76 thoughts on “Mark Donohue Porsche 917/10K 1972 SCCA Can Am Racing Mosport

  1. Next year – Penske Turbo Panzer kills Can Am with more horsepower than any of the F1 turbo cars ever had available. Porsche – there is no substitute

  2. BudMoore302  Thank you so much!  Awesome material added to my collection. Donohue-Penske are my all time favorites.

  3. Actually saw Mark Donohue race in New Hampshire years ago. Great look back and very enjoyable. Gave you a bump and could use one back. Thanks!

  4. If you ever have a chance to visit the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, GO! They have several of the Can-Am cars along with many many others. Fantastic.

  5. What a great video, thanks for posting. I was at Laguna Seca for the 72-73 Can-Am races and these cars were breath taking, even had posters on my wall of them

  6. I watched them run this car at Riverside. He could spin the rear tires going into turn 9 if he wanted to. Just insanity (in a good way).

  7. L&M , huh? Europe got rid of tobacco ads on F1 cars and NASCAR got rid of the Winston Cup. Moto GP Honda had the Joe Camel bike for a while. Not all theses changes have been worthwhile.

  8. Sports prototypes are the best form of racing. Got a print of the L&M racing the McLaren at the corkscrew on my office wall. Everybody asks me about it.

  9. There has been so much hot air wasted talking about the Porch (sorry, fans) about which I note NO ONE ever mentions the real nut of the story: no major engine manufacturer had gotten directly involved until Porch (I'm still having fun with that). Not one. So all the so-called "superiority" angles up to one truth: neither Ford nor Chevrolet (or Oldsmobile) or any of the other competitor engine supplier thought it worth the money or the time to bother trying to compete with Porsche (OK, satisfied?). Porch had it all to themselves because none of the big companies felt like bothering. It's that simple. Especially since we now know that a Reynolds-block overhead valve 494 with a turbo can in fact turn out just as much power as the orchestra in the rear of the 917. Porsche needed it. Ford, Chevy et al didn't. It would be nice to see an M8F/Reynolds 494 turbo face off against one of the 917 Can Am cars, but nobody owning one today would run it hard. OK, maybe a European owner would….

  10. 13 in 73 so I followed CAN Am because I was a fan of 917 at Le Mans. So was interested in Mark Donahue I never heard about his death. What a great humble intelligent driver.

  11. That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Thanks!
    Mark Donahue has been my hero ever since I read The Unfair Advantage over 30 years ago. I've never seen a whole show with the Turbo Panzers.

    About 15 years ago, Bruce McCaw had two McLaren M8's at a vintage race in Seattle with his IndyCar drivers Danny Sullivan and Maurício Gugelmin driving them the way they're meant to be driven. They were hitting over 225 into turn 2. You should've seen the grin on Danny Sullivan's face when he took off his helmet.

    Absolutely awesome. Thanks again.


  13. I remember seeing mark and the 917 blowing everyone away @ Speedway in Edmonton in 72. Awesome…. And the sound of the turbo compared to the the naturally aspirated 8`s…… 🙂

  14. It's a fucking shassy not a chassy. Stop fucking up the language because you are ignorant. We also soLder, we don't sodder.

  15. Watch the movie Gran Prix, that is where the fancy chamber music started, it is to give the sire of a choreographed ballet.

  16. The 917/30 could make 1580-hp and weighed 1800 lbs!!! OMG!!! McLaren should have twin turbocharged their aluminum big-block Chevy powered cars. Oh well… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_917

  17. I know when I was driving my 917, I could hardly keep it on the track! Of course those slot cars were tricky to race. Ahh, good times.
    God, that L and M car still looks absolutely beautiful, even today.

  18. Tony, I agree with the acceleration observation. At Mosport, after Mark had taken a couple of laps to warm up the oil I watched the Porsche, as it exited 5B, blow past the McLarens going up the hill like they were tied to a post. Unbelievable. I have never forgotten it. This was after I watched from the outside of Turn 1, Mark take the pole with a breathtaking 1:14.2 flirting with the guardrails on entry and again on the exit of Turn 1. After this race, the 917/30 became my favorite race car of all time.

  19. I was there. You could go into the pits afterward but it cost extra. Mosport was the closest track to me. Saw most of the Can-Am series. Waaaay faster than Formula one.

  20. CanAM aka Interserie in Europe was exciting and popular. The Porsche was technological overkill and made the whole thing boring and predictable and it killed CanAm.

  21. If im correct i believe donahue in a porshe held the world record for fastest race car at 257mph. One record that held for some time.

  22. This is yet more proof of how much things suck in the future.. The 70's were such a wonderful time to have been on earth especially in the western world.. its been all downhill after the early 90's..

  23. His closed course land speed record on an oval in 917 stood for over 30 years I think? "With all due respect Lucius I'm gonna do me some driving!"

  24. I was a corner worker at Road Atlanta when Denny Hulme had his famous crash. Only the roll cage and a few components were left and he survived. Jim Hall's Chaparral was also in that race. That thing was incredible but the downforce engine was temperamental.

  25. Great video, thanks for sharing. Those were the very best days of auto racing. I wish i could have attended a Can Am race.
    R.I.P Mark Donohue.

  26. Mark Donohue's L&M Porsche has to be the most beautiful race car ever. Sleek lines sculpted to the road, with a gorgeous paint job.

  27. I’m in this somewhere, watching from Turn 2. Forgot how primitive the facility was in those days! Radio DJ Jim Paulson was track announcer

  28. it takes more to win. it takes the bold, smooth, refreshing draw that ONLY a L&M cigarette drives in to you. L&M cigarettes: they’ll make YOU’RE car drive as fast as this Porsche!

  29. Saw two of these 917/10's race at Laguna Seca in '72 tear up the track and then at the same race the following year the Sunoco 917/30 left these two in the dust. Friggin amazing!

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