Jonathan Groff Sings a Voice Memo as Frozen’s Kristoff for Jimmy’s Kids (Full Version)

Jonathan Groff Sings a Voice Memo as Frozen’s Kristoff for Jimmy’s Kids (Full Version)

-We have so many things
to talk about. You have a lot
of upcoming things. -So many things to get through,
I know. -No, I’m excited.
I, first of all, just want to talk about
“Little Shop of Horrors.” -Yes! Yes.
-That’s one of my favorite — [ Cheers and applause ] Now, what’s going —
What’s happening with this? This is happening soon, right? -It’s happening September 17th,
off Broadway, at the Westside Theatre,
a tiny little 270-seat theater. -Yeah, that’s fantastic. -And today,
was our second day of rehearsal. And I was singing
with a plant puppet. -I know.
-Yeah. -I’m freaking out.
-Like, “Feed me.” -Yes!
-Yeah. -That’s one of my favorite jams.
I love “Little –” I’m freaking out.
-I know, I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Michael Mayer,
who directed “Spring Awakening,” is our director of it.
He’s amazing. -Wait. That —
I think that’s the first time I’d ever seen you,
“Spring Awakening.” -Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
-No way. Isn’t that fun? -Yeah.
-So, you get to work with him again, too, but —
-It’s so exciting. -I don’t —
I don’t want any spoilers. -You gotta come.
Please come. -No, I’m going to.
I’m bringing these guys. How many seats?
-Everyone gets — [ Cheers and applause ] I think there might be
more people in this audience than there are
in the Westside Theatre. -It’s all right.
Don’t worry about it. We’ll go twice,
and we’ll alternate. [ Laughs ]
Is there an intermission? -Just accidentally
give them free tickets. -Yeah, exactly. Give each other
tickets on the way out. [ Laughter ]
I can’t wait for that. Gosh, you know, Jonathan Groff. I don’t know if anyone
saw “Hamilton” when he was the king,
but that’s… [ Cheers and applause ] You were amazing in that,
as well, so just to see you return to the stage,
I’ll be very excited. And then,
the stage and then the screen. The silver screen.
-Yes. [ Laughing ] -The Great White Way
and the silver screen. -Yeah, exactly,
and the silver screen. -The silver screen.
You’re gonna be in “Frozen 2.” -Yes.
-And this is — [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, how fun is life?
I mean, right now? I mean,
you’re just crushing it. That’s great.
-It’s pretty good. -My kids —
I mean, “Frozen,” obviously, it’s the biggest
movie of all time. Every kid in the world
knows that movie. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Do people — Do they recognize you
on the street or stop you, or when you talk?
-Okay. So, actually I wanted to talk
to you about this, because I make voice memos
for little kids. It’s hard when you meet a kid
to say, “I’m Kristoff in ‘Frozen.'” They’re like, “You’re not blond.
You’re not a cartoon. I don’t know
who you’re talking about.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But then I make these little
voice memos on my phone, and I’d love to make
a voice memo for Winnie and Franny,
if you’d let me. -My daughters?
They would love it so much. -Yeah, your daughters.
-Yeah, they would freak out. -I talked to Disney.
I got the song cleared. -No.
So, it’s not — The whole thing doesn’t
have to be bleeped out. So, basically,
I just go into my iPhone. This is no “Sexual Healing,”
but it is a song from “Frozen.” [ Laughter ] -All right,
so Winnie and Franny — -It’d be weird if I sang
“Sexual Healing,” too. -Yeah, yeah, yeah,
please don’t. -Okay. So this is what I do
when I do a voicemail. You ready? -We’re just gonna
be really quiet. Okay. -“Hi, Winnie and Franny.
This is Kristoff from the movie ‘Frozen,’ and
I’m here with my friend Sven. Say hi, Sven.” “Hi, Winnie and Franny!
It’s me, Sven!” “And we wanted to sing
a song for you. Isn’t that right?”
“That’s right, Kristoff. Let’s sing them a song!”
Okay, here we go. [ Clears throat ] ♪ Reindeers are better
than people ♪ ♪ Sven, don’t you think
that’s true? ♪ ♪ Yeah, people will beat you
and curse you and cheat you ♪ ♪ Every one of ’em’s bad,
except you ♪ ♪ Thanks, buddy ♪ ♪ But, Winnie and Franny,
smell better than reindeers ♪ ♪ Sven, don’t you think
I’m right? ♪ ♪ That’s once again true ♪ ♪ ‘Cause, Winnie and Franny,
we love you ♪ ♪ Now tell Winnie and Franny
good night, good night ♪ ♪ Don’t let the frostbite
bite ♪ “We love you,
Winnie and Franny!” -Oh my God!
[ Cheers and applause ] Dude, that’s amazing! You have to e-mail it to me.
-Yeah, I will. -That is —
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh. That will be played
every single night in my house. “Go to bed!”
[ Laughter ] Wow! I should have yelled it
at the end — “Go to sleep!” [ Laughter ] “I read you three books!
Now stop it!” -“Go to bed!”
[ Laughter ] What’s your number?
[ Laughter ] -I got to give you
my thing afterwards. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -“Frozen 2” comes out
November 22nd. November 22nd.
This is the big holiday film. And, no spoilers.
You can’t say what anything is happening or going on. Is there anything
you can give me at all? -Yeah, okay.
So, in addition to getting the rights for the song,
I also got permission — I was just recording
my final session last Friday, and they allowed me to release
a line from the movie, sort of like
