Jimmy Gets a Private Lesson from Professor Matthew McConaughey at UT Austin

Jimmy Gets a Private Lesson from Professor Matthew McConaughey at UT Austin

[ Bell ringing ] -Good morning,
Professor McConaughey. -Wrong hat. There we go.
-Okay, this is going to be fun. Let me just unpack
a little bit here. -The class is
called “Script to Screen.” -Script to Screen.
-Yeah. -Yeah, I knew that. -My goal in the class is…
-Sharpener for the pencils. -…to take you through the
evolution of feature-film story, from the concept all the way
to the finished film. So, in this class, we’re going
chronologically follow that journey that a script takes
to get to the screen. -Can…
-Yes, Jimmy? -Can we have class outside? I think everyone here
would love it. -No, today, class is right here.
-Okay. -So, look, what I was saying
is — we’re going to explore why certain
script changes are made. We’re going to break down
two, three scenes in the movie. We’re going to ask why
we made these changes. We’re going to talk to
the creators and the directors and ask them why
they did what they did. -I like to eat the worms
like a fish. -You know what? Why don’t we skip all of this and jump straight into
the final project? Just write down five things that
you may remember me saying in
the last five minutes. If you get 3 out of 5,
you will pass this class, and then you can leave
this class and not come back ever again. Got it? Got it. You don’t have —
Are you even interested? -Sorry. No, I am.
I was just — -Do you know why you’re here?
-You know what? I just want to just —
-I bet you got it. Whatever you wrote,
that’s a pass to the class. You got a “C.”
You got it. It’s yours. -Wow! Is this —
-Head on out. -Because I feel like
I probably could have — I could do better. -No, you did just fine.
You passed. You do not need to come back
to class ever again, Mr. Jimmy Fallon. You are, in fact, easily
the worst student I’ve ever had. But you know what
I think is for you? -What?
-You got a guitar? -Oh, yeah. -Now, Jimmy Fallon may not be
a perfect student. He may not have learned much
in my classroom today. But I was able to teach
him one thing, and it is something that every
University of Texas Longhorn and everybody in Austin, Texas,
should and does know. Ladies and gentlemen,
here to lead you in singing “The Eyes of Texas,”
please welcome Jimmy Fallon. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -♪ The eyes of Texas
are upon you ♪ ♪ All the livelong day ♪ ♪ The eyes of Texas
are upon you ♪ ♪ You cannot get away ♪ ♪ Do not think
you can escape them at night or early in the morn’ ♪ ♪ The eyes of Texas
are upon you ♪ ♪ Till Gabriel blows his horn ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -My thanks to
Matthew McConaughey!

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Gets a Private Lesson from Professor Matthew McConaughey at UT Austin

  1. Dinah won't you blow, Dinah wont you blow, Dinah won't you blow your horn….I never was allowed to practice my horn in the kitchen. LOL 😁 and even our beloved horses let me know they thought I had a medical emergency. Running around like crazy! Ha!

  2. interesting fisrt conversation , first he came with a normal and "wrong" hat, so they came again with a bull hat "demon" and McConaughey said and showing de devil sign with their hand that is the right hat, so for me its clear whats 's about

  3. There was a fellow classmate in college with me that was just like Jimmy and a teacher just like McConaughey
    Well neither were as good looking as Jimmy or Matt

  4. Texas, Aren't here any composers who could write the melody for this "Sacred" song?!! Using the melody from, "I been working on the Railroad". The first published version appeared as "Levee Song" in Carmina Princetonia, a book of Princeton University songs published in 1894. Isn't Princeton University in New Jersey. Seriously?

  5. I feel bad for the students who legitimately want to study film but get waitlisted because everyone on campus wants to take the class.

  6. I couldn't get through the first minute. Jimmy's noisy obliviousness was too realistic for comfort and it made me anxious. I'll read about it in the comments instead.

  7. I think Tonight Show should be cancelled. At least with Fallon running it. He tries too hard to be funny and it comes off as fake. Maybe he does it without even knowing. Idk. It should've gone to Kimmel when the vacancy was there. Not Fallon. Just saying. My personal opinion

  8. Happy B-day Matthew McConaogahey. U were awesome on Tropic Thunder, love that movie. May the Peace be with u. November 4, 1969
    November 4, 2019 through November 4, 3019

  9. This just reminded me of just how unfunny Jimmy Fallon really is. If he was superhero, he would have the power to ruin any sketch.

  10. I swear on my life the first day of my university class I ate a lunchable crackers and cheese pack and it was hilarious for no reason

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