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“Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar,
you man, you roll like a jaguar.” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar,
you man, you roll like a jaguar.” “Jaguar!” “Jaguar!” “You’ve got the speed of a jaguar,
you man, you roll like a jaguar.” The city’s temperature
is quite cold today. In some places, it can rain as well. Wind is blowing rapidly in Mumbai. – In some places..
– This shouldn’t happen! Please! Please cool down! Should we keep internet
and Facebook or not? We are debating on this topic. The groups for and
against this are arguing. Now before we continue with this
discussion, let’s have a small break. We’ll continue the debate after the
break, so please watch, SS News. Sapna, it’s just a three minute break. – Get ready.
– Okay. – So..
– Ramesh.. – Prepare this breaking news.
– Okay. I have many business empires. And among them is this news channel. All of my business are
on top position today. But I enjoy running this
news channel the most. We’re the first 24-hour news
channel in this state. But nowadays our channel’s position.. Sir, we’re doing our level best. I want result. Target politicians, film stars.. ..sports personalities; public
are mostly crazy about them nowadays. The public agrees
to whatever they say. If you don’t believe me,
telecast the same news ten times. Follow Google’s theory. Showing the same lie 100 times,
it seems it is true. In today’s world, we
only see two things.. Crime and sex. Catch them. Bring them. Increase the channel’s TRP. If there is no news.. ..create news. Oh wow! What? Shit! ‘You’re going to witness a live
murder in the next five minutes.’ What the hell is happening?
Who is doing this? – Hello.
– Hello, SS Channel? Yeah.. Hello? – Hello?
– We’re working on that. – Ramesh! What is this?
– Sir. – What’s happening here?
– Sir, I don’t know what this is. – Stop this immediately! – I’m trying.
– What do you mean you’re trying? – Try it!
– If you permit me.. I’ll call back later. – Do something quickly!
– Sir, say something! Say something! What are you thinking?
Why don’t you speak? Trace out this signal! Sir, speak! If this program telecasts,
we’ll be in trouble! I said let it go on! – Hello?
– Rajesh.. Watch SSTV Channel! They’re showing a live murder! Live murder? ‘You’re going to witness a live
murder in the next five minutes.’ I’ve given verdicts to many
murders in court cases as judge.. ..but I’m witnessing a live murder
for the first time in my life! Why did the lights have to go now? God knows where’s the servant! Hello, Mister! You’re here to
repair the computer, right? Look, power has gone.
Can you do anything? Lightning struck and
the power came back! You’re an amazing man! It’s common for the power
to come back with lightning. Is the computer repaired? Or not yet? Yes, I’ve hacked
SSTV from your system. The hack is complete. That means.. This breaking news.. The live murder..
You’re doing this right? And that murder? You’re the one who’s going to die! Sir, city police commissioner,
he wants to talk immediately! The person who told that police
that he would commit a live murder.. ..our channel didn’t live it. Someone did it by
hacking their channel. This statement was given
by SSTV’s editor. And SSTV’s chairman
supported his statement. Who killed Judge Kalidas?
It has become a mystery. City’s law and order is in
chaos because of this murder. The Government has given
this murder case to the CBI. Sir! Sir, a man had come to the judge’s
house to repair the computer. He made the wrong
entry in the address book. Because it was raining tomorrow,
CCTV cameras weren’t working. That’s why his face wasn’t
captured properly. Judge called me and told me that they
are showing a live murder on TV. But I never thought he was
the one who would be killed. I was the one who
alerted the security. The SSTV was hacked
from the judge’s system. But we didn’t find any
evidence at the crime scene. We tried to catch him, Sir.. ..but he ran away as
swiftly as he came here. The killer is stealthy,
swift and intelligent. I will name the case
and the killer as.. J-A-G-U-A-R. JAGUAR! Shanti Group of Medical
Colleges and Hospitals.. India’s best equipments and facilities
are available only in our hospital. Every year, top doctors and surgeons
are from our hospital only. And now we have decided that we’re
tying up Shanti Group of Hospitals.. ..with Russian Medical Academy. And it’s going to progress even more. On the same occasion.. I would like to announce
one more thing. For the first time in the
history of our college.. ..the students have selected
their own leader. He’s none other than,
final year student.. Mr. Arya! – Thank you, Sir.
– Welcome. All the best. – Thank you, Sir.
– So, what are the plans for this year? I think one of the main reasons for
indiscipline in college is ragging. To stop this ragging and create
unity among students.. I have made an anti-ragging squad
with the help of some students. Tomorrow the juniors
that are going to come.. ..I’m going to give
them a friendly welcome. Good! Wow! It’s very exciting to
decorate the first night.. ..but it’s boring to decorate
the college on its first day. Hi! His time is fortunate.
He always takes advantage. Hey! What’s this? You look like tired doctors
of the delivery ward! Forget about us.. ..we’re working so hard here.. ..and you’re just wasting your time! Hey, Chetan, you know it, right? Gym to keep the body fit,
yoga to keep the brain fit.. ..and I roam with dirty people like
you, that’s why steam bath. Hey! Are all the arrangements ready?
– Yes, brother-in-law. – Brother-in-law? – Boards have
been put up for the welcome.. And sign boards and notice
boards to explain everyone. And flowers to give to everyone. I myself have bought them and
locked them in, Brother-in-law. What are you saying? Thank you, thank you!
– Come. – Come with me.
– My duty! We all keep calling him Arya.. ..and you’re calling
him Brother-in-law? – Oh! Because Arya’s sister is
in first year, right? – Shut up! It’s nothing like that! Brother-in-law has brain, I have body. If we both unite, we’ll
conquer the entire college. – Understand?
– I think something else entirely. I think someone new will come,
bend your body.. ..and fry your brother-in-law’s brain! He will quite be your competition. [English rap song] Thank you, Sir. – Hi, what’s your name?
– Sandhya. – Your parents?
– Father, lawyer; mother, teacher. – What’s your name?
– Shanti. Hi, what’s your name? – SS Krishna, Sir.
– Parents? I’m an orphan, Sir. I grew up in an orphanage. Don’t worry.
This college is like family. Welcome. Thank you, Sir. – I’ve heard that there’s a
lot of ragging here. – No no! We’ve banned ragging in
our college from this year. Why? When I was giving
entrance and M-Set exam.. ..everyday thinking that there
will be ragging in college.. I passed with so many marks in M-Set
to get such a big college.. ..and you simply said that
there’s no ragging here? What are you saying? Please rag me! Please, you do it!
Rag me! You rag me, bro! At least you rag me! – Brother, at least you can rag me!
– What is this? Brother-in-law, let me handle it! Only hard people like me can deal
with harsh people like him. You come. Hey! Just come! Hey! What were you talking
about ragging huh? Why do you want ragging? Why do I want ragging? One has talent of chanting
incantations while worshipping.. Doctor has talent of
performing operations.. But when you do ragging.. ..only then our talent comes out! Didn’t get it? Whenever I ride cycle, imagination
starts running wild in me. When I come alone on bike,
I feel like.. ..checking out girls
all around the place. After that I feel like proposing
a girl among them with a rose. It’s a talent to write poems
on the walls of bathroom! And there’s enjoyment in
disco, pub, music, rap too! With all of this happening,
no ragging is unacceptable! When seniors rag juniors.. ..then when those
juniors become seniors.. ..they will surely rag their juniors! Do you know what a famous leader
said about senior-junior ragging? Listen, the relationship
between senior and junior.. ..should be like scotch and soda.. ..not like scotch and butterscotch! One minute, bro. Hey! Who wants ragging here? I learnt Gangnam Style because
I thought there would be ragging. – There won’t be any ragging?
– And here? Won’t they need the ramp
walk dress in ragging? Who is this? When so many people are
ready to show their talent.. ..why are you refusing? Who can be so much talented, bro? “Get set go! Life is a
bundle of happiness!” “Keep that saying!” “Get set go! Life is a race!” “Be quick!” “You’ll get whatever
you want this is your life!” “Win over attraction
and frustration in teenage!” “Become the sensation,
do the revolution!” “Become the star!” “The nation will be behind you!
Get everyone’s affection!” “Do one thing, it’s your life,
make it large!” “Get set go! Life is a
bundle of happiness!” “Keep that saying!” “Get set go! Life is a race!” “Be quick!” [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] “Get set go!” “God gives talent to everyone!” “We’ll have to achieve
success with it!” “There are a lot of challenges even
if you’re something special.” “You’ll surely achieve your target,
the world will be yours!” “Become an example like
Tendulkar and Einstein!” “Show your power
in this digital life!” “Get set go! Life is a
bundle of happiness!” “Keep that saying!” “Get set go! Life is a race!” “Be quick!” “Become the sensation,
do the revolution!” “Become the star!” “The nation will be behind you!
Get everyone’s affection!” “Do one thing, it’s your life,
make it large!” “Get set go! Life is a
bundle of happiness!” “Keep that saying!” “Get so go! You gotta do it!
You gotta do that!” – See my hand!
– Cool, girls! – Look my hand!
– Wow! What a hand! You have a handsome
boyfriend, don’t you? Hey! Krishna! And he loves you very much. – Bro, look there!
– Look at my hand too! We’re around you like Amul babies.. ..and look at the girls
around him like Ajay Devgn! Why are you meddling with him? – Let him go.
– Stop, Brother-in-law.. If we leave him like this, he’ll turn
college into a maternity ward! What? Let me handle it. – Hey, Krishna!
– Did you call me, brother? Yes, I’m calling you. Girls, we’ll meet later. Bye! – Look at my hand then go please!
– No, look at my hand! – What kind of a person is he?
– Hi! – Hey, Vicky Donor! Hey, blacky!
