Liev Schreiber’s Willy Dance

Liev Schreiber’s Willy Dance

Hi, Liam. I don’t think you’ve been here in a long,
long time.>>No, I haven’t.>>For like-
>>12 years.>>12 years.
>>Yeah.>>You were here on our first season and
then something. I must have done something to you. What happened?
>>[LAUGH]>>You know it’s all the dancing. It’s nerve racking.>>It scares you?
>>I have a recurring nightmare about that.>>Did you feel like you do you
feel pressure that you had to dance or something?>>I wanted to be able to. But then as I stepped out I froze.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>You don’t have to, when’s the last time you danced?>>I dance a lot, I just don’t often
dance in front of a lot of people.>>Yeah, these people don’t have any fear
of dancing in front of other people.>>I noticed that, I was very impressed.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah, they come right out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I know, I’m always impressed by that.>>Yeah, it’s really incredible.>>I know. I look at this before the show starts, and
I’m like they’re just right down here, and usually they turn around and
show the other side to everybody, and they’re never shy about it at all.>>I figured you were paying them or
something.>>No, no, no.>>They just do it.>>We don’t. We do not pay them.>>[LAUGH]
>>Do we pay them? We’re losing money if we pay them.>>[LAUGH]
>>You’ve been very kind though. Every time Andy or
anybody we sent to the red carpet. You always stop, you always talk to us and you’re-
>>I feel like I’ve been sort of a correspondent for you. Kind of a man on the street.>>That is sort of correct, because-
>>[LAUGH]>>And it’s always. You never turn down a shot.>>[LAUGH]
>>Well, that’s a nerve-wracking situation,
the red carpet, and when someone offers you a little tickle,
you accept.>>It helps to,
it helps kind of calm down.>>Calm nerves.>>Like, you know, like if you
wanted to right now, you could.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Is that the water or-
>>No, this is Justin Timberlake’s Sauza 901. It’s delicious tequilla.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Very, very good. Thank you. I’m good.>>[LAUGH]
>>Just testing you. You all right?
There’s a water right there, if you want that.>>No, I’m sure that’s water.>>Yeah.
No that’s->>[LAUGH]>>That’ what we should have done,>>I get the gag. You make a big, the thing and then, have some water.
They go.>>[LAUGH]>>I’m not falling for it.>>We should. I should have thought of that.>>That’s what the guy
on the red carpet did. This one’s water, and no, it wasn’t.>>[LAUGH]
>>But no, that was the game though, you had to guess which was water and
which was tequilla.>>They were all tequilla.>>Yes, they were.>>There wasn’t a single
water shot on that tray.>>That’s possible.>>I tried six different ones,
they were all.>>[LAUGH]
>>So you, I didn’t know this but, and I saw your house in Architectural Digest,
which is fantastic. You have great taste. But-
>>Thank you for your beautiful book.>>You’re welcome.
>>Yeah.>>You’re welcome.>>It’s gorgeous.>>So you and Naomi and
the two kids live in New York.>>Yes.
>>But you shoot here.>>Yeah.
It’s tough. This is the first time we did that. The kids are at that age where you kind
of want them to have a continuity with friends and school, and so-
>>Right. So, they’re there, and you’re here,
how often do you get back to see them?>>Not enough.>>Yeah.
That must be really tough.>>It’s awful.>>But
can’t they have the continuity here? I know you love New York.>>Well because we like the school
that they’re in, in New York and they have friends there and they’re just
at the age now where I think that they should be, you gotta put them
first at a certain point. And the back and forth, it can get tough. So we’re trying it.>>Yeah.>>It’s hard on me most,
I think, right now.>>Yeah. I’m sure.
And then when you go see them, they grow up so fast.>>I try to Face Time with them but
they’re just bored, everything-
>>[LAUGH]>>It’s a horrible feeling. I work a 16 hour day and
I have 20 minutes to talk to my kids and they’re like hey dad.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wow, are you boring? What if you danced for them?>>I do dance for them. I do. They love to dance. We have a->>But, you have a what?>>[LAUGH]
>>What do you have? Tell me.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>So my sons and I have a thing that we do, where we bathe,
and then we do the willy dance.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>That’s fair.>>I’ve said it. I don’t need anymore.>>Just in case. No, that was for me, because-
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>So it’s what it sounds like?>>It is.>>Mm-hm.>>It is.>>Is it a way to dry off?>>There are other words for it but
that’s pretty much the best one.>>Right.>>It is a way to dry off cuz you chafe
down there if you don’t get dry so you want to get it-

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  1. American television is horrible. It's like this abuse of excess is applauded constantly. I guess that's why fast foods places are so well used over there. There is also an undercurrent of applauding the loser. Like if she can make him drink people will think he is an alcoholic and it makes them happier about their own shit lives living the 'American dream' that never happened for any of them, but it's easier for the government and mass producing companies to sell them shit they don't need if their 'favorite celebrity' is also a fuck like they are. Ellen and people like her are the worst. They are the sellers of this degeneracy.

  2. He does a "willy" dance with his children? How is this not pedophilia? Fucking hollywood. Throw this scumbag in jail.

  3. So a guy can't play with his own children without being called a pedophile? What the hell is wrong with some of you people? Does that mean every father in the country is a pedophile?

  4. So he bathes with his non-infant, non-toddler son? Then they shake their dicks off together. Hollywood is weird, man…

  5. Pedophile fuckface. All of hollywood need to be burned to the ground. I can' t even imagine how many children we could save.

  6. God that was a funny video!! I'm not a fan of Ellen Degenerate at all, but I must admit that she IS a funny woman! Funny stuff!

  7. Life lessons. Long distance is the wrong distance. Especially when your long term partner is in a series with Billy Crudup.

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