How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? Faster Progress! Here’s How!

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? Faster Progress! Here’s How!

This video answers the question: How To Sing
Better Than Anyone Else? When we learn to sing, either with a teacher
giving us immediate feedback or with a video recording, we watch with our eyes, hear with
our ears and sing with our throat and mouth. But why don’t you sing exactly right when
your teacher shows you how to do it? Inside this video you’ll learn to sing exactly
right so you can make faster progress. Hi I’m Chuck Gilmore, International Vocal
Coach and Founder of Power To Sing. Each week I teach you lessons in vocal technique
so you can build a powerful and confident singing voice. So you don’t miss out, please subscribe
to my channel, Power To Sing. Be sure to click on the bell so you can be
notified when I post special videos for you each week! Here are three of the many reasons why you
don’t know how to sing better than anyone else even though your teacher demonstrates
it perfectly. 1. You’re processing a lot of information at
one time. It’s impossible to grasp it all. Even if you mimic it exactly, you don’t
know what you did or how you sounded. 2. There are dozens of thoughts and emotions
simultaneously flooding your brain consciously and subconsciously, making awareness and learning
very difficult. For example: “I hope it doesn’t take a
long time to learn to sing, I’m so glad I’m here, I wonder if I have a good voice
or not, is my teacher trying to change my voice? I’m never going to learn to sing”. 3. You’ve got other pressures in your life
and on your mind that prevent learning in this moment. “I can’t believe what a crappy day it’s
been, I never want to go through that again, maybe I should change jobs”, and so on. You will learn to sing better than anyone
else, faster by developing a critical skill: Awareness. We all try to be focused and aware during
our singing lessons or video courses, but for many reasons, deep learning is limited. This slows our progress and results way down. Soon we get tired of the lack of results and
stop trying. To help you build your awareness so you can
learn and progress rapidly, here are four questions to help you improve your awareness
of what you actually experience in your singing lessons. I call these, “Awareness Questions”. The best way to learn these is to do them. I will take you through an exercise so you
experience using awareness questions. I’ll demonstrate how to sing “Ney” in
an exercise and then you’ll do it. Before beginning, turn on your smart phone
and record yourself doing this exercise. Pause this video if you need to and get your
phone, open the recording app and start recording. Ready? Are you recording? OK. If you can’t do it now, listen and do it
later when you can record yourself. Here we go. Just say a regular “ney”. Now say it exaggerated but just using the
outer edges of the vocal cords softly like this: “ney”. “ney, ney, ney”. Do it kind of funny. “Ney, ney, ney”. Now sing it funny in an exercise: Men sing
it here.[Demo Octave Repeat Ab3] Women sing it here. [Demo Octave Repeat C#4] Ready men. Now women. Don’t let the vowel spread wide as you sing
the scale like this: [Demo] Keep the vowel the same throughout the scale. It’s almost like you are singing more on
the “e” than the “a” like this. [Demo] Awareness System The Awareness System is based on four questions. Each question will have several answers. Awareness Question #1: What did I see when
my teacher demonstrated the exercise? Answer this question for yourself. In this case, you need to see me in the video. Your answer may be something like this: “The
shape of my teacher’s mouth was horizontal his front teeth were easily visible. His jaw was relaxed, and opened and closed
easily. It seemed his larynx was slightly elevated”. Awareness Question #2: What did I hear when
my teacher demonstrated the exercise? Again, answer this question for yourself. Possible answers: “My teacher said the ‘ney’
was exaggerated or funny. It was about medium to medium soft. He said he was just using the outer edges
of the vocal cords. Air escaping made it sound breathy or lighter. Awareness Question #3: What did I sing in
the exercise? Answer this question now and then listen to
yourself doing it on your recording. If you can, answer the question now and then
pause this video and listen to how you actually did it. Was there a difference in what you thought
you sang, and the recording of you singing ney? Take a moment now, or when you come back to
this exercise, and let me know in the comments section below. Can you describe what you actually sang when
you did the exercise? Possible answers may be something like, “I
sang the ‘ney’ exaggerated, but it was louder that my teacher’s demo. It was heavier than his example. Or I thought I did it exaggerated, but it
sounded way too normal”. Awareness Question #4: How can I sing it more
like the demonstration? Answer that question now. You may find it very helpful to listen to
the demonstration and compare it to your doing the exercise. Record yourself doing it again and compare
it to my demonstration and both of your results. What’s the difference? Leave your answer in the comments section
below this Youtube video. Record your lessons and listen to the recording. Practice and record your practice session
and listen to it. Ask these Awareness questions. What did I see? What did I hear? What did I sing? How can I sing it like the demo? This is the way to create incredible awareness
during and after your lesson. I promise you, if you invest your time using
these Awareness Questions, you’ll know how to sing better than anyone else. You’ll “10 X” your awareness and results
as a singer! On the other hand, if you keep doing what
you are doing, you’ll continue to get the same results. Apply these Awareness Questions to the exercises
for your vocal type. Do you know your vocal type? Your vocal type is not whether you are soprano,
alto tenor or bass. Your vocal type describes what you tend to
do when you sing through the bridge of your voice. To discover your vocal type, download this
free PDF entitled Get Your Vocal Type. You can get it here, or in the description
area below this YouTube video. Take the test and get your vocal type. Then watch the videos about your vocal type
and download the exercises for your vocal type. Don’t just mindlessly do these exercises. Use the Awareness Questions to sharpen your
learning for faster results. At first it will slow you down. But, it won’t take long to experience rapid
and informed improvement. IF YOU LIKED THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GIVE IT A
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and power. I’ll see you inside the next video.

7 thoughts on “How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? Faster Progress! Here’s How!

  1. How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else? Faster Progress! Here's How! If you can gain greater awareness in lessons or watching videos, you will make faster progress. You will know how to sing better than anyone else because you know and understand what you are doing with your voice.

  2. Please oh please don't use the Ken Tamplin tagline. "anyone else" is a very broad term and is very misleading. Its not about being better at a single thing better than anyone else, its about being the best at what YOU do that counts. There will ALWAYS be someone better at that single thing – but if you're awesome at what YOU do – no one can touch you. Is Bono the greatest singer in the world? Not even close – but he's amazing at what HE does. That's the key.

  3. Hi Chuck, why is the OO vowel so good for opening the throat? Could you make a video on this? Also, why does UH ("cup") need to modify to OU ("would")? I thought UH could go all the way up with no modification.

  4. Mr. Chuck Gilmore is truly one of the best coaches I happened to stumble upon on youtube, thanks for sharing your knowledge with people who love to sing.

  5. Chuck's awareness questions, particularly 3 and 4, are similar to what I discovered as I sing repertoire. A tip for me is "sing with line" because I tend to sing choppy or I emphasize points in the phrase. Record yourself, maybe you do too? Focus on keeping it smooth. BTW, I bought the "How to sing better than anyone else" course and found it OK but not great. I prefer Chuck and Dr Dan, who explain more clearly and also don't seem to be running a harem like the "better than anyone else" guy.

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