Oti so excited by incredible child dancers KLA! – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Oti so excited by incredible child dancers KLA! – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

# Everybody dance
Doo-doo doo-doo # Clap your hands,
clap your hands… # Hello, Greatest Dancer Studio. Hiya! We’re KLA.
We’re here for our audition. KLA! Come straight through. Thank you! I love it here.
I’m having the best time. Hello!
ALL: Hi. How are you guys? Good. Let’s check you in.
What are you called? KLA. I didn’t hear you. KLA! MUSIC: I Love To Boogie
by T Rex ALL: KLA Dancing! The group’s called KLA, and we’re
very special because we all bond and we’re just so crazy together. Who thinks that mirror’s
going to open for them? ALL: Me! Hopefully. Fingers crossed! We’re very funny, very nuts. Right, then, girls, we ready?
Come on. Let’s go. ALL: Yes. We’ve been practising Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We’ve been practising a lot. I’m so, so excited to perform! I love it! # I love to boogie
on a Saturday night. # TRAIN HORN BLARES Pop your bags down. Oh, wow! You look amazing. So, what…what style is it? What do you reckon they’re going
to do? They’re Latin and ballroom! I
recognise those shoes from anywhere! ALL: Latin American! AMELIA: Latin American? Yes! My name is Dean,
and I am Emily’s dad. Emily is from KLA Dance, an all-girl
Latin formation group from Wales. My role within the group – taxi. Dad’s taxis. Taking them to practise, dropping
them back, but it’s definitely worth it, especially when you see
them on the dance floor, it makes the hair on your neck stand
up, it gives you goose bumps, and you’re so proud of them. If the mirror opens,
I’ll be emotional, yeah. I’ll have my handkerchief ready,
I expect. Press your button for the KLA girls
cos they deserve it. Proud Dad again. So, we play the part of the boy.
Oh, I see! I like it when it’s the little kids. THEY SING RHYME THEY CHEER So, I think they’re ready for you! Wow. I know, I’m excited. Bye! Bye! Will KLA get 75% of the vote, open the mirror and make it
through to the call-backs? MUSIC: Played-A-Live
by Safri Duo They’ve got their lights on.
I don’t get it. Yeah, it’s more now. Load it up, load it up! MIMES: Ladies and gentlemen! TRACK SWITCHES CHEERING # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa… # Ahh! TRACK SWITCHES # Well, it’s Saturday night
and I just got paid # Fool about my money,
don’t try to save # My heart says, go,
go, have a time # Cos Saturday night
and I’m feelin’ fine # I’m gonna rock it up # I’m gonna rip it up # I’m gonna shake it out… Every single light is on.
They’re all for your girls, mate. # I’m gonna rock it out
and ball tonight. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE MUSIC: Fireball (ft. John Ryan)
by Pitbull Aw, wow, just insane. Absolutely incredible. Woo! Oh! Are you happy with how that went? ALL: Yeah! Oti, you were so excited! Yes! Oh! I’m so happy you did a double turn
into a lasso, cha-cha, a jive, and you kept us entertained. That was amazing! Argh! Wow!
That was a beautiful performance. Your hands, your extensions. I have one question – how do
we decide who wears the pants and who wears the dresses? LAUGHTER The heights, the boys are taller,
so we’re leaders. You know what really sold it for me?
Your little faces. I could see how much you were
enjoying it. And when the mirrors opened,
you were like, “Yes!” And Oti could do absolutely
wonderful things with you guys. Argh! JORDAN: Oti’s a fan.
I think Oti’s fan. OTI: I’m going to say hi.
I’m coming, I’m coming. I’m coming! Hello! Shall we do a cha-cha? Shall we do
a cha-cha? Let’s do a cha-cha. Let’s go. Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! LAUGHTER Are you ready?
DRUMBEAT PLAYS Cha-cha, ready? Ha! And one…two, three, cha-cha!
Two, three. Cha-cha, one, two, three.
Cha-cha, one, two, three. Let’s go, let’s go. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! CHEERING MUSIC: Conqueror
by Aurora Well done, girls. CHEERING # I’ve been looking
for the conqueror… # I love it, I love it. # But you don’t seem to
come my way… # ALESHA LAUGHS Whoo! # I’ve been looking for the only one # But you don’t seem to
come my way. # We’re in the call-backs,
and it just feels amazing! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

100 thoughts on “Oti so excited by incredible child dancers KLA! – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

  1. They were rubbish that other dancer who danced the type of ballet was soooo much better and he didn’t even get through !

