LazyTown – E32 – Dancing Duel! [1080p] [DD+]

[playful music] [ding] [pop] [static] [engines whirring]>>Pilot training sequence ready.>>Light!>>Light system activated.>>On your mark, get set>>Ready, set>>Go! [Exciting, upbeat music]>>New training record. Congratulations.>>Perfect. ♪ Welcome to lazy town, a
place where you want to stay ♪ ♪ You’ll meet Robbie
with his rotten plan ♪ ♪ And Sportacus saving the day ♪ Stephanie is new in town, ♪ And soon she and
Ziggy are friends. ♪ ♪ With Pixel, Stingy,
and Trixy too ♪ ♪ They’re going to have
a blast together. ♪ ♪ Go, go, go get em’ Lazy Town ♪ It’s the start of
a brand new day. ♪ ♪ Things are upside-down
here in Lazy Town ♪ ♪ Adventure’s just
a moment away. ♪>>♪ We’re dancing
do-doo do-dooo ♪>>♪ We’re dancing
la-la la-laaa ♪ [music thumping] Ahhhhh! What’s that boom boom sound? Oh my. Oh my. [loud fun music]>>Turn it down, Stephanie.>>What?>>Turn it down! [music stops]>>Turn it down. That was a little loud.>>Sorry I was just dancing.>>Ooh dancing, well
perhaps you’ll be interested in this then hmm?>>[Stephanie] What is it?>>A dance competition?>>Yes, it’s in three days. I’m going to put these
posters up all over Lazy Town.>>Oh, well I can help you.>>Wonderful, follow me. [Cheerful music] [Alarm sounding]>>Ah [grunts] Nobody here? Perfect, peace and quiet. No kids making any sound, ahhhh. Isn’t that right, little Robbie? You’re so cute. And, you’re so handsome. You know what, you
look just like me. Aha, the cake! The only thing better
than a piece of cake is a bigger piece of cake. [laughs evilly] Hm, I set the dial [machine banging] and It works, it works! [laughing] Oh! Ah! Yummy, a beautiful cake. Whoa! Oh my. [drumroll] What?>>I want cake.>>Who are you?>>I’m Robbie Rotten. [laughing]>>No, I am Robbie Rotten.>>I’m Robbie Rotten. [sputtering mechanical noises] [grunts]>>There’s only room for one
Robbie Rotten in this lair.>>Good day, Sportacus
came to the resure! [speaker blaring]>>Maybe I do need you. You go up there, and stop
those kids from making noise. [wind up noise]>>I stop noise. I stop noise. [laughing]>>Go, Robbie! And stop those kids. [speaker still blaring]>>Ill eat some cake. [gasps]>>A wall! Don’t worry lollipop,
I’m coming to the rescue. [heroic music] Perfect. [yelling] [beeping]>>Someone’s in trouble.>>Help!>>Ziggy!>>Help, help! [suction pop]>>Are you okay?>>Yeah, I’m fine and so is
this lollipop since I saved it. [everyone laughs]>>What’s that?>>A dance competition.>>Wow.>>Where is that wind-up Robbie?>>He should be out there
doing something awful. [squeaks]>>Hi.>>What’s up with
the poster, Pinky?>>It’s for a dance competition.>>What, that can’t be true!>>And if it goes well this year, then maybe we can
do it every year. [everyone cheers]>>Every year? They’re going to turn
Lazy Town into a disco. [Disco music]>>Oh no! Where is that wind-up Robbie? He’ll put a stop to
this dancing disaster.>>Sportacus, you are
really good at dancing. You should be in
the competition.>>Yeah!>>That would be great.>>I know someone who
can dance even better.>>Really? Who?>>Me?>>Yeah, you’ll win for sure.>>Well, I don’t
know that I’d win.>>Just do your best and
you’ll always be a winner.>>That is true.>>I’ll do it.>>Yes!>>All right!>>See you later, Bye.>>Why isn’t that
fake Robbie there? He should be doing
something awful by now. There he is. Aha.>>Robbie Rotten.>>Yes, I’m Robbie Rotten.>>He looks different.>>So, what are you
doing here Robbie?>>I will do this! [everybody gasps]>>What?>>The dance competition, really?>>Yes!>>What are you doing? Ah, what am I doing?>>You’re going to dance?>>Robbie will dance. Robbie will dance. Robbie will dance. Robbie will dance.>>Boy, he’s sure round up today.>>Robbie will dance, Robbie
will dance, Robbie will dance.>>You’re going to dance
against Robbie Rotten? Ha, you’ll win easy.>>Thanks Trixie.>>Well, I’ve got more
