190 horsepower, and the new one
will also soon be available at 2 liter mild hybrid, so naturally aspirated with mild hybrid
technology with 215 horsepower, so looking forward to drive all of those engines. And now to our conclusion for today the Honda
CRV. Well, front wheel drive and all-wheel drive
will both be available, also manual gearbox and automatic. They mainly use the CVT automatic transmission. Looking forward how that one has improved,
but I think the most important thing is, well, exterior wise, just a little fresher basically,
looks a little bit more modern, but they have, you know, remained around evolution. The interior with new infotainment optionally,
if you want to have so upgraded materials, so more quality of materials inside that you
don’t have the feeling of driving, you know, a cheap SUV. This is really, you know, a very good standard,
and of course the biggest thing is, also with a new generation, more room in the interior
and that’s really convincing. So, there’s a usage of space because the car’s
not super long but, with this still compact SUV, you have room for, you know, the whole
family basically, also now option as a 7-seater even in Europe. So, I think that was pretty convincing, and
the overall package as the price will probably remain relatively the same, the overall package
of this car is really very good and that’s what making it also so competitive. So, what do you think? Give me feedback about this vehicle, and let’s
go on further to more highlights.

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    Plaintiff Christopher Hamilton purchased a new 2017 Honda Civic on June 2017, but when the car had about 10,000 miles on it the plaintiff noticed the smell of fuel when he checked the oil level.

    He allegedly took the Civic to a dealer to complain about the smell of gas in the oil and the Honda technician allegedly said the oil was “filled over the crank case.” However, the lawsuit alleges the technician concluded there was “no problem found at this time.”

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