iRacing SBS: (No VR) Para pocas Ferias!! Belle Isle Porsche Pro Qualifiyng 😷

Hey guys how are you? 👋 Welcome to Belle Isle circuit I just made the quali go out on top split There are many pilots Division 1 I qualified in eighth place rather good Right now I’m eighth let’s see if I do not lose any more and good position Here I am waiting for other riders end up qualifying let’s see how the race is given I’m also not at my best, I’m with flu and a little seasick 😅 so I hope I do not shock me I take all weekend without touching the simulator and I’ve been waiting until the last minute it seemed that I was a little better and see if I can run the race this week, we are at 20:30 on Monday and already eluded me this race, and well, I’m here ehhh as I am, my goal is to finish the race, so as I press a little, I’ll let forward I’m not for many fairs but I did not want to miss the chance to run Let’s see what happens all right pilots are ending qualify I just came down to ninth Radio (the other drivers I): Good luck guys, good luck guys, be carefull in the next corner Please Ok, we will see Here we go 👊 Spotter: Green light, quiet in the first corner Spotter: Be careful, slow car on the right Spotter: One left Mother of God Spotter: Car left Spotter: Two online Spotter: unobscured Left Spotter: Left Spotter: Clean the left Spotter: It’s on your right Spotter: Clear right Spotter: on the left Spotter: unobscured Left I spent braking Spotter: One minute forty-eight point five six four Spotter: You’ve placed in the TOPTEN Spotter: A thirty minutes and four one-nine point seven Spotter: Eye one right Spotter: Thirty minute and five point two eight Spotter: Keep left Spotter: You got left Spotter: Keep right Spotter: Keep right Spotter: Clean the left Spotter: Thirty minute and five point three three four Spotter: Standing on the left Car Spotter: car stopped in front Spotter: Put right Come close together 🙈 Spotter: Thirty minute and five point five two three Spotter: TOP TEN keep it up Spotter: Car standing right Spotter: Slow car on the left Spotter: Move to the right Spotter: A thirty-seven minutes with five Two Nine Spotter: Standing on the left Car Spotter: Thirty minute and five-five-eight point nine Spotter: Thirty minute and five Point Four Six Four Spotter: You wear one on your right Spotter: unobscured Right Spotter: A thirty minutes seven point zero seven two Spotter: Thirty five point five minute and a six Spotter: One minute thirty-four-one-nine-eight eight Spotter: A thirty-four minutes with seven two Spotter: Thirty minute and five-four-one point four Spotter: one on the right Spotter: Nothing right Radio (Other Pilot) Nööö Begins to slide the car guys Thus I’ll start being cautious Spotter: A thirty-five minutes with two seven new Spotter: One minute thirty-four eight-five-three Spotter: Five laps fuel Spotter: A thirty minutes and four point six two equals four Spotter: A thirty minutes and four point eight one-two Spotter: Thirty minute and five point one-four two Spotter: You have fuel for two laps Spotter: A thirty-four minutes with eight seven two The car behind has collided against the wall 🙈 Good Well guys we got 💪 Spotter: Checkered Flag Spotter: Great work For a very good eighth place 😁 very good eighth 😁 Phew Well I’ll mute to, because I have a little tired both speak Well guys 😁 as well the race We left the tenth and we finished eighth considering that we have left to overtake two cars. I have also endured the green car coming from behind pushing hard throughout the race but eventually he was crashed into the wall It has crashed in the final laps I’ll put out repeat and a little more little boys Let’s see, I do not find myself very well, with my flu I have moved in times of thirty-four thirty minute and five race is not bad If I had found better I could have pushed harder but and being thus made me hard the race 😁 TV1 no, I will put Far chase And here we will repeat Well as you see I have gone well but poorly positioned There’s been a lot of shock that I had to practically stop the car look, one, two, three, four, five games my mother, my mother 🙈 I almost stopped the car but good Thanks to this, I gained some position so Then here before have become a hit others, I will look I will look All cars close together for many laps I put up here quite well, this area has already been some shock more and I’ve already been the eighth and to the end The truth I think … You see the car in front has been struck right? and well, the truth that quite well I am very happy guys 😁 in this top split have ended well above I’ll win irating and good I’ll put the repetition of incidents career to see that I changed the camera and is not what I wanted to do here I wanted to do this, to see if I can because there must be many incidents so if, if, if I’ve given to the button that was not This has eaten orange wall Phew I think I came near If you look at me, here I show buahhh my mother this orange, the shock that has been 🙈 ahh look this is the car behind me coming pressing and finally has crashed has been given, and then have rear-ended If there are people very agonies, had I just followed behind me another that has left track It is in this circuit is very difficult to overtake, if the car in front of mine which was clearly slower than me but it was impossible to put the car impossible impossible to overtake if fuss, and today I have the head doing impossible maneuvers Buahh Look how it goes dabbing. I’m out here see I spent braking, buahh this car another that hit Buff That evil has been Good This black car is already quite beaten it is hitting on every corner buahhh It was given twice on the same curve my mother a boxes ahh this has broken the engine would you have seen it? It has not done that has broken engine This has not done trying to get ahead and gone long But he does not realize that the car in front plugs us both? Do not you see? You had to anticipate braking much earlier, if I was holding back one kilometer before 🙈 Cars scraping the walls too and and he has already lost the car and again, if it has been several times this which is what was behind my he had already earned him several times said distance here has done killing want to lose position in the race uy mother and these? ahh he had not finished the race good guys because I hope you enjoyed the race I’m happy as I’m flu did not expect or run therefore eighth, it is a wonder as well very well I’ll put the front of the car as I bid you farewell not or what I’m doing here it is for that It is what has given the race belle isle, complicated circuit in which we have advanced two positions even letting us forward Well, they were faster than me and they had left behind in such bad start we’ve had So I won something and as you see, I brought the car intact I think I’ve had is an X0 which has given me this green car and then another I’ve given myself the wall has also been x0 therefore I’ll win some safety rating and iranting nothing guys, I hope you liked the race, if so 👍 like me and sui not subscribed to the channel madness, subscribe See you guys in the next video, a greeting 👋 hello, hello 👋, adios

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