‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Gives Kelly Clarkson & Her Stylist An Emotional Psychic Reading

‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Gives Kelly Clarkson & Her Stylist An Emotional Psychic Reading

– All right, So we just sit down. – We’re just gonna sit down. – Okay, I’ve never done this. I’m so intrigued. I’ve never done anything like this. – Okay, great. So. So there is a mother
energy that is present. So, if you’re mom is not departed, it would be like a grandmother or an aunt or someone that was like a mother to you. – It could literally be any of those– – [Theresa] Oh!
– ‘Cause everyone died before me, so. (laughing) – Oh, okay, but–
– [Kelly] Yeah. – But you’re mom is here
in the physical world? – My mom is alive, yeah.
– Okay, you’re very fortunate because you have not lost
a lot of people here in the physical world. – Yeah, I don’t know many
people that have passed away. – [Theresa] Right.
– So, yeah. – Well, can I talk about
the dad that’s departed? – Oh, my dad did die? Oh, I don’t know him. – Oh!
– Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.
– Oh, okay. – I was just going to ask you about pie? – I love pie. – That’s what they told me.
– [Kelly] Oh! – They go, “Kelly loves pie.” – Oh, I love pie!
– Because, I’m like, they showed me cherry pie and I’m, like, okay. What am I supposed to say with that? I’m don’t have a– – Oh, that’s funny. Cherry pie is my sister’s thing. – Okay.
– But she’s the one he probably is trying to talk to. – Well, listen. – We don’t know each other. – But you have understand, your dad could not take responsibility for things in his life, here in the physical world.
– Not a one. – His soul is stepping forward and saying, “I know what you felt. “I know what you went through
and for that I am sorry.” So…
– Oh, I’ve already forgiven. So, I’m good. But I’m not, like, mad at it, if he can hear me.
– No. – Oh, I was like…
– No, no, no. Like, that’s not what this is about. – Okay. – You have to understand,
it’s where someone, if they hurt us or disappoint us, only if the soul has learned the lesson to see things differently, they can come through and say that. So… – All right. – That’s all.
– I’ll tell my sister. – For your dad to be able to come through. – Oh, yeah, Candice did lose someone, yes. – Who are you? – [Candice] I’m Candice.
– [Kelly] She’s my stylist. – Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.
– So nice to meet you. – Oh my God! The very first thing you said was mother and I thinking my life. But her mother recently passed. That’s right. – [Candice] Yeah. – Yeah. – Were you watching her breath in the end? – Yeah.
– [Theresa] Okay. – So you’re mom just said to me, she says, “Please tell my daughter, I
know how much she misses me.” – I do. – So know that you’re mom is showing me the breath–
– Oh my God! – And watching you breath. – I watched her. – So she says, “Please, I wanna thank you
for releasing my soul here in “the physical world and
that was the hardest thing “that you had to do was to let me go.”
– Yeah it was. – Okay, okay. – [Theresa] “And the way
that you fixed my hair “and rubbed my face.”
– I did, yeah. “after I died.”
– I did. – She says, “I want to thank you.” Your mom talks, though, about her jewelry. So, do you have–
– Oh (beep). – Oh my Gosh! – You just were telling me about her jewelry.
– You’ll have to beep that out. – She says, “I want to thank you and I know.” – And I wear her name. – Perfect. – Every day. I don’t ever take it off. – Did you take her blanket? Well–
– I did! Oh my God, I stole it! (laughing) From the house! ‘Cause I didn’t want
my stepdad to have it. I stole her blanket! (laughing) – Oh my God, it’s all coming out. – I cuddle with it all the time. – [Theresa] Perfect. – That’s so random. – Because my– – How would she know that?
– Grandmother stitched it. – I’m freaked out. – Thank you so much for your gift.
– Oh, you’re very welcome. – That was beautiful.
– Thank you. – I needed it, desperately. So thank you. – Oh my God. I’m here with Candice, my stylist. I mean, so when you started
talking about the mom presence, Theresa, I was like, no, my mom’s rocking in North Carolina, she’s good. Like, I was thinking in my head, but it wasn’t me. ‘Cause you kept looking off and you said, well, maybe it’s not you. ‘Cause I’m looking off and, usually, ‘Cause it means it’s not with me, right? – Right.
– And your mom. You had, literally, been going through this, like– – Yeah, for the past year
it’s been pretty brutal, ’cause she died unexpectedly. So I wasn’t prepared, obviously. And I’d just had a baby. And I had serious postpartum depression. And so this last year was a huge struggle not having her around to be there with my newborn baby too. – What did that mean to you, though? ‘Cause, that was, I felt it in the room. That was crazy – One, the jewelry nobody knows about because a family member
of mine wanted to keep it and I was like, no, I’m gonna take that. It’s my mother’s jewelry. My daughter’s going to have that jewelry. So that was–
– A bit of a klepto. You got the blanket, too.
– Yeah. (laughing) See, that’s the thing nobody knows about is my grandmother crocheted
this blanket for my mother and she always used it
on the couch reading and stuff like that. So, I kinda just snuck it–
– Oh! – Into my wardrobe case at the funeral. And took it home and I was, like, told my husband’s family. I was like, I got this blanket. But nobody, like, I don’t even, I think I
might have told his mom. Like, nobody knows it. And she was saying today, my mom was like, I know you have the blanket and I know that you
snuggle with it at night. And that broke me, because you know, I was on the fence at first. I don’t know. But, like, nobody knows that. Nobody. I told my husband on the phone today, I was, like, it was so amazing
and also really freaky. – [Kelly] Yeah. (audience laughing) – Because my mom is,
literally, creeping on me.