– Hey, what? – You were holding girls’ hands,
weren’t you? – No, senior. – I was just doing palmistry.
– Oh. You know that as well? He’s saying that he can say
the future by reading palms! It indeed does happen what I say. If you want, I can check Arya’s hand
and tell what will happen to him. Show your hand, bro! – I don’t want to show my hand!
– Please, bro! Whatever you want to
show, show it to me. There’s no need to see your hand
for that. I tell by your face that.. ..your face is going to be
destroyed in the next 10 seconds. – How?
– Like this! Idiot! You! – Actually..
– Bro! Show your hand! Just one minute, bro. Whoa, wow! – What a hand!
– What’s going to happen to him? Forget about going to happen,
it has already happened! See these two lines? One line tells me that you’re
going to be a great leader! – Our friend is already a leader.
– Yes! Not just a college or campus leader.. He’s going to become the
leader of the entire state! But there’s a small problem
in the second line. According to this line,
you have a younger sister. And that sister, with a waste,
goon and an extravagant man.. She’s soon going to
fall in love with him. Raja, is that you? – He will be even bigger than him.
– Who is he? – Hey! Shut up!
– Hey! By the way, there can be no one as
extravagant as me in this college! Catch him! Hey, don’t let him get away! I saw your sister yesterday.. [English rap song] So.. How do blind people
really feel in their lives? Let’s experience their
life for 30 minutes. – By tying this cloth.
– Oh God! If I tie a cloth for 30 minutes,
someone can do anything in 10 minutes. – We won’t find out who did that.
– Okay girls. Please! [English rap song] Just get this straight, your
sister will love only me. – Hey!
– Hey! You! Oh sorry,
I won’t call you brother from today.. ..but I’ll call you brother-in-law. – Bye, brother-in-law!
– I won’t spare him! What did he just say? Hey, he’s mad. I think he’s all talk. My sister knows very well
how to behave with everyone. What did you say? – He told it to my brother?
– Yes. I think you should be
careful from now. Why should I be careful? He’ll have to be careful. It’s him! He told your brother
that he’ll woo you. He said that he’ll try to woo Priya.. ..and you all freaked out? Look at his walk! [English rap song] Look at his style! Now look at his smile! Before that, look, he has
a pizza box in his hands! – Huh..
– I love you! First let me eat, okay love you. Wow! Thanks darling. You’re not as
complicated as I thought. You’re a bit fat, but I’ll
enjoy the relationship. -I like you very much!
– Hello! – Hello. You continue eating, darling.
– Okay. Now I’m even ready to wage war
with your brother for your love! – Hello!
– Hello. You don’t worry at all.
I’ll get you burger too! And I’ll keep looking at you eat.. ..and we’ll fall in love deeply!
– Come here. I need extra cheese in burger, okay? You’re extra large, that’s why
you like everything extra large. – Hello!
– Hello. – Bye..
– Bye! Hello! I have identified you. You gave her the pizza,
but you were talking about me.. What did you think? I wouldn’t
get such a simple thing? I understood right at your entry
that you are overacting! Who are you really? SS Krishna, I’m an orphan, Madam. By collecting donation from here
and there, and by studying hard.. ..if there was current in hostel,
or below the street light.. I studied too hard to get first rank
and land a seat in this college.. I collected stipend, and waited
in the queue to get a pizza.. ..and bought a pizza.. ..and when gave it to this fatso.. I thought you would feel
jealous and start loving me. But you found out.. You found out everything! Why are you all crying? You made a big mistake. He’s so sad. Priya, you should say sorry to him. – Should I say sorry to him?
– Yes. You should say sorry to him! Yes! We worked so hard to make this body.. ..and now it’s the time to
eat the fruit. Come on! Hey, are you knocking at the door
for the first night or what? Break the door! Hey! Put on the lights! Hey! Don’t get distracted. We’re not here to drink wine!
We’re here to bash him! We can give him 4 slaps only
after drinking 4 rounds. He’s anyway going to
be here for 4 years. We won’t spare him so soon. – Come on! Let’s drink!
– What are you doing? Hey! Stop it! – It’s okay.
– Don’t drink! Oh, please don’t! He must have added something to this! The wine might be fake.. ..but this friend who’s
throwing a party is real. – You also drink!
– Yes, keep drinking! – There’s no hurry at all!
– Yeah! Yes, no rush at all.
You too. Senior.. Have it! You’re the senior,
you’ll have to drink. Hey! What’s happening here? Brother-in-law, come, have one peg. What the hell is happening here? Sir.. Which watchmen came here at this time? Sir, good morning. – It’s just combined studies.
– Combined studies? Fourth year or first year? Sir, actually, Krishna called
us to the party. Shut up! – Krishna!
– Sir.. Sir! Why did you call? What’s all this? Ragging, sir. Ragging. Ragging? They banned it in the college.. ..but it’s still happening
in the hostel, Sir. Just before you came.. Sir, if you don’t mind.. Bro, just go back a little. Look! Look at him, Sir! – Correct, right?
– Correct! Look, he has agreed. They made me dance too. – We?
– Not only that, Sir.. They don’t have any soft corner in
their heart for an orphaned boy. Look at this blacky’s hand,
he got a special drink for himself. Total bill is around 10 thousand, Sir. 10 thousand? Shut up! What is this, Arya? I thought your friends
were very decent. – Sir..
– No! It’s disgusting and very
bad on your part. Return him his money. Sir, do you want me to give this? – Yes, okay.
– Sir.. This is duplicate, Sir. That also he brought
from OLX, second hand! Sir, it would be better if
you tell them to give cash. – Here, give it to him.
– Here. – Go back to your rooms everyone.
– One, two, three.. ..four, five, six, seven, eight, nine..
– He gave us party with our own money! Sir, black monkey! I’m getting scared! Please tell him to leave! Going, Sir! Welcome to all the
first year students! The class that you’re
attending today.. about human anatomy. This is an important
subject in medical science. Today’s class will be taken by
the fourth year student, Arya. – Okay, Sir.
– All the best. – Thank you.
– Good luck to all of you! Thank you, Sir! So today I will teach
you cardiac anatomy.. ..and I’ll show you how to
dissect the human heart.. ..which is the toughest
human body part to dissect. – Now what happened?
– Look at Krishna over there! He’s so dull. Say sorry to him. After doing all this,
he expects a sorry from me? Let me teach him a lesson. Okay, I have to say
sorry to him, right? – Yes.
– Call him here, I’ll say sorry. Hey, Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Priya will say sorry to you, come! I will. I will say sorry. But not for your drama that day.. ..but for not beating you even
after all this happened. My brother hates violence. If you trying anything
like that in future.. I won’t be able to beat
you in front of him.. ..that’s why I’m saying
sorry in advance. – Oh.
– Happy? On this occasion,
let me say sorry to you too. On the blind day,
when I came close to you.. ..sorry for missing the kiss. In future, I’m going to give a jerk
to your non-violence brother. And I’m going to torture him too. That’s why another sorry in advance. – You are so..
– Superman! – No!
– Spider-Man? – No!
– Batman! Krishna! You three, come here. Come on, ladies. Hi, brother-in-law. – Stop calling me this.
– Oh. Okay. Can you tell me the cause
of death of this subject? For explaining a heart..’re telling me to remove a man’s
heart and murder him, doctor? Stop this overacting.
It’s already a dead body. Dead body cannot talk, brother-in-law. He died from a cardiac arrest. Do you know what that is? Heart attack, man. If you don’t know
such a simple thing.. did you pass the entrance exam? All thanks to Shanmuk Sharma! – Who’s that?
– He said ahead of me in exam. And he was very intelligent. I copied and passed only
because of his contribution! – What?
– Yes! Yours faithfully, SS Krishna, MBBS.. FRCS, London. Shameless fellows! Sir, after monitoring network traffic
from network operation centre.. ..and taking accounts
password from there.. ..he must have decoded it, Sir. – IP address.
– Sir? Who else can find out about your
system’s IP address apart from you? Sir, sometimes if there
is problem in system.. ..or if the server is down, technicians
come from outside to repair it. And they go out and outsource it. How much time does it take to
de-link the satellite and re-telecast? – Sir, 10 to 15 minutes?
– Two. Two minutes. When live murder was being
telecasted on your channel.. ..then why didn’t you de-link the
satellite within two minutes? I need the entire details. Sir, this is boss’ cabin.
No one can enter. Is it? Come. Cheese! Here. – No, no do it.
– Sir, what’s this? You entered without permission! Now say. You know what problem we’re
facing because of this issue.. ..and you’re coming here to disturb
us instead of solving that! I know your problem
and my duty very well. Someone hacked your channel
and showed sensational news. And you don’t have sense,
you labelled it as live telecast.. increase your channel’s TRP? Are you senseless that you don’t know
whether you should show it? We have full sense. It’s our responsibility
to show the public in live about.. ..whatever’s happening. What responsibility are
you talking about? When rape, robbery and murders occur.. ..then to show it,
you try to match cinema.. ..and show promo by re-recording and
editing, that it will air at 6 PM. You don’t know what you’re showing to
the public just to increase your TRP! There are no more
news channels in India! Only entertainment channels! I can make this live issue a complaint
and get order from court.. – shut down your channel.
– Shut it down then! Shut it down. This is my office. Only my voice should be sounded here. Were you talking about
some court order? Do you have the guts to get
the order and shut us down? The position that you’re on..
