How to Build an Entertainment Center – Part 1

How to Build an Entertainment Center – Part 1

Hi and welcome to the Lowes shop class. This
time I’m making an entertainment center for my television and other A/V equipment
and if you’d like to make one too. Well come on in the shop and let’s get
started. Now this time we’ll be looking at the
plywood pieces that make up a lot of the components of our
entertainment center. Let’s start by looking at our plans we’ve got the
top and bottom, the ends, two dividers, four shelves, and two back panels. Now we have a
lot of matching pieces so here’s a tip to save you some cutting time. Take two pieces of plywood, sandwich them
together and secure them with screws. That way we can cut two pieces at once but
I’ll start by marking all of my parts on the top layer and that’ll show me where
my waist is. That’s where I put the screws so I don’t mar anything I’ll use later. Now at this point you’re probably looking
at this full sheet of plywood saying how do I get this to the table saw? Well you
don’t have to because we’re going to use a circular saw to cut oversized blanks and then we’ll take
those blanks to the table saw for a good smooth cut but I’ll start by making a
circular saw guide and to do this I’ll measure from the edge of the circular saw
base to the blade then I can cut two scrape pieces to that size that I
can use whenever I want. But remember anytime you use power tools
always wear eye protection and hearing protection. I’ll use these guides to find the right
placement for my fence which in this case is going to be a 1×4 that
I clamp to my plywood. Then I’ll just run the circular saw
up the edge of that fence. Once my first cut is done, I can reposition
the guide and the fence and make the rest of my cuts. After all of your oversized blanks are
cut you can take them to the table saw for their final trims. Once you have your top, your bottom and
your ends cut. Take the length of one of your ends and
subtract the thickness of two pieces of plywood, that gives you the length of
your dividers. Mark your dividers and cut them on the table saw. And those are all of our plywood
pieces. Now before you do anything else this is a great time to mark them all so you
can keep everything straight. Now the top, the bottom, and the center
shelf all have pocket holes. And I’ll use a pocket hole jig to make those. I’m going to use
this smaller version because it’s easier on larger pieces like this. I’m also going to use this iron on veneer
for our plywood pieces. It’ll help to cover up the rough exposed
edge and give it a cleaner look. Now for each edge I’ll measure the length
and I’ll cut a veneer one inch longer than that measurement. Then I can attach it using a standard
household iron. Just remember to keep the iron moving
down the length of the veneer. Once it’s ironed on I can use utility knife
to cut it to the exact length. Now as a final step I’m going to sand all
of our plywood pieces with some 220 grit sandpaper. Just to smooth things out. I’m using a random
Orbit sander and with these sanders it’s important to remember to keep it flat
against your work surface and go lightly on the veneer. Finally remember to feel things with your
hand to find any rough spots you may have missed. So join me next time for video two when
we put all of these pieces together and I create the doors. I’ll see you then.

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  1. never use a piece of board as a guide for your circular saw, wood is never perfectly straight and will transfer that irregularity to your cuts, always use a dedicated guide that was made to be a guide.
    there is a difference between cutting plywood for construction purpose and furniture building,

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