Audi A5 Sportback review

Hi there! I spoke with some Audi technicians last year… …and I said: “Just make another model…” “…be creative.” And this is what they came up with. The A5 Sportback. We already know the A3 Sportback… …that’s basically an A4 Avant that got hit by a truck, thus making it shorter. And the A5 Sportback […]

1000HP Audi RS6 DTM (ex-Jon Olsson) activates scooter alarms in Amsterdam – by Autovisie TV

It seems like an Audi. But it isn’t. The average Audi doesn’t do this. This is an RS6. And an RS6, that’s fun of course. 580 horsepower, almost 600. Pretty nice. But that isn’t it either. This is the car of Jon Olsson. And Jon Olsson is freestyle skier. But not only that, he’s also […]

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE: The Best Luxury SUV | Edmunds Top Rated 2020

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: A luxury SUV first needs to work as an SUV, which means it needs to be big, it needs to be comfy, and it needs to be useful. But then, if it’s going to claim luxury, it also needs to feel elegant and refined. The Mercedes-Benz GLE has long been a […]

(2020) Peugeot e-2008 (136 PS) – City-SUV unter Strom 🔋🔌 Fahrbericht | FULL Review | Test-Drive.

visit from france we are here in close to marseille le bourget niasse treand libri de hello together You’re back to your car tester of trust and we have you as always when you see us here something new brought something exciting something that does not exist yet time of the moment namely the perso […]

2019 NOUA TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID “SUV-ul care salveaza planeta” | eblogAUTO car review

Hello there friends and welcome! If you are Toyota, you will have two very important elements under your “umbrella” First of all, the hybrid drivetrain Which helped the Japanese manufacturer at the moment to secure the lead in the World championship for endurance racing And secondly, You have a strong and important chassis model, RAV4 […]

Ignition System Operation & Testing – (No Spark Toyota Celica)-Part 1

2012 Golf TDI Test Drive and Review – Leavens Volkswagen

Hi Everyone, It’s Cliff here from Leavens Volkswagen again Here to talk to you today about the 2012 Golf TDI So for me the golf is where it’s at, as a long-time hatchback driver Owner of 3 Golfs including my current one The hatchback presents a nice mixture of versatility, sportiness and fun. You got […]