NYC Strangers React to Top Filipino Singers?!

NYC Strangers React to Top Filipino Singers?!

What are you thinking? Three two one, what’s going on everybody?! I’m Xiaoma and this is John over here! And we have got a great video… For everybody today!!! Oh my gosh… Alright, sorry guys! Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine! If you guys are new to this channel, my name’s Xiaoma On this channel what we do Is we come here To New York City’s wonderful Times Square Where there’s people From all around the world! You know what? I’ve been doing a lot of Filipino videos recently About the Philippines And uh, a Filipino fan on Instagram (@lance_escober) My Instagram @xiaomanyc Gave me a really interesting suggestion Which was why not… Let people in New York City Experience some of the Philippines’ amazing… Singers! Because actually the Philippines is known For its singers, and… …very talented cover bands, and all of this He gave me a bunch of artists, and I checked them out And I was like, wow, these people are… Really, really, really, good! What we have done guys Is! We have prepared… …our own little snippet, our own little music video Consisting of clips from some of the best Filipino artists And that includes Morissette’s Akin Ka Na Lang ♫ Akin Ka Na Lang ♫ We’ve got… Sorry, sorry, sorry Maybe at the end I’ll sing a little bit better! We got Michael Pangilinan’s Bakit Ba Ikaw We got Janella Salvador with her new single “Take It Easy” We got Moira Dela Torre With “Malaya” And! Last but not “weast” Last but not… Last but not least! We got Regine Velasquez With her amazing… Araw Gabi! We are gonna see what people here think about them for the first time because You know, most Americans have never heard Any singers from the Philippines at all So this is gonna be a really cool experience for them To try! And if you guys like this video! Please subscribe, so I can make more videos for all you guys Leave a comment letting me know what other favorite songs and singers and artists From the Philippines or around the world you guys love And want to get people here to react to! So without further ado We’re gonna go find some strangers And get them to react! On the channel! Ready, ready? Three, two, one… Go!!! So these are five really famous Filipino artists Singing really popular songs Have you ever listened to any Filipino [singers]? No, not yet, this is gonna be our first time Cool, awesome! These are all…original songs And they’re performed by them live here [Speaking Spanish] I got the best reactions to everything! Cool! Three… Two… One, and go! She has a very beautiful voice That’s talent right there She can sing! Oh, she can sing! Sounds like a Disney princess! Yeah She sounds like a… A princess! Yes!!! Beauty and the Beast! Beauty and the Beast! What are you thinking? I feel like I should be ballroom dancing to this That’s the craziest part She’s really good, she… Beat Mariah Carey! Yeah She has some pipes! And she’s pretty! I feel like her voice all cracked… Yo he looks like a broke Justin Bieber! Smooth! He’s a good singer too! Is he talking about some sad shit? Huh? It’s sad music? I would throw a rose at him! Feels a little bit dated If I heard that on the radio and was flipping through I’d be like, I think I’m in the 90s… He’s the new Drake! I like the melody to this one! Yeah he can sing, I like that Girls just flock to his feet I mean, I’d flock to his feet… Got kinda that soul, like [Bruno] Mars Just cuz you’re looking at him! Maybe so You know, but I mean… Little bit, Bruno Mars kinda look! Now he brought energy to it! What do you think he’s singing about? A loved one? Oh, she’s singing in English! Yeah So Filipinos actually mostly speak really good English Man: Really? Okay
Xiaoma: So they sing a lot of times in English Nice! Got a little hip hop with it! Yes! A lot of pop vibes! Right: Yes!
Left: Very pop! She sounds like one of the girls from Fifth Harmony She looks like one of the girls from Fifth Harmony! [Those] mean more This is more Americanized I see You know what I’m saying? It’s dope, now! It’s really good! Malaya See I love that! Yeah? Yeah, it’s real subtle, it’s dope! They all have beautiful voices! Yeah She looks like she’s going through a tough breakup! Real slow, steady, you know Nice filming too, by the way! She’s like a super icon in the Philippines She’s like their number one… Oh yeah, she’s got some pipes! Yeah, that’s probably why [she’s number one] She was waiting! Hey, whoever mixes her shit, hey… Shit, she’s in command! She’s good! They need to come over here and become famous! That’s the Filipino icon right there! She could be singing about like… “That table leg”… I wouldn’t know! I felt it in my stomach, that was like… And she keeps it steady! Right: Word!
Left: She keeps it very steady Like there’s no breaks… I didn’t know they could sing like that… She has a beautiful voice Yeah Talking about something spiritual? What? Uh… Yo! That’s passion! Yes! You could feel it! That’s passion, you see her face? It was good! I like it! I liked the first and the third one [Akin Ka Na Lang and Take it Easy] Yeah, the first and third one, yeah It was good! What’d you think? I feel like everybody had a different story to tell It’s like, every sound is different, that’s what I like But, you know [which was] my favorite one? Was the, umm… You know, the hip hip one? Oh, the girl singing in English? Yeah, the one singing in English, yeah Yeah, I liked hers the best Her song made me want to dance to it! A little hip hop vibe? Yeah… There’s a lot of potential there! I’m gonna have to start listening to that music! That was cool! That was good! The first one’s my favorite [Akin Ka Na Lang] First one They all had beautiful voices Yeah yeah, for sure But yeah, when you don’t know what they’re saying, it does lose some of the impact Cuz I have no idea, like… It could be a table leg! A table! ♫ This table ♫ ♫ Was on sale! ♫ Aww, that’s it? Yeah, that’s it That was good! Xiaoma: What’d you guys think of that?
Girl: They were really good! They were… They were really really good! I don’t listen to the music, but… I would, I really would! I really liked the first one And the…the heartthrob, when I’m sad And I need…some loving I feel like I could hit him! It’s good that they… Show their talents on the radio Because they can show to all of us What they have It’s nice to see them singing Xiaoma: What was your favorite?
Guy: The first one! For me, the first one! [Speaking Spanish] Malaya Oh yeah, really slow and gentle Slow, yeah I mean, I like ’em, I like ’em There’s just one song I didn’t like And the rest of ’em… They’re dope, I mean I don’t even know what they’re saying, so… And which one really resonated with you? I think it was the first one, and then… The first one and…the third one? [Take it Easy] The first one was fire! First one was fire! We got to shake the camera for a little bit of…dramatic effect! Wow, guys! That was fun! We got one more question! For John over here! Who’s your favorite? First one, first one But I think, I think… But I think I sing… Sing…better… What?! Than her! No! Alright now you gotta do the challenge, dude! Belt it out! Higher, higher! Okay, okay!

