Nick Townsend Reveals Heartbreaking American Idol Audition Inspiration – American Idol on ABC

Nick Townsend Reveals Heartbreaking American Idol Audition Inspiration – American Idol on ABC

Hey, what’s up house go what’s your name, man? My name is Nick. Cool. Where are you from? I’m from Nebraska but I live in Los Angeles now and why are you here today? Tell us everything the reason I’m here today is For my brother’s I Have two brothers Me and my older brother sac. We were only three years apart. We did everything together I would follow him around and like wanted to be like him My little brother Matt and I would watch sac just play video games all night And we just watched him. We didn’t even want to play. We’re just so close that we just wanted to be in each other’s presence Zach joined Air Force and he was the crew chief for f-16s and it was just like The most pride anyone could have and I’m like, that’s my big brother. I Was working in LA I got a call from my dad my dad said that they lost Zach’s I Mean they lost him. He’s like he’s gone I just kept saying what do you mean? He’s gone. He had taken his life There’s no pain like that, I just remember I couldn’t breathe it’s like the whole world felt black It’s actually the first time I’ve everything psychic talk to him After losing Zach, all I wanted to do was just feel something again other than pain I Got an opportunity to go to Japan to teach kids and be able to perform While I was in Japan, I got another phone call from home Saying that my little brother Matthew had passed away He had taken his life as well Going to Japan this is the biggest regret I’ve ever had my love It made me feel like selfish, you know because I left my little brother when I could have been there All I can think about is he needed me and I left too Sorry Just always remember that they’re there with you and your memories in your heart You’re always Matthew’s Idol For my audition, I brought my mom my dad and my sister having them with me it means everything There’s definitely been times. I just wanted to give up but I know our brothers would want me to keep pursuing my dream It’d be really proud that I’m here Oh This is what I love to do and I know they wouldn’t want me to stop like I can’t quit I just know that they would want me to just keep going It sorry about your loss. I appreciate about your loss Wow you ready today, we’re all ready. We’re ready for you you’ve waited all day Walking home talking though Seeing shows and even close To nervous touching getting drunk To stay in But now slipping at the edge pulling something we don’t need All this delusion in our heads is gonna bring us to I need so, come on, let it go just Let it Why don’t you be For everything that’s broke leave it to the breeze. Why don’t you be Hey hey, first of all, I applaud you on the fact that you just climbed up out of that hole just Know that I’m very proud of you. Okay. Thank you now for your voice There’s a wonderful quality in a voice that you can’t study. It’s called a natural cry In our business we call that money Okay Nick you have power and level in your voice and you really started very small cuz I got to hear the beautiful Dynamics and your voice just remember you’ve got that beauty and don’t be afraid of that beauty And I think you do have something there. There we go. What do you think look the simplicity of how you’re able to? Sell your voice is very very Understated and nice that’s very easy to listen to you know, it’s I Haven’t brought this up on this show because I haven’t had to but there’s somebody that’s I’ve lost both my siblings And I’m just applaud you for keeping a positive attitude and continuing to to fight and just try to be a light for your parents – That’s like my thing Let’s take a vote Luke Yes Final yes Katie. Yes, Nick. You’re going Hollywood. Whoo! You’re going to Hollywood, Nick So much the shining down on you know Very Very proud you guys, you know what you got to remember. It’s alright to cry good to you Alright the cargo Go celebrate Celebrate remember fun. Happy remember fun. Happy good. Good days All right. There’s still more to come enjoy those. Yeah Alright. Yeah, you got it To the doll. Oh, yes Very proud of him. He’s always been a fighter ever quitter From everything that he’s been but we know there was times I was so great if that he wasn’t gonna see me again His music and his voice just fills my heart and I’m so glad but he just got this opportunity beats them Whoo, have me crying got me crying Hmm Initially when I saw this ticket all I thought was I wish that they were here to hold this But then I thought they are not physically but how much I love them and I’ve always loved them and will forever love them They’re holding it – nobody knows have a story Nobody knows that story Subscribe below to the official American Idol YouTube channel

100 thoughts on “Nick Townsend Reveals Heartbreaking American Idol Audition Inspiration – American Idol on ABC

  1. American Idol is becoming more human and acknowledging that talent and artistry are so interwoven with life experiences like a tapestry.