You might be having power. But I have 10 times more
power of politicians than you. All the politicians from
State to Central.. matter if they are
in majority or opposition.. ..they have to take help from
me to secure their seat. Our news channel does the work
of promoting even worthless people. If you have the guts, try and
catch the hacker. Or else ‘CBI and its powers’.. I’ll prepare an exclusive one hour
program, you come there and speak. Hey! Don’t give anyone extra
footage without my permission. Out. Sure. CBI! You were right. Public wants entertainment. They don’t want news. Then why
are there so many channels? Newspaper is enough for that. You have a logic. Always. Selfie, please. Now how’s the TRP of our channel? It’s on the top position since
the live murder telecast. Good. Do one thing, hack our own channel.. ..breaking news,
next live murder, soon. Put that as caption. Public would be glued to the TV. The one who came to enquire just now.. ..go to him and lodge a complaint that
our channel has been hacked again. Sir.. Doing this would be wrong on our part. Journalism does have
some ethics, policies.. I have only one policy! I’m ready to kill 100 people.. ..fool 10 people.. ..just to climb one staircase. Friends, today is Flowers’ Day. So, you can take selfies with
your favourite flowers! And celebrate this Flowers’
Day with your best friend! Yeah! Hey, Priya, which is your
favourite flower? ‘Swayam Saugandhigam Pushpam!’ Is Saugandhigam a flower? Not flower, ‘Pushpam’. Where can we find that? We can’t find them here. We find them in the Himalayas.
It is made up of 4 petals.. blooms on its own. Hey, how did this come here? It’s that flower! The one I like! Self-blooming flower! You.. It’s not hard to figure out
what our loved ones like. Hey, what happened? You’re falling! Your brother has more
hopes on you than me! Don’t fall so easily. Let me try some more days. Hey. Why don’t you explain her? He tried to impress you by giving
a plastic flower with perfume! This is a duplicate! Krishna! Hey, Priya, this flower
might be duplicate.. ..but my love isn’t duplicate! “Hey! I’m in love, my darling!” “Just kill me already, darling!” “Even if you kill me, my love
for you will stay alive!” “Hey! Why are you angry
at me, my darling?” “I’m very innocent, my darling!” “I’m restless to get your love!” “I’ll love you no matter what!” “I just want to look at
you once, come closer!” “This cold wind reminds me of you!” “I’m lost in your love in my heart!” “Become my song!” “Oh Priya!” “Don’t leave me like that!” “Hey! I’m in love, my darling!” “Just kill me already, darling!” “Even if you kill me, my love
for you will stay alive!” “Hey! Why are you angry
at me, my darling?” “I’m very innocent, my darling!” “I’m restless to get your love!” “I’ll keep loving you no matter what!” “Where have you come from, lady?” “You’re this mad
person’s girl, right?” “Your body is an art!” “My eyes are thirsty for you!” “There’s no build-up in my talks.” “I say whatever that
comes in my mind!” “I’ll forget myself
sing songs for you!” “You love me..” “..then what problem do
you have in telling me?” “I’ll win your love!” “Dear, that’s the real fun of love!” “Oh Priya!” “Now I have become your beloved!” Thanks to all participants! – Arya..
– Sir. You do something good for
society every year. You have done great
things since 4 years. What’s your inspiration?
Say a few words. Friends, the Arya that is standing
here today, was not like that. A small incident with
a great personality.. ..changed my life forever. That person is from Karim Nagar
District, he’s Dr. Ramachandra. Hail Mr. Ramachandra! He used his ancestors’ wealth for
poor people instead of himself. He worked hard and established a modern
facility hospital and served the poor. He did one more great deed. He kept
a charity box outside the hospital. Poor used to donate 10 rupees, whereas
the rich used to donate 10 thousand. There was no shortage of money, and
the hospital was running smoothly. He hoped that every child should study
hard and become someone important. For that he arranged education for
children from different backgrounds. He wanted every child to grow up and
become an example for the modern India. My mother used to work as
a nurse in that hospital. – Greetings, Ramachandra.
– Greetings, collector. If you would have told me, I would
have come myself. Come on now. – I came to you for a favour.
– Tell me, Sir. We’ve got orders from
the Central Government.. make new roads in our district. And we have to construct irrigation
canals at some places. And for that we’ll have to
use some farmers’ lands. If you explain them,
they’ll understand. Because no one can deny
you in this entire district. Oh this is nothing, Sir. If the farmers are getting benefited,
I’m ready to do anything! You may start your work. Now will you that again? – Speak! Speak up!
– Hey, stop! Please stop. Why are you beating him? Look, Sir. We’re surviving
only because of you! You’re giving him education,
and he was.. ..stealing your money
from your charity box! What if he breaks open your charity
box and steal all your money tomorrow? Sir, you also hit him. Hit him! Hit him! Only then he’ll understand! This charity box is not only
mine, but yours too. I made a big mistake by locking it. This is not only for donating money. If you ever need money.. have the right to
take the money from it. Whether you should
donate money or take it.. ..I’ll leave that for
your conscience to decide. I don’t need a greater
security than that. If you want to change him,
teach him 100 good things. And if you want spoil him,
your word thief is enough for it. I made a mistake, Sir. Punish me. Every person makes
mistake in life at some point. If that mistake is rectified
at the right time.. ..that person becomes great
and progresses in life. From today don’t plead anyone just
because you made a mistake. For holding someone’s hand.. ..or if you want to help someone,
only then you should give your hand. Get it? The lesson that he gave me that day.. life changed with that forever. Since then I aim to become
a good doctor like him. To serve the poor as much as I can.. I think that has kept me motivated. Oh. Whoa! Wow! Superb, brother-in-law! With your one speech, 85% of students
have become your fans and followers. What a speech! It seemed that you
were speaking straight from the heart. Krishna, what’s your problem? What else, Sir? Free treatment and all and gibberish.. No one helps anyone for free, Sir. Someone does it to earn name,
or to earn good deeds. And nowadays people are too selfish
to do anything for anyone. The world is full of selfish people. That means good people
don’t exist at all? They do exist. All are good.
But only for themselves. – What are you trying to say?
– Simple, brother-in-law. I think only about myself.
I only have one policy. I’m ready to kill 100 people.. ..fool 10 people.. ..just to climb one staircase. I’m thinking how I should
celebrate Special Day. – Tell me if you have any idea.
– What is it? – Come let’s go out.
– It’s class time. I can’t come. – When will you meet me then?
– We’ll meet somewhere after class. – Where?
– Near parking. – Time?
– 5 o’clock. Yeah. Okay. Let me go! Hey.. Just one kiss.. Leave me! – Anand!
– What happened to you? How is your dress torn? Look there! Hey! What a touch it was! – She’s coming here.
– Hey, Ajay! Sir, please speak. Shh.. – You say, Sir.
– Are you crazy? I think you recognized me. Continue, Sir. Why did you behave
like this with the girl? – Me?
– Yes, you! – Hey!
– Hey! What did she say? I misbehaved? – Ajay!
– I kissed also? – Did I touch her like this?
– Hey! I held her hand like this..
Or did I kiss her? – Hey!
– Stop it everyone! – Hey, stop it!
– What are you doing? What are you all doing? Let him go! You were not here for three months.
There was peace in college. No sooner did you come than you
started doing wrong things. Get out of this college quietly. Or else sit in your Dad’s cabin. If you think you’re chairman’s
son and you can do anything.. ..then you are absolutely wrong. Hey, you’re a college leader and you
roam with these stupid people. This blood donation, cancer camp.. ..old age home,
culture event, lemon in spoon.. ..and the thing that we use at night.. Let it be. They all can’t do it. Go and handle other work. Go. Brother, let’s complain about
him to the chairman. Come on. His sister is gorgeous. Why did you have to come
back from Bangkok? Had you been there
for six more months.. ..our tie up with Russia
would have been completed. It’s not even been three
months and you are back? And you started getting
into fights here! Hey, shut up! If this deal gets
cancelled because of you..’s reputation
will go to the dogs! Then what should I do? Tell me. Three months. Just stop with your drama
for three months, it will be alright. – Hey! Look there!
– What? I think Krishna is thinking
of a new plan. I’ll go and talk to him. – Hello, junior.
– Hi, senior. Are you plotting against someone? Yes, senior. I have thought of a
wonderful idea to woo Priya. What is it? I’ll kidnap Priya’s favourite,
Arnold.. ..and keep it with me the whole night. And what will you do with it? “I love you very much, beloved!” “I love you very much, beloved!” Hey, senior! Why are you
ruining my imagination? Hello! This is a college.
We only study here. It’s wrong to imagine about girls
who have come here to study. Will I stop if you say? One day, this is going to happen.
Let me see how you stop it. Wow, Krishna. His plan, my execution. Priya will be mine, and he
will get nothing! Yes! Where is she? Here is Priya’s Arnold. He is so cute! Arnold! Come here! Quiet! I’ve brought biscuits! Sweet biscuit! Come over here! Don’t you want the biscuit?
Never mind, here’s a leg piece! Chicken leg piece! Want it?
You’ll have to eat it like this. Hey, he doesn’t want this. Let me
have a peg, I will get an idea. Now he’s gone! He’s looking at the wine! Do you want it? Want the wine? Oh, he’s so happy! Come here! Now I found out why hostel
girls are so fat. Kidnap! Cheers, baby! Now dance! – Arnold!
– Let it be. Eaten biscuit and a lost
dog never come back. Firstly, stop eating the biscuit! These are my Arnold’s biscuit! Make way! Please, coming through! Priya, you didn’t find
your Arnold, right? – Yes!
– I know where your Arnold is! Where is he? Tell me! Hey, fatso, go back!
Listen, Priya. There’s going to be a big drama here. The kidnapper will himself
come as a kid.. ..and get your Arnold back. Arnold! Here you are! – Priya, thinking about you all night..
– What? I mean, I couldn’t sleep last
night and I went for a walk. And I found this orphaned dog. – Orphaned?
