OBSESSED!: Jessie Mueller (and Her Multiple Personalities) Sing “Beautiful”

OBSESSED!: Jessie Mueller (and Her Multiple Personalities) Sing “Beautiful”

Hi, everyone, Seth Rudetsky Obsessed! Promoting p-town, but right now it’s just too much promotion so I’ll just Jessie Mueller! So Jessie Mueller right now is in Beautiful and she’s amazing. um you’re from Chicago Huh, okay, when did the amazing brilliant singing began how old were you? I don’t know about the amazing brilliant- that’s kind of you to say but- I I sang when I was very tiny I remember my dad being like Jessica. There’s no singing at- there’s no singing at the dinner table why, what would you be singing? I didn’t I don’t know what I would hum when I chewed my dinner even oh, oh oh so it’s a little OCD So tiny like 3/4 probably I was singing and then will you constantly were you Like obsessing about a certain singer in particular and trying to imitate them to be funny? What were you doing? Uh I I did imitate a lot of people kind of -Barbara? Not a lot of Barbara actually Ethel Merman well um we listened to like some cast- like strange cast recordings when I was little like 1776 and Big River, that’s not strange at all I did have siblings who also sing but the parts were sort of Dictated I usually got to pick last so I usually played Jim Male role When we did Big River Drag king, okay? I also want to say so first of all you are Every show that I’ve seen Jesse in I’m like wait who is that because it full chameleon now he like looks-wise Alpha Wise but also vocally so on a clear day sassy jazz scat singer um Edwin Drood, but with full like Indian and with accent and trills, speaking of Edwin Drood, you were talking about your own professionalism Please tell me the story go Well, there is a song No Good Can Come From Bad. Which was around a dinner table. There was a dinner scene so it’s like I mean most of it was Betsy Wolfe and Andy Karl, Greg Edelman, Will Chase, Stephanie Block and Myself. I think that’s all the people at the dinner and and then the way they staged it it’s it was like a like an opera scene where someone sings here and someone sings there and then we all sing together and Um and they was it was blocked as if like when you’re singing I’m frozen, and I’m looking at you and then I sing but one night I mean the dinner scene was notorious Will Chase would put like things in our dinner dishes and Sorry, if I had to out him and one night it wasn’t because of that. I don’t know it Just got me and I looked at Andy Karl’s face which not that his face makes me laugh, but he makes me laugh, and I what was my I think my line was supposed to be “twin don’t overreach pray promises to me” and I think it came out (breathless jumbled line) and then I’m supposed to freeze. That’s gone It was not my proudest moment and everybody else was supposed to be frozen so they were all like And Andy Karl would give me like what are you doing like you’re supposed to be singing? and yet She still got the lead in a Broadway musical so brava that [Actor’s] Equity kept you in the union I think they weren’t there that night I Exactly, so like I said, then Cinderella crazy amazing soprano in Into The Woods and now Beautiful playing Carole King, sound like Carole King? lower lower But like weird amazing raspy speaking of which I know that Carole King was like “I just can’t go see the show” and then five months later “I’m seeing the show” so what was it like when she finally showed up? We didn’t know we didn’t know she was coming She surprised us And we’re- Jarrod Spector who plays Barry in the show was giving the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids speech At the end of the show, and he gets to about like He you know he’s talking about it gives You know we give they give money to food banks, Hospice care Um and all of a [sudden] I hear gasps from the audience and I thought maybe someone was like really moved by the speech or something like “oh my God that happened to me” or “my dad was in Hospice care”, whatever No. Carole King’s walking on stage from stage right You really didn’t know? No! Nobody- I mean like three people in the building knew because they had to like Our press people knew, one stage manager I think and and then some of the like guys backstage knew because he was the one like being like “Alright Miss King just stand right here until we send you on” So she came on and then what? then you see the entire Well, I see Jarrod Spector like double over like he’s just had the wind knocked out of him And then I see that it’s Carol And I’m like oh my God she’s here and then the second thought is Jess she’s here because she just watched the show So my brain is going hmm how did that show go, did I feel good about this performance? Did you void? Not not on stage, okay. Good. Just want to make sure that But there was a moment where I realized Keep it in check You know what I mean? No totally because things could happen It’s kegel exercises So the point is that all worked out That all worked out and then she went on using “effing awesome” was the quote really come on and then I didn’t see the video But I know that she raised like a ton of money. She raised $30,000 for Broadway Cares Why did someone bid because Carol King comes on stage so the audience goes sing a song so she goes “all right, I’ll tell you what, you pledge money, you get to a number I like, we’ll all sing a song and And so people start bidding. We get three separate bids matched for ten thousand each. and then she goes and Then she starts singing “You’ve Got a Friend” and then we all sing with her She like pulls me out and tries to- I couldn’t sing, I got about two words out and then I was like (distressed noise), “Everyone help me” And then there was a point where we all cut out she was like no We’re gonna stop singing and you all sing to us so we had you know 1200 people singing “You’ve Got a Friend” to us it was so cool Okay, I haven’t seen the video Then she like riffed at the end I haven’t seen the video, but know there is a video So I’m hoping we’re gonna cut in the video right here Wasn’t that amazing? So here’s what we’re gonna do I wanted to show that Jessie’s born with thousand voices What did your mother say to you when you were a kid? “What does Jessie sound like?” What does Jessie sound like? so we’re gonna do you know we’re gonna do a song from “Beautiful” We’re gonna demonstrate all Jessie’s amazing voices that I’ve seen so far We’re going to start with Jessie’s voice and we’re going to do Helena is amazing Indian We’re going to do- Cinderella’s crazy. She talks to birds so constantly trilling like little vocal trills We’re gonna do the scat singing from “On A Clear Day” with that dance and then Carole King sort of like a vocal damage, but I can always hit the notes I’m tricking you with my vocal damage. It’s not actually real. So we’re gonna do all that okay we’re going to try the Real Jessie I have often asked myself the reason for the sadness in the world Where tears are just a lullaby? Helena! If there’s any answer, maybe love can end the madness, maybe not all but we can only try Clear Day! (scatting) Carole King! Then people gonna treat you better, you’re gonna find, yes you will, that you’re beautiful, Helena! you feel, it’s all about how you feel, you’re beautiful Scat! Cinderella! You’re beautiful as you feel All right, so that was an E flat so unexpected! That’s amazing! Totally overshot it! Amazing! Oh my God I wanted to do a B flat!