the trailer earlier. This is, like, a world premiere
of one of my lines that will be in the movie
from “Frozen 2.” -This is amazing.
-If you want to hear it. [ Cheers and applause ] -Get up!
Everyone, stand up! This is amazing!
We’re very excited about this. Let me make sure
I got the microphone right. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Feels so real.
Okay. Ready? -I was born ready.
[ Laughter ] -Can I get a little more
of a drumroll? Just to really get in the…
[ Drumroll ] -“What are you
gonna do with that?” There you go.
Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -This is insane right now.
This is insane. This is —
This is all over Twitter. This is trending.
Number one trend on Twitter is “What are you
gonna do with that?” [ Laughter ] Wow!
-That really is a line. I was like, “Can I say this
on ‘The Tonight Show’?” and they were like, “Yeah.”
-No way. There you go.
There’s a little treat. Thank you for doing that for us.
[ Cheers and applause ] Jonathan Groff, we have
to talk about “Mindhunter.” This is a very cool show. And very cool creator
or just the director? David Fincher.
-Both, essentially. He’s like our —
He’s basically God. -David Fincher is unbelievable.
-He’s the God of “Mindhunter.” -He is amazing.
-Yeah. -I love that dude.
Oh, my gosh. What is it like to work
with David Fincher? -He’s incredible.
Also, he loves you and said to say hello to you.
-Really? -Yeah.
He adores you. -Can you put that
in a voice memo? [ Laughter ] -I’ll get him to make
a voice memo for you. -Please make one for me.
Yeah, please. -“Hey, Jimmy,
it’s David Fincher.” [ Laughter ] “Go to bed.”
-Yeah, he’s like — [ Laughter ] “Or you’re gonna end up
in a panic room.” Like, “This will
scare my children.” Yeah, okay, yeah.
Yeah, don’t — In fact, don’t have him
record anything for my children, please, yeah.
-Yeah, okay. -I am the biggest fan, though.
But is he — -He would be the wrong person to
record something for your kids. -Yeah.
He is a genius, though. How does he direct you?
How did you guys — Do you guys get along?
You must. -We get along really well.
Here’s the thing. If you show up and are ready
to give 125%, it’s a dream. It’s like he makes everybody
work at sort of the top of their abilities. The one tiny problem that I have
on set with David that I feel like you also
would share in is that I have trouble
with laughing. So, I get —
-Wh-a-a-at?! [ Laughter ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What?! Me?
Laughing? Oh, my God!
Oh, really? -Yeah, ’cause it’s so serious,
and he doesn’t allow me to smile ’cause I smile a lot in person.
-No, “Mindhunter.” Yeah, it’s not a comedy.
-Yeah, exactly. -No, yeah.
You’re hunting. -Obviously.
Right, I’m hunting minds. -You’re hunting minds, exactly. -You can’t smile
while you do that. -You can’t do that.
You have to be serious. Yeah, you’re in the thing.
Oh, I would totally be fired. I couldn’t even audition
for David Fincher. He would totally
throw me out of the room. -You could, you could.
-No, I can’t, because I can’t
keep a straight face. -You’re doing it right now. -I know, but give me
one of the lines. I’m gearing up.
-Okay. [ Giggles ] [ Laughter ]
-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This is why we —
Okay. The line is — -I’m just sitting here.
I’m reading the playbill, and, like, you got to come up —
-Okay. -I’m ready to get
into mind hunting. -Okay. So the line would be —
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. [ Exhales sharply ]
Yeah, whatever. -“What are you
gonna do with that?” [ Light laughter ] [ Laughter ] -I almost did it. I’d be crying. I would cry all of my scenes
to try to deliver it like that. -Exactly.
-I could never do it. I’m a better fan
of watching the show. Tell everyone what it’s about. If you haven’t seen season one,
get ready to binge. -Right. So, if you haven’t seen
season one, “Mindhunter” is basically
the origin story of the Behavioral Science Unit
in the FBI. It’s about the team that came up
with the term “serial killer.” This idea of going into jails
and interviewing incarcerated mass murderers
to glean information to then prevent crimes
from happening. So, then, we think of that idea
in the first season, and in the second season, we try
to make it work on the field. We interview
more serial killers. We get involved
in the Atlanta child murders, which was a famous case
in the early ’80s, and continue the sort of
psychological exploration of serial killers. -I love shows like this.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Jonathan Groff
in “Mindhunter.” Take a look. -He’s equating himself
with famous killers. Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper,
Ted of the West Coast. -That’s got to be Bundy.
Who’s Glatman? -Harvey, famous for biting and
strangling women in the ’50s. -Of course, you know that. -He’s studying them,
modeling himself after them. -Look at this page. He actually gives himself
possible names. “I like the following.
How about you? The BTK Strangler,
Wichita Strangler, Wichita Executioner.” -He’s Christening himself
in the media, like Zodiac, or Berkowitz
naming himself Son of Sam. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Jonathan Groff, everybody!

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