– I’m orphaned too. Shut up. That’s why I kept
him with me in my room. God knows whether you had food
because you were worried about him. But he didn’t have any
solid food at night. He took liquid all night. – What?
– Yes. He’s making all this up! – No, bro.
– He told me so! – You’re just manipulating her!
– I didn’t do anything! – He’s lying!
– Won’t you trust me, Priya? – Vicky, who kidnapped Arnold?
– He did it! No, I didn’t do it! – He did it!
– No, he! – He did it!
– No, he! – No, he!
– Yes, I did it. – Ask her.
– No, he! Shut up! Now no one
will say a word! Arnold will draw and
tell who kidnapped him. Who kidnapped you? Make his painting. Come on, Arnold! – What if he makes my painting?
– Brother, where are you going? Dog will make the painting
and it will be of Krishna! Everyone will see, especially you
will have to, and he’ll be caught. What is he making? – He’s so talented!
– But whom is he painting? Vicky? You took him from my room, right?
Why didn’t he paint your picture then? Look! Priya, I have
understood everything. – He kidnapped him! I did nothing!
– Shut up, Vicky! I never thought you would do this! Priya, Arnold painted
the wrong picture! – He kidnapped him!
– Now stop it, Vicky! Arnold doesn’t lie, because
he was raised in my family. Why are you looking at the drama? He kidnapped Arnold today,
tomorrow he might kidnap me. We should not let him go. Bash him! – Yes, bash him!
– No! Bash him! – Sorry, and thank you.
– It’s okay. No problem. – Krishna..
– No no! SS Krishna. Orphan, madam, orphan. Trust is like mother. Character is like father. But I have no one,
I’m an orphan that’s why. That’s why people make fun of me. It’s okay, Madam. It’s okay. Careful! Careful, dear. – Madam, where are you going?
– Where should I go then? Here. You’ll have to pay five lakh more. – I just paid it.
– This is the pending amount. Your husband is in the ICU that’s why. You’ll have to deposit five lakh more. – More?
– Next! Please proceed! Okay. – What’s happening?
– Sir, this is an ARDS case. We also did the ECG.
The pulse has dropped. Condition is critical, Sir. Pulse is dropping.
It’s difficult to save him. What should we do
of this patient, Sir? Keep him on the ventilator. Put the maximum billing looking at the
patient’s family’s financial condition. After 5-6 days, say sorry and.. – Hand over the body.
– Okay, sir. Sir, what is all this? Patients consider doctors
as Gods. And we’re doing this? If genuinely there is a treatment,
we should try it. Or else let’s discharge him
saying that we can’t do it. – Who is he?
– Final year student, Arya. Look, Mister. All this sounds
good only in seminar speeches. You’ll understand the practical
problem only when the practice starts. Where do they get the
money to run such a big.. ..corporate hospital
and pay us our salaries? ‘Nothing has happened to you.’ ‘This is a small problem. If you want,
take him to another hospital.’ If we say this and
discharge all patients.. ..they will send us home! Not only marketing people
have targets, we have them too. If I don’t fulfil it, someone
else will take my seat. You will learn this first. Here’s the ICU. Doctor, my husband.. How is he? Will he fully recover? I have just paid all the
pending bills, doctor. Now they are telling us
to pay five lakh more. I have given my house’s
property paper as mortgage. I will pay that too by evening. Please save him somehow, doctor. Doctor? Doctor! We have two small kids. Without him, we’ll become
orphans, doctor! Please save him, doctor. Mother, don’t worry.
Father will be alright. Yes, Arya? Sir, what is happening
in our hospital? What happened, Arya? Sir, they should at
least give it a try. But they are putting the patient
on ventilator for money. – What case?
– ARDS. Okay, okay, relax. Okay? Just do one thing, keep observing the
pulse movement, I’ll be right there. Okay, Sir. Priya, did you think
anything about our love? I don’t love you. Go away. You must be having something. – No!
– 10%? – No!
– 20%? – Oh.
– Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry. Krishna, what are you doing? First year students can’t treat
patients! What are you doing? – Krishna!
– Listen to me! Just keep pressing! Don’t leave! Go back! Three.. Two.. One.. Lodactuvate! – This?
– No! The one below it! Fast, fast! Inject it! Go back! Three.. Two.. One! Hey, what are you doing here?
What the hell are you guys up to? – You’re not trained to handle all this!
– Just go back! Three.. Two.. One! – Shit..
– Shit! He’s reviving. Check the pulse! I can feel the pulse.
It’s stabilizing. Come on, come on! – Priya!
– Yes? – Give him one gram of MB Panum
– MB Panum. – Give him that immediately.
– Yes, okay. – How is her doing?
– Sir, stable now. Pulse is also stabilizing. It’s good. Nurse, give him one gram of MB Panum. – MB Panum?
– Nurse, immediately. – Okay, doctor.
– Yes. Sir, we just.. – Already given?
– Yes, Sir. That’s really good. – Give me the case sheet.
– Krishna! Yes, senior? Hey, what did you do? It’s ARDS. Acute Respiratory
Distress Syndrome. Lungs and blood has locked which
has led to myocardial infection. Brother-in-law! Heart attack! There was only 5%
chance of patient revival. I used that 5% chance
and gave my 100%. Patient survived. And that day you said that
you copied and passed? Indeed! I copied and passed. But I haven’t forgotten what I copied. Bye, brother-in-law. – How is my husband now, doctor?
– There’s no need to worry. – Krishna!
– Huh? I can’t see it, but there is
definitely something in you. – What is it?
– Something is there. I love you. “I’ll click a beautiful
selfie with you!” “I’ll make you the queen of my heart!” “You’re a golden girl,
I love you my darling!” “Let’s roam the entire world,
my love!” “Why do you come in my
dreams and trouble me?” “Why are you showing your
love from behind the curtain?” “You’re always in my mind,
you’re my everything.” “Let’s roam the entire
world, embrace me!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’ve made me crazy about you!
I’ll keep running after you!” “I’ll click a beautiful
selfie with you!” “I’ll make you the queen of my heart!” “Love means togetherness, my love.” “Love has been made only for you.” “I’m crazy about you and your love!” “Come closer, why are you
delaying? Let’s make love!” “I won’t find a person like you
even if I look everywhere.” “I love you, and that makes me happy.” “No problem, my darling,
I give this promise..” “that you’ll forget the entire
world, just come with me!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’ve made me crazy about you!
I’ll keep running after you!” “I feel like looking at
you whenever I want.” “I’ll give you a red carpet welcome!” “Your eyes are magical,
I’m addicted to them.” “I’ll make my heart a camera and
store your picture there forever!” “My every breath takes your name.” “I don’t understand anything
except your love.” “Become mine, come with me,
talk with your eyes.” “Why am I starting to love
the world since I got you?” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’re my one and only
super-duper beloved!” “You’ve made me crazy about you!
I’ll keep running after you!” Look there! Look here! Look there! The thread is in the needle finally! Then remove it and
sew a button with it! Is it? Look there! Look here! Look there! Did you have a biryani? Shit. Now look, she’ll go.
He’ll go too. Hey! Where are you going? Hey, bro! Hi! Hi, bro! – Where are you going?
– Where will I go, brother? I’m totally free. Wow, T-Shirt, track pant, shoes! – Game?
– We’re going to play football. – Come on.
– Bro, let me come too. Take me with you too! Hey let go of us! Chairman! Come out! Chairman! Come out! – Chairman! Come out!
– You can’t go in. – You can’t go in.
– We won’t move unless he comes out. You go. He’s not inside. Please go. Hey! Why are you shouting here? And why there is so much of crowd? How dare you even touch my sister? I touched her? Hey, Arya! Don’t infuriate me. – Get out of here!
– Because of your action.. ..none of the girls in the
college feel safe anymore. – He’s an idiot!
– We won’t spare him! We won’t spare him! What’s happening? They are saying they won’t
spare me and you’re controlling them. What do you think of yourself? Hey! I understand everything. You want to prove yourself as a
leader by gathering all of them.. ..and you want to create evidence that
I did something with your sister. Now I say it. Listen carefully. Yes, I did something to your sister. She’s really amazing. I liked her. That’s why I touched her.
Not once.. I will touch a thousand times!
What are you doing? How dare you hit me! We won’t spare you! What’s the problem of
you and your son? Medical Colleges and Hospitals
have the highest turnover. I have made lots of efforts
to get them to the top. – And in such a time, you’re..
– Actually.. Hey! This problem should
be eradicated in a few days. Solve this problem somehow and
reopen the college within two days. If we kill that Arya.. ..there will be peace
in the entire college! College will be reopened. Hey, you come here. We should not directly get
involved in such sensational issues. Do one thing, call Encounter Shankar. He knows how to solve such matters. Great. You’re young and warm-blooded. You’re a leader. And you have
15 worthless boys with you. I can understand all this. Stop it. I’ll give you whatever you want. Since your leadership shouldn’t be
ruined, stay here for two more days. After that, get out of here silently. Listen! This is the
problem of our college. We know very well how to handle it. – First you get out of here.
– Hey! – Hey! Stop!
– Stop it! – Get back!
– Let him go! – Stay back!
– Come sir. Hey! You have got a lot
of guts under you. You know my name, right?
Encounter Shankar. I kill you with an encounter. You know that there are no cases
lodged against encounter. Encounter Shankar might
also be knowing that.. ..anything can happen if
there is chaos in college. Together, if we run
over you and kill you.. ..there will be no
case lodged against it! What can you possibly do? – Hey!
– Bash him! – Bash him!
– Just stay back! – We won’t spare you!
– Don’t even try to touch us! – We’ll kill you!
– Just get out of here! – Police!
– Down, down! – Police!