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  1. sometimes, i need subtitles when watching obsessed!! but seth is crazy hilarious… and jessie mueller is a goddess!!

  2. You know it is the best when Seth get all giddy. He has sat and sang with Broadway's best and to see him at the end really be surprised is HE LA RI OUS!

  3. I know who he should have necks. Tell me if you all agree. The legendary Kristin Chenoweth. Where they get her the demonstrate her highest notes in all the songs that she sings. Including in wicked. Who's with me

  4. she is my goals for the future, I want to grow up to be on broadway and she fully amazes and inspires me

  5. Oh, my goodness, she is INCREDIBLE! That trill! That Eb! And I love how parts of her jazz singing sound like Doris Day. Jessie is a talent indeed.

  6. omg I was just in Edwin Drood and every single time we practiced No Good Can Come From Bad I just laughed to myself every time bc of this video

  7. I know that this will never happen, but I feel like she would be a great Sonya in Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

  8. my anxiety is gone, my acne cleared, i lost thirty pounds, and my dog found his way home all because of that e flat!

  9. 1. I love her so, so much and just got tix to see her in the Carousel revival and am kinda sh*tting my pants. 2. I just realized the intro music is from iMovie and it's built-in to the program as background audio. It's called … wait for it … "Off Broadway." 😀

  10. Okay we're all impressed with that E flat but I'm impressed that he can even tell what note that was lol maybe it's easy for musicians to have an ear for it.

  11. Another coloratura soprano singing low alto and belt roles and the occasional legit soprano role. She is very charming indeed.

  12. I really want to hear her sing more of this song/other songs with her "real voice". It's so simple, smooth, and raw that it seems like it reaches your soul.

  13. Hate to be THAT person, but as someone who actually has Dissociative Identities, can you not use a mental illness to clickbait something that is not anything to do with the condition either educationally or anecdotally?

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