posters to hang up. See you guys later.>>Bye!>>Robbie will dance. Robbie will dance. [grunting] [wind-up noise]>>You were supposed to
destroy the competition not to take part in it.>>Robbie Rotten will dance.>>Okay, I’ll let you
in on a little secret. Robbie Rotten doesn’t dance! Robbie doesn’t move! Robbie doesn’t move!>>Robbie Rotten is moving now. [grunts]>>Ah, what can I do? I have to think, think, think think think think think think>>Think think think think think>>Think think think think>>Okay Ziggy, let’s practice.>>Yeah, I’m ready
on the boombox.>>Okay, first I’m going
to start with a balance>>Ah, the balance
away just go for it. [laughing]>>Okay, hit it.>>Okay. [cheerful music]>>Hmm, no. No, no, no.>>That was great, huh?>>Yeah I didn’t really like it.>>Think think think.>>Nothing. I’ll just have to
teach you how to dance or the little pink
girl will win. And, we’ll have dance
contests forever. Ready? Strike a pose. [disco music] [music stops] [slow, bad music plays] No!>>I know. I’ll try a jazz twist.>>Jazz twist, huh? [upbeat music]>>Oh, no, no, no.>>I didn’t like that, either. [sighs] [air rushes]>>Now, try this. [upbeat electronic music] [laughs] [slow, funky music]>>Oop. Time’s up. [laughs] [quirky music] [laughs]>>Why don’t you try it? [fast paced music] [dramatic groaning] [quirky somber music]>>I know. I’ll do a time step.>>A time step? [upbeat trumpet music] [laughs]>>I loved it! Bravo. [laughs]>>Really? I didn’t really think
it was that good. [sighs]>>Well, I didn’t
really like it either. [laughs] [air rushes]>>Maybe it’s the music. [quirky somber music] [chair squeaks] [sweet chiming] [soft music]>>Ah ha! Why don’t you try, [soft music] this? [clicks] [quirky upbeat music] [machine powers down]>>No. [air rushes]>>I know. I’ll do a high kick.>>A high kick? [upbeat music]>>And a split.>>A split? Bravo. Hey, what are you doing? [laughs] [upbeat music] Come on, Trixie. [upbeat music]>>Hey, what are you doing?>>Oh, we were just practicing. I didn’t want to
get the wrong steps.>>Trust me, Pinky,
you know the steps.>>Yes, I guess I do, but
what about those splits?>>You’re only dancing
against Robby. Ha, you could beat with one
leg tied behind your back.>>Yeah, I don’t
need to practice.>>Yeah, now you’re talking.>>Yeah, what would
Sportacus think of this? [air rushes]>>Why can’t you
be more like her? Why not? If anyone can dance it’s you. [soft chimes] This is too good to be true. I’ll stop this dance
competition by winning it. [furious clicking] [grunting] Ah, she’s perfect and so am I. We are both perfect. Hooray, hooray. Hooray, hooray, hooray. [ominous music] Wait, Robbie. Wait a minute. It is good. [laughing]>>How’s the dancing
going Stephanie?>>Fine Uncle.>>But you aren’t practicing.>>It’s only against Robbie.>>Oh well maybe you’ll
practice later then hmm?>>Sure, thanks Uncle.>>Yes, well of course. You know what’s best, oh dear. [air swishing]>>I wonder how Stephanie’s
doing with her dancing. [upbeat music] Door. That’s funny, I don’t
see her anywhere. She should be practicing. [screeching howl]>>Stephanie. [sighing] [upbeat music]>>Yeah, ha ha.>>Hey there. [frightened yelling]>>Well what’re you up to?>>Well I was just
waiting for Stephanie. Yeah I was going
to help her dance.>>Oh Ziggy, weren’t you
listening to me yesterday?>>Yes I was.>>I told you she doesn’t
have to practice anymore.>>Oh, oh. Won’t she get stiff then?>>Oh, the contest is tomorrow,
how could that happen?>>Still not practicing? Just remember the
contest is tomorrow.>>I know, against Robbie.>>Yes, yes, oh dear. [door clicking] [screeching howl] [ominous music]>>Oh, Stephanie,
time for breakfast. The big dance
competition is today. [creaking wood]
[terrified wailing]>>Stephanie what’s wrong? What happened to you?>>I don’t know, I’m just stiff.>>Stiff? Oh but what about