– Down, down! Hey.. Hey, get away! Hey! Let me go! Let me go! I said leave me! Let go of me! What are you doing? Leave me! Hey! Why are you forcing? Hey! Let me go I say!
Look there! In the TV! Get off! Hey, go away! – What’s happening?
– Someone hacked again! – Should we stop it?
– No. – Good for TRP.
– But, Sir.. Just follow the boss’
orders. Let it go live. Hey! Go away! I think he’s Encounter Shankar. – Yes, indeed.
– Hello? Sir, SSTV is showing live that
Encounter Shankar is running away. Where? We can’t figure that out.
We’re tracking it, Sir. Keep tracking and tell me. Who are you? Your doom! You committed that live murder, right? I’m a cop! You’ll die like a dog! Shankar! I’m Encounter Shankar! Will you just keep
talking or fight too? Hey, let me go. Go and check it properly! – Sir! Please tell us!
– How did it happen? Ask it to the dead body
if you want to. Now go! Please, go back! Go back! Go back, please! ‘Do you want to know who’s
behind this murder?’ Yes. I am the special officer
who is investigating.. ..the live murders in the city. I know, sir. But why did you call me here? As soon as I arrived at
Encounter Shankar’s murder spot.. ..I received a text on my phone. And it said do you want
to know who’s behind this murder. And I replied yes. But this time I didn’t receive a text. It was an MMS. His photo. Followed my SS Channel
MD Shiv Shekhar Prasad. Medical College Chairman Shom Shekhar. And his son Ajay. After that, I received another text. “I’m going to kill all of them.’ ‘Save them if you can.’ But why are you telling me all this? Because I received these
messages from your phone. My phone’s lost, sir. Believe me, sir. My phone’s been missing
since last night. Nice try, son. If you lost your mobile,
you should’ve registered a complaint. Actually sir,
yesterday at the campus.. He’s lying, sir. He caused a lockout in our college,
so he could become their leader. And he killed SI Shankar too. And now he sent those
images to kill us. You want to kill me. – Come on, kill me..
– Hey. – That’s not it, sir..
– Shut up. This is my office, not a TV channel. Only my voice should be heard here. So you don’t know where
you lost your mobile. – I don’t, sir. – So you’ve no
connection with this murder. No, sir. Okay, you can go. – Raghu.
– Sir. Take down their details for
protection, and send them home. Okay, sir. What is this, sir? You let a criminal walk free. I don’t have to give
you an explanation. Giving you protection
is my responsibility. Clearly, when the MMS
was sent from his phone..’re thinking about giving us
protection instead of arresting him.. ..which I don’t understand. You really think you can protect us. And stop propagating this matter,
we don’t want it. When the murder was being
telecasted on your channel live.. let someone else hack
the feed instead of stopping it. And I believed it. And when the second murder
was committed, you quietly watched. When I asked you,
you said you were hacked again. Why? I could’ve arrested you claiming
that you committed these murders.. boost your channel’s TRP. Just like your channel was hacked,
his mobile was stolen. Let’s go. I know how to get him
transferred from here. You can try! You threaten those who are
involved in scams and scandals.. ..and, do you think I am one of them? CBI! Let’s see you get
me transferred from here. Channels like yours try
to make every news sensational.. ..that’s why people have
lost faith in reporters. Now they depend on
Twitter and Facebook. Why are you shivering? I’ve seen the power of Police in
movies and the power of CID in serials. But I’m seeing the power of CBI live,
which is making me shiver. I am very scared, sir. What is your name? SS Krishna, sir. I am orphan, sir. Orphan. And what’s the meaning of SS? Actually,
I don’t have any family, sir. But I wanted to use
something before my name. So I used SS. Sir, actually, I wonder why
he wants to kill someone like me.. ..who wants to spend his
life without any selfish means? Only you can answer that question. Love is life for me,
and peace is my motto.. ..but, I..saw his sister. He wants to kill me
because I love his sister. Maybe that’s why he sent my picture. Who? Arya? Only you can answer that question. – Raghu.
– Sir. – Take down his details and let him go.
– Okay, sir. – Thank you, sir.
– Come this way. – Sir, Hello.
– Okay, okay. Your name. SS Krishna, sir. I am an orphan, sir. Sir, I want 10-15 police officers,
10-15 special commandoes, carrying.. – AK-47.
– Yes, yes. In fact,
you’ll also get 4 Innova cars.. ..with a siren overhead
for going to college. Accompanied by a fire engine,
ambulance, etcetera. Do you know who gets all this? – Who, sir?
– CM convoy. CM Convoy. Two security guards
are enough for you. – Just two?
– Don’t you want it? – No, no, I do.
– Sign here. Sign here. Sir, I can feel something
when I held your hand. – What is that?
– This is about love. Even my wife didn’t know about this,
but how did you? Doctor, sir. Doctor. If you hold the hand and check
the pulse like this, it means.. It means she’s pregnant.
We’ve seen it in so many films. You keep quite. – Are there any tablets for it?
– Raghu. Coming, sir. Sign here. Come on. Sign here. Give me the name of
the tablet over the phone. I wrote down the tablet’s
name for you, sir. Raghu. – Which tablet is it?
– Let me see. Coming, sir. I will slap you. I sent him away, sir. But, I have a doubt. Even after it was proven
that the SMS and picture.. ..were sent from Arya’s phone.. ..why didn’t you arrest
him and let him go. Because I don’t doubt him. Then who is it, sir? The guy who was over-acting just now. That guy. – Now listen carefully.
– Sir. – You two will stay with
him as security. – Yes, sir. And post some police officer
around the college in plain clothes. And keep a watch
on their every movement. Krishna. Krishna. It’s 10 o’clock. Wake up, son. Krishna. Thank you. Take it. What are you doing, rascal? He beat me up and
you’re giving him water. Poor guy’s scared sir because
he saw your face so close. – He’ll be fine after he drinks water.
– He’ll be fine. Come here, and keep quiet. And you Krishna. You beat me up like
someone beats a dog. – Oh, God.
– Because I was scared, sir. – That CBI uncle.
– Uncle. When he told me that
my name’s on his hit list.. ..since then I am very scared, sir. When you suddenly screamed,
I didn’t know what to do. – So I hit you a little hard.
– It’s alright. – No, sir. You hit him really hard.
– So what. It’s okay, Mr. Krishna. Don’t worry. No need to be scared now. – Sir.
– Yes. 24/7! – The news channel, sir.
– Protection. – Meaning you’ll go wherever I go.
– Yes, I will. Walking. – Yes.
– The pub. – Yes.
– And college? Yes. – And the bathroom.
– I will.. – I won’t.
– Why not? He’s saying bathroom, sir. The bathroom? I am scared to go alone.
– I am not coming. You can go if you want. Oh, God. Krishna. You recognized me.
How did you do it? When you love someone, you
can recognize him even in your dreams. Yes, correct. Only lovers understand this. Have you ever been in love? – Love.
– Yes. Where is it? Where was your love when
Ajay was fighting with my brother? Tell me? Tell me?
Why were you standing silently? Hello. I wasn’t standing silently. I was the one who
hit him with the stone. What are you? You never take credit for anything. That day you saved the patient’s
life but didn’t take credit for it. And yesterday you quietly
hit Ajay with a stone. You are beyond my understanding. How did this hacking
book get in your room? Oh, God. Why do you have a laptop? And what are you
using this spy cam for? I am talking to you. Are you studying
medicine or engineering? Why do you need these things? Tell me. “Ma..Ma..Mamacita..” “There’s love in
this crazy boy’s heart.” “Ma..Ma..Margarita..” “This crazy boy’s asking for a kiss.” “He is sweetheart boy.” “Forget your fear, senorita.” “Don’t think about right or wrong..” “..everything is
fair in love and war.” “You.. I really like you.” “Now.. life feels empty without you.” “You.. dwell in my heart and
make me pine.” “And.. give sleepless nights
to guys like me.” “Ma..Ma..Mamacita..” “There’s love in
this crazy boy’s heart.” “Ma..Ma..Margarita..” “This crazy boy’s asking for a kiss.” “He is sweetheart boy.” “Forget your fear, senorita.” “Don’t think about right or wrong..” “..everything is
fair in love and war.” “I will never leave you.” “I will never listen to you.” “I will do persuade you.” “Why do you cajole
me by saying these things.” “Ma..Ma..Mamacita..” “There’s love in
this crazy boy’s heart.” “Ma..Ma..Margarita..” “This crazy boy’s asking for a kiss.” “He is sweetheart boy.” “Forget your fear, senorita.” “Don’t think about right or wrong..” “..everything is
fair in love and war.” “The drops from the
sky will fall on earth.” “Forget your fear,
when I am with you?” “You’re as delicate as a flower
like a breeze of air in my life.” “I am becoming a lover only for you.” “Your eyes keep flirting with me.” “My heart’s scared.” “Trying to persuade
me because I am all alone.” “Ma..Ma..Mamacita..” “There’s love in
this crazy boy’s heart.” “Ma..Ma..Margarita..” “This crazy boy’s asking for a kiss.” “My sweetheart.. come closer to me.” “I like you so much, darling.” “Let the love grow.” “Let me kiss you.” “Listen to my heartbeat.” “No one knows what’s
in a girl’s heart.” “I want to be only yours forever.” “Ma..Ma..Mamacita..” “There’s love in
this crazy boy’s heart.” “Ma..Ma..Margarita..” “This crazy boy’s asking for a kiss.” “He is sweetheart boy.” “Forget your fear, senorita.” “Don’t think about right or wrong..” “..everything is
fair in love and war.” Arya, let me talk to them. Sir, what’s done is done. Tell Ajay to apologize. Sir, this will give
a bad name to our hospital. It’s just an apology. Apologising to me isn’t enough, sir. He must apologize to
all the girls in the college. And he must leave after
saying sorry to everyone. Why will I leave the college? Apologising is enough. And you want me to
leave my own college. Hey..just because
you killed a policeman.. ..don’t think you’re
a fierce criminal. – I will kill you!
