NinPlay-Doh Entertainment System

NinPlay-Doh Entertainment System

THIS. IS. EXCITING. THIS IS EXCITEBIKE- NINPLAYDOH Entertainment System. Your parents help you hook it up. You’ve got the heart and bladder of an 80 year old. Your vital organs are ready to give up… What the F°°K?! – Stars. Mushrooms. Power-ups. It’s abuse!
– Can’t you help me, Doc? Drugs. I can give you more drugs. Keep swallowing. We’re almost there. Don’t OD on me! LUIGI! I love the power glove. It’s so bad. – Did you see the latest Ninplaydoh news letter?
– WHOA! Nice graphics, I’d like to get my hands on THAT game. You mean you’ve not played it yet? We can play it on our NINPLAYDOH Entertainment System. “It’s the Legend of Zelda and it’s really rad.” “Those creatures from Ganon are really bad.” “But with your help our hero pulls through. YEAH!” AWESOME! INTENSE! That’s weird. You’re not gonna complete this level with “Up. Down. Up. Down. Up…” ..Oh! I think my batteries are running low. Yeah, time to put on a better game like ‘Mario Brothers’ For the love of god! Oh.. My God. – Kill. Me…
– I’m sorry! – Mummy! Mummy!
– I’m sorry.. I didn’t know…

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  1. I need more channels like this in my life 😂😍😂

    Somebody, plz put some links below. I'm looking for surrealism with a dark twist.

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