  2. This dance school is about a 3 mins way from my house and I actually have friends that attend the older section of kla amazing school

  3. I like the opening to the stage idea but the reception idea is not only forced looking but also unfair as it gives the audience a biased view based on whether or not they like the contestants personality

  4. Make way for Queen Oti!
    I think the voting format sucks on this show (even a telephone vote would be better than the cheesy audience stuff they’re doing), BUT Oti is an absolute shining star on this show. If I tune in again it’ll be because of her

  5. Please can someone tell me the second song played please? After it says ‘ladies and gentleman’?? Love these girls x

  6. Do the contestants know the door will open? I can't tell if they know or if they are surprised. I'd shit myself if I think I'm dancing in front of a mirror then suddenly I'm in front of thousands of people.

  7. Can't stand these show with Darcy audience reaction The coloured skin is taken over entertainment to much in Tv and Americanized it all . White isn't a colour

  8. Who.edited this show with flashes of the audience'Wall the time Concentrate on the stage Camera man or Editor Too hyped up to be taken seriously

  9. my opinion only:
    i like this show because people can come and showcase their passion for dancing.

    i dislike this show because the audience influences or the audience is in charge whether the curtain or thing gets opened or not..that’s not a good choice for me..

  10. I think these kids were nice little dancers, but I would choose the classical ballet dancer over them any day 😐

    Ps. This is just my opinion, no need to get angry back at me 😑

  11. I L❤VE IT when Oti lights up and unleashes her blazing🔥 fire and pure joy for dancing!

    It is so instantly contagious!

  12. What is the use of Judges on this show, so frustrated and annoyed. Why couldnt they save the ballet dancer? instead of these cheap children dance

  13. I certainly hope they put the girls in white shirts in different shirts or at least ware a bra. I would be embarrassed to know most of the world could see through my shirt. I know they are just young girls but parents please at least an under shirt.

  14. They’re good, but hate they have the girls dressed as boys wearing those shoes… put them in the small heels with black socks please – no use training for their future as a female partner when they’re not dancing in heels.

  15. I have loved Oti ever since her incredible choreo shone through in the seasons she had talented dance partners on Strictly to highlight them. She is charming, smart and so so creative.

  16. I'm genuinely annoyed that the ballet dancer didn't get through, but u still can't get over the fact that this group had the same name as my school😂😂

  17. I hope there’s a twist to the show. The people voted out is really the ones going through. Bring the ballet dancer back! If everyone boycotted BBC they would have to bring him back!

  18. I cant respect this show after that brilliant dancer being judged by such ignorance, i cant stand little girls pretending to be boys .

  19. so they get through, but not that amazing ballet dancer?! bullshit. honestly this is why people who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about when it comes to dance shouldn’t be allowed to make the final decision.

  20. These dumb audience voting for the music ffs.WTF. Since the ballet dancer has got no music he's got no votes.Nice audience.Just there to fk up someone's career.

  21. What a disappointment with the public 😞😞 years ago I did not see so much class and perfection in a dancer, the movements so perfect and defined, the elegance.
    They do not know at all what it is to dance TRUTH.
    I am very sorry for the boy and I congratulate him.

  22. AH-MAAAZING!!! Lovr love LOOVE that it's an all girls group, doing couples dances ! Especialy w them beeing so young and not even Realising just how Fantastic it is to be able.to do that these days and be totaly celebrated.for.it!! Good for them! What an ingenious idea!! ❤❤❤

  23. Time to change the voting power…. I mean judges should also have the power to vote for contenders… Silly audience no nothing about dancing…

  24. Oh my god, I'm seeing all the comments about the ballet dancer and I can say I KNOW! I AGREE! Guess we all went through a similar path of recommended videos, lol.

  25. Obviously they're amazing, but I wonder how much of the audience is made up of their friends and family.
    Also the ballet dancer being sent home was a travesty.

  26. Wait is that Oti Mabuse? I didn't know she does British TV that's awesome and awww she has the exact same energy her big sister has ❤️

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