– Ajay. Cool. Cool. Please. Please. Sir. Sir. You are our servants! You’re lecturing
me and he’s warning me! Sir, what’s going on? Are you on our side, or theirs? I get it now, sir. You proved, that guard at the
gate and we doctors have no respect. You always asked me, Arya.. ..why people operate on
the appendix for a stomachache? Why people get a
CT scan for a headache? Millions spent on a
dead patient in the ICU. The answer to all your questions. Instead of treating the patients,
we’ve made them our business. But we won’t do it anymore. Let’s go, Arya. What can you do? This is our college. We can throw all of you
out and recruit new staff. Do it. You can do anything you want. Now listen carefully. This demonstration is not
for your apology or rustication. We must shut down the system
where you extract millions of rupees.. ..from people in
the name of treatment. And cancel your tie-up with Russia. Shanti Group of Hospital’s
license should be canceled. We’ll keep demonstrating till then. Let’s go, sir. Chotu. I never thought this would happen. What should we do now? When our special friend
killed the judge.. ..and made this sensational
news on our channel.. ..I thought he had
some kind of enmity. Then he killed Encounter
Shankar and sent our pictures.. ..and said he will kill us next. On one side is this strike,
and on the other side are the threats. Is Arya capable of doing all this? Or could it be someone else? Listen..didn’t he question
another boy along with us? Who is he? He’s a student of our college. Yeah.. You know what, call him. Hey.. – Hello, sir.
– What’s your background? I am an orphan, sir. Orphan. So..someone who has no background,
and is found in the dustbin.. ..and someone adopts them later. You belong to that category. Did you know Arya from the beginning? No, but I know all about him. He doesn’t change nor
lets anyone else change. Sir, I’m planning to finish
my studies through stipends.. ..become a good doctor,
and build my own hospital. I want to be like you, sir. And this guy is ruining
everything with this strike. You have no family to grieve over you. You’re living your life on stipends. I wonder what will anyone
gain from killing you. That’s why I took
protection from CBI, sir. That CBI officer is trying
to trap us using his picture. This is definitely Arya’s job. If he really wants to kill someone.. We must find out,
and you must stay here until then. And you won’t go out
without our permission. But sir,
I got protection from the police.. Tell them you don’t want it. No one can come inside
without our permission. After committing life murders,
and scaring everyone.. ..the one who attained the
name of ‘Jaguar’ from the CBI.. ..that masked man will show
his real face in a shopping mall. Our reporter Soumya will
give you the remaining news. – Who are all of you?
– Jaguar fans. We don’t know whether
Jaguar is a good man or bad. And you’re his fans. If Veerappan can have fans,
then why not him? Yeah.. He can get in any way. If he’s Jaguar,
then arrest him immediately. Jaguar! Jaguar! Jaguar! Jaguar! Sir, 3000 people are
eager to see your face. Can you please show your face. One who has a heart sees in front.. ..and one who is smart sees the world. You can only see 3000 people here. I can see 7000 people in
front of their television sets. Go on, take my picture. You want sensational news.. ..and I want a population
that gives me popularity. Padam Singh. I am Popularity Padam Singh. Did you commit all the live murders? Yes! I am the one. I am the Jaguar! You looked so slim on TV. But you have a paunch. Come closer. When I fight, I have a six-pack. But, when I am free,
I have this family-pack. Why did you commit those murders? – For a kick. Sir, who is your next target? There are many useless
people in the country. For example. Those who stand at the
signal and keep honking. Useless people. Those who were born in
India but don’t speak Hindi. Useless people. I won’t spare anyone. I will kill all of them. I will murder everybody. Sir, does it mean you’re
not scared of the police? What? Me? Scared? I am not a coward. I am a braveheart. Stay away. Come on, arrest. Shom, bail him out and get him here. – Come here.
– Sir. – Find out his background.
– Okay, sir. He looks like a joker. But Jaguar? What is this? Porridge. We don’t need people like you who
build their body by eating porridge. Move aside! Get up! Get up I say. Go there. Who is the useless
man who bailed me out? Who is that scoundrel? Come on, tell me. Tell me I say. If my guess is right,
it must be this scoundrel. – Hey..
– Hey! Don’t raise your voice. Or else I will silence it for good. Who is behind you? No. There’s no one. Do I look like I am standing in a queue
that people will stand behind me? No! War. I’ve come here for a war. Where are you going? Don’t try my patience. Tell me who committed all these
murders, or else I will kill you. You look like you have sugar and BP. Stop worrying so much. If you worry too much, your
nerves will explode and you will die. What a back! Sir, why did you hit on me? She’s got style and class. Sir, he’s a small-time thief. He’s crazy for popularity. And can do anything for it. He’s always in touch with
all the criminals in the city. The lion is roaring
and you’re whispering. Don’t angry me. I am crazy,
I am not scared and shoot anyone. Tell me the truth who is he. You will have to be crazy. I am already crazy. But answer me before my BP soars up. Stop showing your hand. This is no time for this. Why are you raising it up? Sir, I have no connection
to those murders. Criminals call me when
they need information or weapons. Jaguar called me as well. – Do you have his number?
– No, sir. But if he calls again,
I will note it down. Krishna, let him stay in
your room until we don’t find him. – Okay.
– Now go. Yes.. According to your plan, he bailed me
out and let me stay in Krishna’s room. I’ll keep updating you about
who’s going where, and do what. And in exchange,
if you let me go and cancel my cases.. ..then I can go to
Dubai and get a job. First, do the job I gave you. We’ll discuss the rest later. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Why did you send that fraud there? Krishna gave us in writing
that he doesn’t want protection. Now they are all there. How will we know
what’s going on there? I mean sir, you sent a joker
amongst those shrewd people. That’s exactly why I sent him there. Move. Got you. Oh, God. It’s you. Where are you from? Sri Ganga Nagar. – Sri Ganga Nagar.
– Yes. Tell you have a passport. Yes. – You do.
– Of course. Yes, my life’s made. If we go to Dubai together,
then we’ll have fun every day. – Okay.
– You’re so sweet. Don’t be shy. So..instead of eating
quietly and lying in a corner..’re trying to seduce the maid. Rascal. Runaway. He’s tall like the Eiffel Tower
but has a small brain. Big body, but not intelligent. And I got the rum. – Thank you, sir.
– Stop calling me, sir. You can call me Padam. – Can I call you uncle?
– Yes. Uncle. Uncle. – Krishna.
– Uncle. Uncle. Krishna. Krishna. – Drink, uncle.
– Take a glass. Uncle, cheers. You gulped it down
without saying cheers. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. I didn’t like it
when he hit you so hard. I didn’t like it at all. Do you think I let him slap me? Bloody buffoon. – He slapped me without knowing
my background. – Background? – Stop joking, uncle.
– You still think I am joking. Even you don’t know about me, Krishna. I can call the CBI and
get him arrested on the spot. On the spot. What are you saying?
CBI? Arrest? No CBI. No RBI. I didn’t say anything. I said FBI. Enough about me. What is a sweet boy like
you doing amongst these rascals? Don’t worry about me, uncle. – I’ll be out of here tomorrow.
– What? Listen, I have a good idea. I’ll give them that idea tomorrow,
cash in some money and leave. What is the idea? Listen. Do you want only a few
thousands for such a big plan? No uncle,
I’m talking about few millions. Millions! Look, the plan is excellent.. ..but if you go there now.. ..there’s no telling what
condition they might be in. You know what,
you should sleep here tonight. And you can go there in the morning. – But I can’t sleep.
– I’ll tuck you in with a lullaby. Yes. “I’ll sing and you’ll fall asleep.” “I’ll sing and you’ll fall asleep.” Sleep. Sleep. This is all my fault,
and I will solve it. – I will kill him.
– He has to die. But we shouldn’t be blamed for it. I have a good idea for killing
him without getting blamed. – But it will cost you?
– How much? 1.5 million in cash. And one beautiful maid. – And two flight tickets to Dubai.
– First, tell us your plan. What if you go back on your
word after I tell you the plan? If you don’t tell me now,
I will kill you. Stop saying that you will kill me. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you, man. Tell us your plan. You suspect that Arya
is committing all the murders. This is where we must use our brains. What if one of us dons the
dress of Jaguar and kills Arya? Your enemy will be dead,
and college will reopen. As it is if we telecast it live.. ..the TRP of your channel
will boost up too. And Jaguar will be
blamed for the murder. How is my plan? What.. Superb! What a plan. Uncle! Daddy!
Give him whatever he wants. It’s a wonderful plan. Look at him kissing me. Can’t he tell the difference
between man and woman? Okay, but who will kill him? Why anyone else?
It will be me. I will kill that Arya. Sir..actually, this idea.. What idea? This is my idea. – I didn’t steal your idea.
– Uncle.. – It’s my own creation, sir.
– Uncle. Cool down. This is your idea
and even the copyrights. But it’s a very bad idea, sir. Hey, ..we didn’t ask for your opinion.
Get out. Arya has to die, fine. But Jaguar is more dangerous. What if.. ..we use him instead. What nonsense. Will he kill me? Will he kill Ajay? Can he dare to do that? What are you looking at? – Look at me.
– Ajay. That’s not it, dad.