the dance contest?>>Dance? I can barely move.>>Oh my, well maybe you
need some stretching. Yes, lots and lots
of stretching. Outside, in the fresh air.>>Well can you help me?>>Oh of course. [rapid beeping]>>Someone’s in trouble. [upbeat music]>>Door.>>Ah, just try to
stretch like me.>>I’m trying. Ow, ow, ow.>>What’s wrong with Stephanie?>>She didn’t move
at all yesterday, now she’s stiff as a board. [malicious laughing]>>That pink tornado can’t move.>>And I’m not doing
too good myself. [grunting]>>Thank you Sportacus.>>So what did you do?>>I didn’t do anything.>>Ah, you didn’t do anything,
maybe that’s the reason.>>I’ll tell you what happened. [bright music] ♪ Woke up this morning ♪ Got out of bed ♪ Couldn’t move at all>>Oh dear. ♪ I heard a warning
ringing in my head ♪ ♪ You better stop or
you are going to bow ♪ ♪ I love to dance but
I can’t move now ♪ ♪ Splits are giving
me the fits ♪ ♪ My legs are heavy ♪ They must weigh a ton ♪ How dare this
happen so quick ♪ ♪ I’m one stiff Stephie
and it’s no fun ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I can’t run or
jump or dance or kick ♪ ♪ I’ll practice longer ♪ I’m never going to stop ♪ Then I might have a chance ♪ I’m feeling stronger ♪ I’ll make it to the top ♪ Here I come ♪ I’m really going to dance ♪ I love to dance
and I can move now ♪ ♪ Can even turn
and do the splits ♪ [painful groaning]>>Oh Stephanie, are you okay?>>Are you alright Stephanie? Are you most stretchy now?>>Yeah I feel a little better.>>Oh that’s good because the competition
is starting right now. Oh my.>>Well at least I only have to compete against
Robbie Rotten.>>Don’t worry, you’re
going to be great.>>Thanks Sportacus.>>A little dancing
queen will win. [circus music] I’m going to give you some cake. [boing] [mechanical whirring]>>Hey.>>Attention, attention everyone. Welcome to the Lazy
Town dance competition! [crowd cheering] The winner gets this
beautiful trophy, haha and now let the
competition begin! First contestant,
is, Robbie Rotten. [ballet music] [crowd mumbling]>>Whose that?>>That’s not Robbie?>>Is this the dance?>>No.>>It seems our first
contestant is, what’s her name?>>Rottenella!>>Rottenella!>>Rottenella?>>Rottenella?>>And now the music,
give me a beat! Yo!>>Milford.>>Just play it will you. [ballet music]>>She’s really good. Is
there anything she can’t do?>>Well, she can’t lose. [upbeat pop music]>>Oh my, she’s good.>>Oh she’s very, very good. [crowd agrees] [upbeat pop music]>>Bravo! Bravo! [crowd cheers]>>Oh, but Stephanie. [power down whirl]>>Bravo! Bravo!
Bravo! Incredible! I want my trophy now! [crowd disagrees]>>But there’s one more dancer.>>Yeah! Stephanie!>>Fine, keep it warm for me. [Robbie laughs]>>Next contestant is Stephanie. [crowd cheers]>>Oh yes, yes, yes,
here she is Stephanie. [crowd cheers]>>Stephanie, you can do
this! I know you can.>>Why should I bother?
I already lost.>>You will lose if you don’t
try. Come on, I believe in you.>>You do?>>Yes. Come on, let’s go!>>Okay.>>Go for it!>>Okay Sportacus!>>Go Stephanie. [crowd cheering]>>Okay.>>You can do this Stephanie! [pop music] [crowd cheering]>>Yes! Stephanie
you were fantastic! [crowd cheering]>>You were right Sportacus keep
on moving and never give up! [cheering]>>And the winner is, Stephanie! [bright pop music] ♪ Bing, bang,
diggiriggidong dong ♪ ♪ Funny words I sing
when I am dancing ♪ ♪ Bing band
diggiriggidong dong ♪ ♪ Silly words that
can mean anything ♪ ♪ Get on up it’s
time to dance yeah ♪ ♪ It’s so much fun
being up on our feet ♪ ♪ So we go up up do
the jump move around ♪ ♪ and clap your hands together ♪ Down down turn around having
fun is what it’s all about ♪>>Dancing, what a
ridiculous waste of time. [machine cranks] Hey I’m Robbie
Rotten, I don’t dance. [bright pop music]

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