John Cena Does John Cena Dance Challenge with Lilly

John Cena Does John Cena Dance Challenge with Lilly

-No, but you recently posted a picture of rapper Sho Madjozi.
-I did. -Yes, because she created
a song called “John Cena.” -That’s correct. -Yes. How did you hear
about this song? -Through social media. Like, social media’s
not all bad. Sometimes, it actually does
what it’s supposed to do. It connects us all in ways
with information. -Sometimes. -So, I woke up one day,
flooded with messages of, like, “Man, you need to check out
this link. You need to check this out
right now. This girl’s singing about you.” And I was like, “Oh, wow.
That’s great.” And they’re like, “No, it’s not! This girl’s making fun of you.
Like, she’s using you in song. You got to stop this.” So, like,
two schools of thought. Yes, she’s mentioning my name and referencing what I do
for a profession, and I could easily be like,
“Yo, that’s I.P., copyright infringement or
whatever,” or I could say, like, “Wow.
She’s a South African artist, and my contributions to the WWE have sparked creative
inspiration to someone halfway across the world.” She can do whatever she wants.
She can say whatever she wants. I thought it was really cool to
be able to be part of something that, actually,
she made popular and trendy. And, you know, I don’t
take myself too seriously, and it was special
to see this artist, a female artist
come out of South Africa — She’s from
a pretty remedial area — and this one song
kind of blast her out, and everybody embraced it, and
WWE actually kind of wanted me to give a quote
or a statement about it, but I didn’t want to take away
her efforts, and I didn’t want to make it
about me. So, I posted a picture of her
on a cover of a magazine, pretty much showcasing
how powerful of a woman she was, basically saying, like,
“I know you. I see you. I’m not gonna interrupt
your flow here. You have got a great song,
and just know that I’m watching, and I’m grateful.”
-I love that so much. [ Cheers and applause ] So, this song, “John Cena,”
has become some viral, and there’s actually a dance
challenge associated with it where people just bust
their best dance moves. Have you done this yet? -Sweet irony! It’s called
“The John Cena Challenge”! I can’t even dance! -Well, here’s the thing. I thought
what if I help you dance. Would you guys dance?
[ Cheers and applause ] -I can’t say I don’t take myself
too seriously and then not dance. Of course I will dance. -We’re gonna do this dance
challenge right now. -You know, I dabble in dance
here and there, so how about I lead the way,
and you just follow along. -Okay.
-Cool? All right. -Prepare yourself for the worst. -All right. Deejay Daniel,
run this track. Let’s do it. -Run this track.
-Okay. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] All right, ready for this? ♪♪ [ Laughter ] When we come back,
more with John Cena plus a special appearance
from world-famous Bindi Irwin! Don’t go anywhere! [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. As South African I want to tell my fellow Africans that we are now tired of carrying this continent with our backs. First it was ruby world cup and now this haibo guys plz participate

  2. He wore the same suit for all the shows 😅 . Kelly Clarkson show .. Ellen show and in this show .. I love that he doesn't 😄 care

  3. John Cena's my favorite WWE n when I heard Sho Madjozi I was super proud am from Kenya lol n love me Africa family . Me and the kids dance to it all the time here's there dance move

  4. I think John Cena has only this suit to wear. Whereever he is going,he is wearing the same blue suit and the same tie. Even on red carpet on the special screening of his movie he was wearing the same suit

  5. Wait a minute from where these John Cena like voices are coming from and to whom lily is talking to, I can't see anyone ?

  6. This video just shows how gay wwe can be. Really? I mean i’m sure I have heard a pop song about ric flair, but I don’t see or hear that being copyrighted. So that’s just really stupid that wwe is all serious about copyright and stuff. So, wwe lets reactors like lugey steal wwe videos weekly and post on her channel, but when someone writes a song about a wrestler it gets copyrighted. I see how it is. That’s just plain stupid.

  7. It’s a dope ass song.

    But Why is lili wearing such baggy clothes… i partly understand the idea…she is not adhearing to some standard… But Honestly i have the some body type and it seems too excesive to me. She does not need to “hide” , she is gorgeus.

  8. Love what's happening with John cena and Sho madjozi. And for being a Tanzanian, swahili guy, thanks to madjozi for taking swahili language that far to the world.

  9. I want to be become a YouTuber…… Yes I'm a YouTuber with few subscribers. I promise i support u guys who want support please comment 😍🙏

  10. John Cena is famous in India. I grew up with WWE
    RAW, SmackDown
    The Undertaker, HHH, john Cena, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, ray Mistero oh the list goes on 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Wow John Cenas words about Madjozi and her song really touch my heart. Hes so wise and adorable, thats amazing🥰🥰🥰

  12. South African registration list. Present=Like. Thank you in advance. Much love to John Cena for being a good sport and putting our sister on the map.

  13. Lol I almost got beaten up by a gangster for wearing a chain and lock around my neck. He grabbed me by lock said…who are you? Let's see if you can stand for John Cena… that day I fully understood WWE 's.." Don't try this at home"….

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