52 thoughts on “‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Gives Kelly Clarkson & Her Stylist An Emotional Psychic Reading

  1. Oh stfu. She just said the spirit is female energy. Then she found out kellys mom is still alive, now suddenly its her father?! Get the fvck outta here & tease that big hair some more 🙄

  2. I just went to one of her shows in September. She’s an awful hateful human. She is a phony. Come on Kelly make better choices on who you have on your show.

  3. As if we all don’t know that Theresa Caputo is fake. With a team investigating in advance! Total scam. Still entertaining tho

  4. Theresa’s medium business is as fake as her hair, nails, eyelashes, skin color, eyebrows, teeth, bobs, the list is never ending….

  5. Literally Everyone is saying that this woman is fake but I can't explain it. There is no way. People are just always skeptical of this kind of thing…

  6. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was 33 and my baby was a year old and my mom was in a car accident and she didn’t survive it & this really hit home with me. I couldn’t afford to have a professional to do my moms hair and makeup so I did it & it was horrible so sad. And her brother was already sick & in the hospital & he passed away two days after my mom. My grandmother lost her only two children two days apart & she’s still living. She’s in a nursing home & I hate myself for her not being at home with me but I’m constantly told I can’t afford it nor could I do it. I worked in the healthcare field for 20 years so I’m aware of what I am capable of doing. Anyway I’m so sorry to ramble. I love your positive energy and attitude, it’s contagious and I love you!!!! You rock Kelly!!

  7. Every single medium, including Theresa always, ALWAYS mentions jewelry. The reason is because people own a lot of jewelry and usually everyone close gets some. It is know to be the most common item held onto. Dont be so gullible people. Come on.

  8. Medium/Psychics are lead by evil spirits to distract people from God. They only know your past and use it to get you to put your trust in them. Only God knows your past and future, therefore put your trust on Him 🙌

  9. Dear Kelly Clarkson,

    I really love your music and your show. Your music has helped me a lot through difficult times. I've been really enjoying your show. You have such a big heart for everyone. But I am concerned and find it troubling that you invited Theresa Caputo to your show. She's making money off people by scamming them. I guess you didn't not know that.

    Please watch this video to figure out why Theresa Caputo is a fraud. John Oliver explains in a easy way why psychics are scammers:

    Please reconsider taking this video down as it might harm other people who might be vulnerable to be scammed.

    I will always support your music and your show.

    – Minh

  10. Awww… I feel like when it came Kelly, she wasn’t able to allow herself to be vulnerable about her dad. I know she wants to put on a strong face and I know she’s forgiven him but I also know the hurt is still there but she just doesn’t want to show it. It’s perfectly okay Kelly.

  11. I know there are things that we call the supernatural, but her tactics of guessing makes me sceptical. She isn't even sure, so she tries by guessing the similarities the person has blonde, etc.

  12. She is a fake media she thinks you could talk to the dead she's fake she's phony she's reading off your body so she's fake she's written off your body she's rude enough from your face expression your body expression she's fake she's phony she's a fake person she's acting money

  13. I bet she researched Kelly's staff on social media, and there was the stylist, posting a photo of a blanket. I'm just making a theory, lol, I don't know if that's true or not. Now that I don't believe mediums, its so entertaining to think of their tricks of the trade

  14. I talk to God and he is a spirit. I also talk to the Holy Spirit that God gives each of us to receive strength and power. I also have Angels round about me protecting me. I talk to them . Soo I believe Teresa has a gift to comfort people. If she uses it in the right way I don't feel it is of the devil. People call my God a fake He is not!!! This is all about what you believe. Personally I would love to hear from my husband that passed away. Not saying I believe or not I just love and miss him terribly. God bless

  15. I love the jacket you're wearing; it suits you. Looking beautiful like always. So inspirational! Much love for you xx

  16. I dont believe in mediums , Its a trick but it makes people feel good so it's ok. Like therapy but much cheaper and quicker

  17. Wow, Kelly! I thought you were a genuine southern girl but you’re quite secular. Be careful what you expose your spirit man too. You can buy true spiritual healing.

  18. Disappointed in you Kelly, thought u were smarter than this. Since Theresa can predict the so called “future” when was the last time she won the lottery? These people feed off of words and body language to determine which direction they go, of course she welcomes a chatty Kelly as do ALL so called Physics. Challenge, during a “Reading” be silent and do not react to what the so called Medium says and watch how lost they become. 😉

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