How to Change Coolant 04-09 Audi A4

How to Change Coolant 04-09 Audi A4

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for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks! Remove the quarter turn flat blade fasteners
at the bottom of the bumper. Normally, there are three here, there are
several underneath. A lot of these bumpers are missing these fasteners. They’ve become cracked, damaged, lost, what
have you, so just find all the ones you can. A few more at the back. A couple of Phillips, occasionally these are
torques at the front of the wheel wells. Remove the screws inside the wheel well. Before draining the coolant, remove the cap
on your expansion tank. Locate the coolant drain on the bottom of
your radiator on the driver’s side. We’re going to use a 3/8″ fuel line on the
fitting into a drain bucket. Open the drain and allow your coolant to drain. Be sure that your cooling system is completely
drained before refilling. Ensure that the drain plug on your radiator
is closed, install your funnel, and fill your car with G-12 Volkswagen and Audi approved
coolant. When the reservoir is full and the level is
no longer dropping into the rest of the cooling system, with the cap off, run the vehicle
and allow all the air bubbles to make their way out of the expansion tank. Your coolant level will drop when this happens. Constantly keep that level up in the tank
until you have no more air bubbles and no more draining of the coolant down into the
system. Once your coolant level, your engine temperature,
and your heat have all stabilized for a few minutes, you’re safe to remove your funnel,
reinstall your cap, and shut your vehicle off. If the level stays normal after shutdown,
you’re good to go. Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video helped you out. Next time you need parts for your car, please
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26 thoughts on “How to Change Coolant 04-09 Audi A4

  1. Nice video…..can I ask a question?
    The question is my Audi currently has oil in the coolant system and the mechanic I have repair my car said its not the oil cooler, turbo, oil cooler flange and something else but I forget……he thinks it's the head gasket, but the oil is fine zero color ,the oil cap is clean and the engine runs fine never getting hot.

  2. Like an idiot I put oil in my coolant reservoir and I have been driving it like that for awhile. what im wondering is that after I do a flush on my system will there be damage from the oil at all or will it be fine

  3. may i ask, I am working on 2007 Audi a4 trying to drain the coolant, but I turned opened the drain the coolant does not come out. it can be turned only half way. I can see your finger turning it opened easy. So What other way I can get it drain or what can I do if it is clogged? Many thanks

  4. how long should the car typically run with the cap off? any signs i should look for to show the system is bled?

  5. So I detached the hose attached to the drain valve, and let all the coolant drain. Then I filled the reservoir with the pink coolant.
    After driving the car the reservoir is filled with greenish coolant again.
    In thinking there is a different hose that needs to be removed for the entire radiator to drain.
    Any advise?

  6. I put zerex g40 in my Audi A6 cus it said Audi on the bottle but I think it’s wrong what do I need to do to fix it

  7. how much coolant does the car need my lower radiator hose broke off and I'm in need of coolant and not sure how much to get.

  8. Is this the same procedure for a cabriolet 1.8t? Usually I see quattros in the diy videos.  I'm about to try this along with flushing my heater core. Also, the procedure is drain the radiator, place the cap on, refill the coolant, turn on the vehicle and keep the coolant level constant until there are no more bubbles and level is back to normal?

  9. My Audi A4 2007 has a intercooler system and I'm having the same problem it's no liquid coming out from that valve it's another way to drain all the water ?

  10. thank you its nice but for my car temperature is 90 normal but engine can not touch very hot even all engine room what i have to do i had replace radiator already regards

  11. Does the drain nob have to be pulled put or something jut a bit when turned because I tried to do this on my a4 b7 and nothing came out … top cap was off and everything so not sure what the problem was

  12. This guide is missing a ton of important information. G12 coolant does not come premixed. You must mix it 50/50 with distilled water. You will need to open the bleed valve on the top of the coolant hard line and let it burp the air out. Or you will have massive air pockets in your cooling system. Bad for your engine and turbo! Last step is to burp the end of the cooling system at the top heater core hose.

  13. I gotta say I just did my radiator on a 06 audi a6, do not I repeat do not turn that fking valve would not stop dripping! Just keeps spinning… finished the leaking radiator now to wait for a dam hose because I wanted to so it proper fml! Just pop off a rubber hose and won't have to worry about breaking the little thing. There getting old.

  14. Can you use Audi approved G40 Zerex 50/50 SI-OAT instead of G12? Can you mix them without draining the original fluid as I'm not sure how to tell what coolant is already in the vehicle. It is pink…. Thanks for the advice…

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