korea travel 2017 // YG entertainment building tour!? in Seoul! // Yg 빌딩 입성기

korea travel 2017 //  YG entertainment building tour!? in Seoul! // Yg 빌딩 입성기

100 thoughts on “korea travel 2017 // YG entertainment building tour!? in Seoul! // Yg 빌딩 입성기

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  2. I have seen GD like 3 meters away from me while performing Zutter on a music show with T.O.P.. He is not so handsome in real life though, at least the Zutter-styling at that time wasn't really flattering imho.

  3. im wish i was that 4 year old girl who innocently went to YG thinking bigbang was there..i cant even go to korea must less be near YG ent.

  4. I was there too next year, and I guess there was that man who said Me: There is no enter!! Stop!! And my dreams to meet GD suddenly was also crushed that day (( Thanks for the video. I m feeling nostalgic😢 Miss Korea a lot

  5. "Who can we meet?"

    Sibong: "the building"


  6. "So… this is where Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, Winner, Epik Hig and Black Pink is from…..!? "

    Oh, my poor sons iKON… I will always love and support you.

  7. "i want to see G-dragon before i die" you probably gonna die waiting for g-dragon in front of YG ent.for atleast 7 hours .

    if meeting k-stars is hard let me just meet sibong instead

  8. Owww so cute you wear an Army shirt ❤ whatever you are only BTS's fans .. You are lucky that you can Reach near Idols you can attend fansigns and even you can went to Concerts well We can't we are international fans 😧 there are 7 sea's that we have to cover to reach

  9. Интересно, а только у меня название видео на русском написано, или у всех так?

  10. how would I ask yg to interview bigbang ? how can I do that ? by the way I'm from Algeria so can the interview be done by Skype or would I have to travel to South Korea?

  11. I came to YG Ent.’s building yesterday. I sat on GS25 to see any artist from YG for example Seungri, but too bad there’s no one there. T.T

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