Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Jumped Zoo Barrier For Selfie | TODAY

Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Jumped Zoo Barrier For Selfie | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Jumped Zoo Barrier For Selfie | TODAY

  1. The only thing terrifying about this is how a person thought it would be smart to jump a barrier to take a selfie. I hope it was worth it dumb bish LOL

  2. Don't be dumb and this wouldn't happen. Jesus Christ most of the time it isn't even the animals fault people just dumb. We shouldn't even have to deal with this

  3. I wish this is how they would handle all cases of unauthorized humans entering enclosures, be that them somehow "wandering" /falling into enclosures or deliberately entering them.

  4. I have absolutely no empathy for idiots like this. This beautiful Jaguar could have lost it's life through this stupid woman; it could have been shot or euthanized. Thankfully it wasn't. A warning sign should be put up near the barrier " Trespassers Will Be Eaten"

  5. So if it was the animal's fault, it gets euthanized.
    When it's the human's fault should we do the same?
    That would lessen accidents and poaching.

  6. Saddest bit of this story is being reminded that a great gorilla was shot dead when a three year old fell into its pen. Truly tragic and his irresponsible parents should have that on their conscience forever.

  7. Jesus Christ chill out some of you guys, sure it's her own fault and you can't blame anyone but herself but to say "she deserved it" is pretty disgusting.

  8. “Human error” but that goes for you too, zoo keeper 🤨 those are not “wild animals” anymore tf and honestly imagine having such an animal oppressing job 😬

  9. If they can find a way to identify whatever gene causes humans to do things like this while in the womb then my stance on abortion would undoubtedly change

  10. What's terrifying is the stupidity of people and their selfie obsession. Jesus, why people think they are so interesting that they have to take pictures of themselves doing everything is beyond me.

  11. They should instead charge her for trespassing. I always say the best teacher is experience. How embarrassing to be in your 30s and be sooooo stupid. Even if you tell kids what she did, they will laugh at her. Adults thinking and acting worse than kids. Only the body got big but the brain remained small and stupid.

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