100 thoughts on “Lamborghini Aventador Replica roadster Convertible

  1. bonjour Carlos j'attends toujours ton message sur mon hotmail pour les frais de transport pour Montréal CANADA ,as tu appeler Fedex il font le transport par avion, donne moi des nouvelles,j'ai hâte d'avoir mon kit,merci on email est [email protected]

  2. this is the worst kit ever…you can see the damn ground.stop being cheap and buy the real deal..your fuking it up for the real lambo fans

  3. whoa dude this is he best replica of a any lamborhini I have ever seen dude how did you replicate the Lamborghini speedometer and the lights?

  4. Carlos, I'm interested in this kit. Does the kit come like this or do I have to fiberglass all the body parts together like other kits?

  5. He visto varios de tus videos y tus kits son impresionantes, eres un verdadero artista. ¿Qué base utilizas para estos kits? ¿Chasis tubular? ¿O partes de un coche como el Pontiac Fiero?

  6. am interested and want to know how much how u ship and all costs and all infos about replica cars like insurance. ..etc

  7. What gearbox did you use to able you to have paddle shift? Does the gearbox still have drive shafts to go straight to the back wheels?

  8. Why is it that none of these guys ever give an address or a phone number it's always sum bullshit email. If it's legit they would want the world to find them. If i can't reach out and touch your ass then you can't touch my cash, just saying!

  9. Lines aren't bad. Take that empty shell to a real body shop that knows how to paint fiberglass and pop that sucker on a stretched boxster and you might have something. Better yet, let SuperReplicas finish it out for ya! Lol

  10. I HATE the front clips on these replies! But this one is better. It looks more realistic. The one that is maroon and twin turbo SUCKS the front end sucks. It looks so f’in fake. THIS ONE IS ACTUALLY GOOD. I don’t know how accurate it really is but its way better.

  11. Great Lamborghini Aventador Replica roadster Convertible. I can only imagine how it's going to look when it's finished. Great Job thanks for sharing

  12. Hold on everyone,he stated that this was a fiber glass kit and that the interior was kit,yes the paint job is terrible but, this is a nice kit. For future reference, the kit should have been mounted on a donor car and the paint looks rushed! Do us all a favor, do this,then post! Post a starting price! Emblems should also be used!

  13. Don't trust on type of dishonest persons like people here givig your phone number saying that they have a complete kit of this replica like the last commentary below.

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