Kitchen gadget testing – Al dente singing pasta timer

Kitchen gadget testing – Al dente singing pasta timer

100 thoughts on “Kitchen gadget testing – Al dente singing pasta timer

  1. Fancy getting one? Amazon may give me some pocket money if you do

    Have a Barrothon on these kitchen gadget playlists:
    Individual gadget testing playlist
    Grouped gadget playlist

  2. Eh, you had to import that from the US? We got similar ones in Germany, so they are available in Europe and you could probably have gotten it on Amazon.

  3. Pls pls pls bring back the old gagets videos where you test out a bunch of products. I love it so much and every Sunday I wait for the video to come out. Thank you! Look forward to the videos!

  4. Loved it! I just cannot understand the complaints. This is a gadget to have fun with. And who cares about the length of the video? You were having fun, and I LOVED it! People are taking things too seriously!

  5. I’ve looked up this gadget on the US Amazon site. I’ve found other users’ comments helpful! 😉 Most of them are saying “Barry says this is stonking!” Lol. It’s working! Annnd they’re almost sold out! Well done!

  6. You can always tell when Barry doesn’t think it will work because he gets really excited when it actually works

  7. Life hack: Thoses sealed packages, That you cute your self on like that one take a hand held can opener to it and go around the edges with it totatlly works. Saved me lots of time and cut fingures it did.

  8. So you can cook it until desired doneness?? Lol If you still have to cook it past the " singing" timer, then you really don't need this timer! Lol

  9. OMG I can't get over how cute the new opening is. thanks for making these videos, being a full time college student and a stay at home mother I get stressed really easily and your channel makes me smile every time I watch your videos. keep up the great work.

  10. I was so happy when it started to sing. 😄 They should make smaller like the Elvis egg timer it would easier and really cute.

  11. This is not a critique, Barry, but:
    1-only americans can think of putting a thing with an electronic battery in water
    2-to know when pasta is ready, taste it! Its not astrophisic, is like using a timer to cook meat….

  12. Barry I have just discovered your channel I love it, you were meant for this, very funny, any way I went to Amazon to leave the comment and here is what I got.(Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product.This product currently has limitations on submitting reviews. This may be because we detected unusual review behavior on this product, or to maintain the best possible shopping experience. For more details, see the Customer Reviews Guidelines. ) — this is so funny, but what that means is a lot of people were doing it. GREAT JOB…..

  13. Barry, I'm a recent viewer and I'm from America. Not only have I learned new slang that I've never heard of (hob, for example), your dad jokes are great. Your family seems so close knit and sweet and you're a fun person to watch! I barely even looked at the video time, which I usually do because I have a short attention span. You make me laugh so much and keep me entertained even though the video is nearly 20 minutes. I'd call you a winner youtuber! Keep going!

  14. Cracking video Barry! Hilarious. Thanks pal. Oh! disappointed – I went on Amazon to look for it and review, only to find it's not there.

  15. People are never happy. I love everything about all your videos. Change for yourself no one else.

    Food for thought if he had to move the camera everytime he went to the sink the video would be longer which will then upset the people complaining about the length.

  16. Al dente- how it's pronounced, meaning "to the tooth"

    Dante – how you pronounced it, a dead Italian poet, possibly named Al.

  17. I was so curious on what he was singing after Taras couldn’t get his to work, so I had to look it up lmao

  18. Just the thought of putting plastic in a pot of boiling water is terrifying me. What more if you hear him sing

  19. I just Got To this Channel Because Crazy Russian Couldn't Get His To Work.
    looks like I'll be sticking around

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