  2. Seeing Luke and Nick crying broke my heart cause I hate seeking people crying cause it just makes me so sad seeing them upset

  3. I’m sending love and prayer for this lovely family. I hope they continue to stay strong and happy. ❤️

  4. I am crying because it is beautiful voice and that song just reminds me of two of my family members that had past away just not to long ago and even know that they will always look down on you but I have lost so much that your voice has made me feel how they are watching you and all of our loved ones that has past so thank for letting me here your voice it so beautiful 😢🙏🙏

  5. I was wondering why his teeth was so straight… He wore braces.

    Also its not the fact that I'm mentioning something else that it means idc ab the incident, I really do, but like everyone else has said what I wanna say so 🤐😂

  6. My younger sister was abducted and raped but when we got her back home and the man arrested she began cutting herself and she tried to overdose. She was in the hospital for a while . I was so scared that I would lose her. She's doing better now has a family of her own and a little baby boy and I'm so proud of her despite everything. I don't know what I would've done if I had lost my bestfriend

  7. The strength of this guy is amazing!!😭I’m sure his brothers are looking over him and guiding him to where he needs to be❤️xx

  8. I understand brother. I too lost my brother the same way. God speed in your journey in life . Keep your head up

  9. He shud be so proud of him self well done his story is something I can relate to always a million questions of why someone takes there life but zero answer found

  10. We often pity ourselves over small issues but seeing this has shed a light on how much worse things could be.. Bless this guy & his family ❤️

  11. Best judges bar none, so sympathetic and respectful. Good job nick, keep your head up buddy.. your brothers are smiling back down at you.

  12. my friend I can relate to how you feel in your 💓 and soul I'm ex air Force I have an older brother who is also ex air Force he tried to take his own life and he recently was in a tragic car accident after he had been drinking and driving I nearly lost him I prayed to Jesus for him to keep my family alive my brother is my hero my best friend after I nearly had lost him to a heart attack again the Lord let him stay in my life after many times of nearly taking his own life I was reminded of memories I had to😭 I'm sorry but he showed me their is still a whole new world out there so I thank you for sharing it.

  13. it was really sad for me to seethe stories you told the world is hat i started to cry because you have a really cool voice you have thanks for everything you do for me you like my fathers best friend i lost my dads father to um cancer i reaaly enjoyed it

  14. life is so hard… everyone has so much pain n struggle…. 🙁 these auditions are incredibly sad. What a sad story :(….. sending lovee

  15. I haven't experienced that kind of loss but I did recently move across the country from my entire family and I couldn't imagine being away while that happens. Or even for that to even happen at all. I didn't cry during the story or the performance but while writing this. Would've been great to hear 'Drink a Beer'

  16. I think the reason I loved Nick so much is because I have dealt with his story. I have almost taken my life 2 different times and I'm 15. And so has my sister and one of my cousins did. So I understand

  17. It is so very sad. I hope he understands that he did not cause his younger brother's suicide. His two brothers that he adored are gone from this earth, but he will always have them in his heart and his mind in memories. And as he said, they are with him because he loved them.

  18. I have lost three of my 5 siblings. I lost 1 to a sudden heart and 2 from cancer. Nick you are Luke Bryan are an inspiration.

  19. I don’t know what I would do if something happens to my brothers. We may not be close but I still love them. I lost my uncle in the army and I lost my nana to cancer. I have lost many people in the past couple of years and it’s hard but it gets better after some time

  20. I cannot ever be ungrateful in life. I will never have the courage some people have. The pain this family must have gone through is unbearable.

  21. I feel so bad for him, like holy moly. He is so strong. I can't imagine losing my sisters. That is so hard. I hope he sees how strong he is. And it is not his fault, he didn't know his brother would do the same thing. I feel bad he is blaming himself.

  22. My sister tried committing suicide and I still haven’t recovered it is hard especially because they wanted to do it to themselves and that they weren’t forced

  23. Best of one …. My favourite song… Your voice malody …i cant believe such of…. New person cant attempt ur voice texture . ….
    Its my pleasure……. I am comment ur …channel…
    Nick John… Touch .

  24. This had me in tears just hearing about his older brother, and then his younger brother… me and my brother have never gotten along, we fight all the time and rarely speak to each other even though we live in the same house, although he’s in college. This made me want to go give him a hug 😢

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