Listen to what he’s saying. Shut up. Let him talk nonsense. Just ignore him. Go away. God, now you save them. Sir, if the person knows his job,
then this plan will never fail. He’s 100 percent correct, sir. When? Where? How? I’ll tell you later. Now go. Okay. Sir. I’ll transfer it
to your account. Now go. I don’t have an Aadhar Card. Okay. Uncle. When? Tonight. At Prime Time. Yes, Padam. Ajay is going to kill
Arya dressed as Jaguar. When and where? I don’t know when and where. I am just telling
you what I know, sir. What’s wrong, uncle?
What are you doing here at this hour? What are you doing here? Yesterday you were fidgeting
with the television. Before that the wall clock. Now you’re fixing something here. Move, let me see what’s going on here. What are you doing? One second, come with me. Come on, uncle. There is nothing there. Come on. What is all this? You fixed camera all over the house
and watching it on this laptop. Now I understand. This is your way to make money. What else can I do, uncle? Even I want to settle down. – I don’t have any property.
– Even I don’t have any property. – What is my share?
– Why will I give you a share, uncle? So that I don’t tell
anyone your secret. Fine, I’ll give you a share. – But you must do something.
– What? Keep watching these
blocks on the laptop. You must inform me if someone comes. Until then I’ll clean
out all the cash, okay. Oh, God. What if you run away with the money. Uncle, you can see that. This is live. You’re right. Go. Go ahead. Okay. I beg you. Now go, you’ve my blessings. Now go get the money. Hey, ..what is this place? Who are you? Untie me. Leave me. Hey…who are you? Ajay? You? Shocked to see me. Why did you bring me here? Please let me go. If I let you go,
will you kill us like you killed.. ..that police officer and judge? Why will I kill anyone? I’ve no connection with their murder. Honestly. Let me go. Do you think I am
that CBI inspector who.. ..will let you go
if you plead not guilty? I won’t let you go today. The patient’s condition is serious. We must operate on Dr.
Arya immediately. understood? – Yes, bro.
– Set the timer. Okay, bro. Today is the last day of your life. Enjoy your last moment. Halt! Who are you? I am your death! So are you the guy who killed
those two and sent our pictures? Now you’re here to kill me. How dare you? I will.. Come on. Don’t do anything. Don’t shoot. We want him alive. He’s escaping. Catch him. Shoot him in the knee if required. Understood. At any cost, I want him alive. Where do you think you’re going? Go fast. Is there any other way out. There’s no other way, sir. Boys take position. What showroom is this? It’s a car showroom, sir. Block all routes. Don’t let him escape. I want him alive. Padam, pick up the phone. – Hello.
– Hey, is he still there? Sir, who are you talking about? Krishna, is he there? He’s still here, sir. What is this? Everyone’s dressed in white
clothes and observing silence. You’re mourning over Ajay’s death. Very good. Where is Ajay? Son. Ajay. I want to see you, Ajay. – Ajay.
– Look there, uncle. Look where. Ajay. Ajay. Did you live out
your 100 years so soon? You were such a nice person. Never spared any girl. How could you leave
us behind to suffer? You were so big and strong,
but didn’t God give you any brain? Sir.. Sir, I am very sorry. – Your plan was so pathetic
that my son got killed. – No. And now you’re pretending
to mourn his death. Sir, that wasn’t my idea. It was his idea. This is unfair, sir. If you spare him now, he’ll say
that I was stealing from your house. Yes, he had that plan too, sir. Throw him out. Wait. Wait.
Wait, everyone. Come, uncle. Come with me.
You go. I will handle everything. I will call you back when
everything is back to normal. You ate my food, drank my alcohol,
and now you’re acting smart with me. – All the best.
– I will see your end. I won’t spare you. I am the Jaguar. What is this, sir? You’re wondering what you
found his mask, but not him. I didn’t find the mask,
he threw it away. Meaning? I think he doesn’t
need this mask anymore. “My beloved’s..just
entered the jamboree..” “I was pining without you.” “No matter what you do.” “But I am always prepared.” “Even if you refuse,
I won’t listen, sweetheart.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” “My shyness had to end for good.” “My beautiful body..” “I am your love story.” “Should I give you a full discount.” “I am the drink of elation.” “I am the most beautiful.” “I am double the fun, you know.” “You’re so full of love what’s
the secret behind your youth.” “You’re spreading a
sweet fragrance in the air.” “This top-class boy has
wandered in this playful game.” “Even though he doesn’t
know the format.” “You’re so full of love what’s
the secret behind your youth.” “You’re spreading a
sweet fragrance in the air.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” “My shyness had to end for good.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” “Let’s make a deal,
let’s meet up right now.” “Give me the best rating too.” “Why are your eyes shining?” “You look so handsome too.” “Why is my breathing getting heavier,
darling.” “You entered my life.” “Everything is
incomplete without you.” “I will take you away from the world.” “My desires will be fulfilled.” “No matter what you say,
sweetheart I believe in what you say.” “When you’re not here,
I get tensed too.” “You’re so full of love what’s
the secret behind your youth.” “You’re spreading a
sweet fragrance in the air.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” “My shyness had to end for good.” “I never knew love
would be like this.” You’re a hot topic on Facebook,
Twitter, and other social sites. What is your opinion, sir? Are the opposition parties
supporting you as well? I am not doing this
to become a leader. The money and subsidy
coming from the government.. ..shouldn’t be misused,
that’s why we’re doing it. The basic treatment which
every common man should receive.. being turned
into a business by them. We must stop this system. I thank everyone who is
supporting our demonstration. Mr. Prasad, what’s going on there? Just one student is giving
your college, and hospital a bad name. No, sir. It’s not like that. Except for your channel,
everyone else is supporting him. The public and opposition
are singing his praise. Please, sir. Listen to me. – Sir, please.
– No. You must shut him up first. Otherwise, I will personally
shut down your college and hospital. Sir, give me three days. Only three days. – I will handle everything.
– Okay, fine. Thankyou, sir. Listen! I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. We’ve been patient until now. My son died because of him. Our hospital was seized. We’re losing everything. No, I won’t spare him.
I won’t spare him. I don’t want anyone
to find Arya’s body. Finish everyone. Give me one chance, sir. Give me one chance, please. I can get the college reopened. Are you crazy? When we couldn’t do it,
what can you do? Sir, everyone’s selfish. I believe it, but he doesn’t. That’s the only difference. Sir, we should be prepared
to use 10 people for our interest.. ..and maul 100 more
so we can climb higher. Sir, we’re in need. Let’s apologize. What do you want? Give me 20 million. I will convince Arya. Take it from the office. Thank you, sir. What is this? You believe him. I can see myself in him, Shom. Listen, you had a tiff with Ajay. But he’s no more. So why fight? Forget it. Let’s all live happily. You want to help people for free,
don’t you? Then take this. Here’s 20 million. You can start your own hospital. Give free treatment. If this isn’t enough,
I can give you 20 more. How much did you take
for this pathetic job? Doesn’t matter what’s my demand. You should recognize
how popular you are. And use that. Look, I never hit anyone in my life. So don’t make me angry. And get out of here. I have another offer. I love your sister,
and I know you don’t like it. If you say yes,
along with this 20 million.. ..I will leave your sister as well. – Arya. Arya. Please..
– I thought you really loved my sister. – But you showed your true colors.
– Arya please. Leave me. Hey.. It’s nothing Priya. I and your
brother were having a conversation. You are prepared to use
10 people for your interest.. ..and maul 100 more
so you can climb higher. Why didn’t you include
me in them as well? Priya. But now I’ve understood. You can even dispose of me if needed. Because you don’t
have any feelings at all. No such thing as love or affection. And there’s just one reason for it. Since you’re an orphan. Here you go, sir. Correct, sir. You were right. Kill him sir. What kind of a man is he? Don’t waste your time, sir. If he becomes their leader
he’ll demand everything for free. See..his idea failed too. I’ve been telling you to finish him.
Kill him. What are you waiting for? He’s gone beyond that. You mean..we can’t
lay a finger on him. How can you forget? If we can’t kill a person,
we should assassinate his character. Doesn’t matter if he lives or dies
after his character is maligned. What did you say? You’ll assassinate his character. No chance, sir. He’s got the support of 3000 students. He won’t listen to you. You’re concerned about 3000 people. I provoked 3 million people,
living in a district.. ..against a man who
was revered like God. And created this SS Group. The God of Karim Nagar. Ramchandra. There’s a 50 acre land
behind your hospital. Where I want to start
a small development project. Honestly speaking,
that place is good for nothing. But in case someone asks
after we finish the project.. ..and if someone wants
to file a case against us, That’s why I want you to lay
the foundation of this place with us. It will make our job easier. And you don’t have
to do it for free, sir. Here’s 5 million for the job. It’s alright, sir. I’ll keep it here. My grandfather, Vishveshawar. Participated in the
Dandi March with Gandhiji. And my father, Vishwabholenath. Spent every last penny
to make me a doctor. He built this hospital so that
the poor could receive free treatment. Whenever I think about him,
it makes me proud, understand. If there’s anything I want
to say about my ancestors..’s just that I
want a life just like them. There isn’t a single
blemish on my life yet. I won’t humiliate
my family by helping you. – Doctor, please..
– Don’t you know what to say? Now go. – It is close.
– Okay, okay. Did you call me? Are you sending your daughter to work? You know everything, sir. We’re poor. Brother Shambhu, if you educate
a boy he will think about himself. But if you educate a girl,
she will help everyone. What do you want to be, dear? – I want to become a doctor like you.
– Did you hear? I’ll make her a good doctor. She already lost her mother. Brother Shambhu,
now I am Laxmi’s family. – She will live with me with my family.
– Sir. – Touch his feet.