100 thoughts on “NYC Strangers React to Top Filipino Singers?!

  1. You should show them Marcelito Pomoy doing the Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli and doing both the male and female voice.. I'm pretty sure they'll be shocked!

  2. Sakit ng mata ko kapapanood nitong video nya I spend 4 hours watching some of your video sakit best lumuluha na mata ko
    New subscribe here from

  3. yeah regine velasquez is the no.1 in the philippines…she is the living legend and also her husband is a very popular singer and actor….all of them are legit….they can all speak fluent english and sing english songs very well way beyond your average singer that are very popular in hollywood…..check out also marcelito pomoy, kz tandingan, tnt boys, katrina velarde just to name a few. you will be shock by their performance at wish bus 107.5…..

  4. Morisette – Rise Up
    Sarah G – I Surrender/Freedom
    Regine – What Kind of Fool Am I
    KZ Tandingan – Rollin' in the Deep
    Michael Pangilinan – One Last Cry
    Bugoy Drilon – One Day
    Kris Lawrence – Versace on the Floor
    Darren Espanto – I Believe

  5. many tell me that many Filipinos sing because when you see them they use kareoeko but then i visit the Philippines why they speak eng. spanish.

  6. Xiaomancy to you like the Philippines songs the was someone react you now she name Moira Torre she was react you picture on Facebook she said maraming salamat xiaomancy (thank you xiaomancy)

  7. Filipinos are lot of singer, we like hiphop, rap, gangstah rap, mumble rap, rock, alternative, metal, grunge rock and all genre. Although we have filipino folk traditional song but we like english songs from 30's to present. We like kpop (korean pop), taiwanese, spanish and indian.
    Filipinos hobby is to sing.

    Dude did you know where they sing?that is a bus with inside of it a fm radio station that is WISH 107.5 fm.☺

  8. Thank you guys, for appreciating our Artist, most specially my Idol, Morissette Amon, Thank you Xiaoma ❣️ i already subscribed at your channel.

  9. Little man xie xie for featuring about my culture phil. I might be half chinese filipino still in my heart im a filipino. Xie xie

  10. Part 2:
    Darren Espanto – Chandelier
    Morisette Amon – Rise Up
    Kz Tandingan – Rolling in the Deep
    TNT Boys – I'm Telling You

  11. Create a reaction video of Philippine's best loveteams in abs-cbn like KathNiel,LizQuen,JaDine,JoshNella,LoiNie,MayWard,KaoSeth and more!💛

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