– No, no, what are you doing? Sir.. I live abroad,
but I belong to your district. I don’t have any children. But I believe that my villagers
are everything for me. And I thought you’re the right person. Because you look after
the entire district. Even I want to do something
for this district.. ..that’s why I am sending
this money to you. If I send it to the government
or a political party.. ..then the common people
will never benefit from it. That’s why I am sending it to you so
that you can deliver it to the public. Brother must be around
30 million and in dollars. It’s not easy to handle
such huge amount of money. You know what, call the
Collector and Deputy Collector. We’ll hand over this
money to the government. What are you saying? It’s clearly mentioned
here that we should not.. ..hand over this
money to the government. That’s not it, Prasad. We already have enough,
and we’re doing what we can. What you’re doing is right? But you’re doing it
only for the district. But with this money,
you can help the entire country. We can help so many
children become doctors. We can build an advanced money. But how can we handle so much money? Let’s form a Trust. And we’ll let whoever
you trust become the trustees. And spend this money
for their betterment. – Glory to..
– Ramchandra! – Glory to..
– Ramchandra! – Glory to..
– Ramchandra! Your liver test is completely normal. But you get a fever in the evening. I think you have Malaria. What now, doctor? Doesn’t matter.
Take proper medication. Take a B-complex medicine. Padma. Padma. Give an injection to Laxmi. Do I look like your nurse? Instead of doing your homework,
you’re pretending to be your father. Let him come, I’ll show you. Oh, God.
Now, who will give the injection? I’ll give it. I’ve told you before.. What is your problem? I don’t have a problem,
doctor, my son does. He’s in class 5. But he never studies his own books. He reads my books.. ..hangs my stethoscope
around his neck.. ..and treating people like I do. What should I do about him? You don’t have to do anything. You can give him chocolates,
ice-creams, biscuits, everything. Stop. Stop. Stop running. He will fall down. He will fall down. Stop. Are you happy to see
your son dressed as a doctor? No, it’s nothing like that. 100 billion. If we want it for ourselves,
then we’ll have to take many lives. Bribe doctors and policemen. And manufacture many fake medicines. Two things are important
for every human being. Education and Treatment. It’s the best way to be rich. And he wants to give
them away for free. Hey.. If we want to get our hands
on that money, then we must kill them. What did you say? Will you kill him? Do you think he’s an ordinary man? If we lay a finger on him, the
entire district will turn against us. Do you know why an ordinary
man looks divine like God? Because of his character. What if we finish his character? Finish his character?
What do you mean? If we can’t kill a person,
we should assassinate his character. After his character is finished, doesn’t
matter whether he lives or dies. Come here, dear.
Don’t stand there. Come here. There’s no need for this. Don’t touch my feet, silly girl. Look, pray to God. Doctor. Doctor, come quickly. – Look, what happened to her?
– Laxmi. – Doctor.
– What happened to my Laxmi? She was lying on the ground.
I brought her here. Quickly, I will check her. Laxmi. Laxmi. – Doctor.
– Her pulse is dropping. What’s the time?
Do you have a watch? A watch? 30.. she will be fine in 30 seconds.
No problem. She’ll be alright. Laxmi. Laxmi. What happened? Doctor. What have you done? Laxmi is dead. I killed my Laxmi. Laxmi. – Come and watch.
– What happened? Look at what’s going on inside. Last night Ramchandra
brought your daughter home.. ..and watch what
he’s doing with her now. No, no, don’t say that.
He’s Ramchandra. He’s God. He’s made him God.
But take a look inside. – Move. Move aside.
– Move. – Move aside.
– Why are you hitting me? I am not creating a scene here. You gathered this crowd here, and
say that you’re not making a scene. – No sir. No..
– Arrest everyone. Arrest everyone. Please see, sir.
My daughter is inside. She is dead, doctor. Sir, the situation
outside is pretty bad. Shyam Sunder has gathered
the crowd around.. ..and they are creating a scene. – What happened here, sir? – Something
happened to Laxmi, and she died. – She is dead.
– I must tell Shambhu. Wait, sir. You must go and file
a complaint in the police station. – Quickly..
– But why? We’ll handle here.
You go to the Police station, sir. – Let me talk once with Shambhu.
– You go, sir. Don’t go there, sir. The crowd is very angry.
Go out this way. Quickly. Quickly. What happened? I don’t understand. What’s happening? What happened to Laxmi? – What happening all this?
– Ramchandra is fleeing. – Ramchandra is fleeing.
– Look.. What happened? – Your daughter is dead, Shyamsunder.
– Let’s go. Come on. Daughter. Go out. I said go out. Laxmi, what’s wrong with you? – Daughter. My daughter.
– Go out. I said go out. – I said go out.
– Let me see my daughter. Please. What are you doing? Okay, sir. I will handle everything. – But don’t forget about me.
– Sir, he’s here. – Sir, I want to file a complaint..
– Please sit there. – Sit there.
– Sit there. Okay, sir. I’ll get it done. – Hello, sir.
– Sit down. Before Ramchandra could find out anything
we turned all the evidence against him. And presented him in
the court as the accused. Listen. Listen. – Where are you going?
– We want to meet him. – You can’t go inside.
– Papa. – Go out. I said go out.
– There’s a crowd outside the hospital. – You’re not allowed in
the police station. – Papa. Something happened to Laxmi,
So I came here to file a complaint. – Madam, please..
– Complaint? What complaint? – Arrest him. Arrest him immediately.
– What are you doing? You can explain
everything to the court. – Don’t say here.
– Why you are arresting me? – What is going on?
– Come on. Let’s go – Go out, madam.
– Listen. Your honor,
the medical report clearly says.. …that the girl has
been sexually harassed. She was abused and
then injected with poison. Because of her dead. And he tried to prove
it as a medical death. This is his job. No, your honor. No. No, your honor. I object your honor. Ramchandra
isn’t that kind of a person. His only job is to treat the people. The court does not need
any conduct certificate. It needs only evidence. The court is adjourned for lunch. – Lawyer sir..
– Sit down, sir. Sir, you helped so many people,
but look at you today. They must set you free, sir.
I will get you released. – Sir, please sign on this.
– Sign, it. Sir, what’s this? This will reduce your sentence, sir. Sir, once you go behind bars,
it won’t be easy to come out. Yes, sir. Please sign it. – How can I sign it?
– Sir, we’ll find out who did it and why? – We’ll find out .
– Of course, sir. – We’ll handle everything, sir.
– Just sign it. The accused Ramchandra’s
crimes cannot be pardoned. Because Ramchandra has
child pedophilic tendencies.. ..which is why he’s sexually
attracted towards children. Ramchandra has admitted
to his mental illness.. …and the government doctor
has also supported his statement. As per law,
we cannot punish someone who is sick. So we’re acquitting him from the case. And requests the government to get
him treated at government expenses. My daughter was your responsibility.
And you killed him. The court didn’t
sentence you to death. If you stay alive, then I won’t.
I will die. I will die in front of you.
I will die right now. I will sprinkle petrol
on me and set myself on fire. – I will die right now.
– Calm down. – Don’t do this.
– I will also die. I will die right now. We maligned his character. After which he killed himself. Then we owned the trust. Then we drove his wife
and child away from there too. I wonder what happened to them. If I ever find his wife, I
will definitely ask her one question. What did you get from being
the wife of such an honest man? And how did you raise your son? Then ask. Ask her. Your husband’s vile actions have
maligned our village’s reputation. And you still want to live here.
Aren’t you ashamed? Throw them out. – Yes, go away.
– What will happen now, mother? – I am scared, mother.
– You must go away. Go away. – Go away.
– Yes, go away. – Go away.
– Down-Down. Ramchandra. – Ramchandra..
– Down-down. – Ramchandra..
– Down-down. – No you don’t go.
– Ramchandra.. – Down-down. Go from here. She is bitch. Go away. Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa, get up. Everyone’s beating us. Papa, get up.
Papa, get up. Your father doesn’t
have a reputation anymore. Papa. Whether a father gives
his son property or wealth.. ..but he definitely gives one thing. The right to call himself his son. Papa.. Which I can’t give you? Don’t ever tell anyone that
you’re Vishwa Ramchandra’s son. Promise me. Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa! Papa! Mom. Mom. Mother. Say something. Mom. Say something. Just to keep my promise
I made to my father.. ..I told everyone that I am an orphan,
even though my mother was alive. My father’s character
was publicly tarnished. But now I’ve restored his honor again. Stop this live telecast. Sir, TRP is at its peak.
Let it on air. Do as I say? Hey! Now I can say that I
am the son of Ramchandra.. ..who donated his wealth
for public’s welfare. Mother, I made father proud again. Now we can take father’s
name respectfully again. No one will call me an orphan again. No one will hurl stones at us. What did you think? If you malign our character,
we’ll give our lives like your father. Are you crazy?
People don’t remember for too long. If we telecast 10 times that I am a
good person, then people will believe it. That’s been happening so far.’re playing games
with us by showing live murders. But today we’ll telecast
your death live. Close the doors. Tell them to close it properly. I’ve been called here for this. To see your death live. How dare you. He.. He is my strength. I had stopped him just so that
he can make you admit your crimes. Otherwise.
He would’ve killed you two, long ago. Mother. Mom, blood. Pain.. there’s no pain, Krishna. In fact, I am happy. No one can save a dead man. But you restored your
dead father’s honor. I feel proud. I won’t stop you.
I won’t stop you anymore, Krishna. Kill these two who maligned
your father’s reputation. Right here.
I’ll sit right here and watch the fun. Hey! My son. Stop. Stop everyone. Arya, I hurt you two. Forgive me. But whatever I did,
and I am still doing.. – ..if you think I am not wrong,
will you help me. – Tell me, Krishna. Just hold these
policemen for 5 minutes. I will bury him alive. Students, block the way. Sir, should we save him? No. No. No, Krishna. Krishna. No, Krishna. No.

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