Penat Sepak Bonet Audi Tapi Tak Terbuka ?!

Penat Sepak Bonet Audi Tapi Tak Terbuka ?!

One of the features… Not so many Audi owner did’nt realized is ‘kick boot’ or… I did not know the correct term. But we can kick under boot. Our boot will open by itself. Basically, Audi from year 2012 and above.. A4 and higher model..if not mistaken. Already have this feature. I don’t know and not sure. Because I only own this car. One car. I did not born into rich family. Nor a minister. So, basically A4 and higher model should have this feature. If we look below.. There is sensor under the boot. If we kick here. The boot will be open. It is really helpful feature if you have full hand. But I got few questions…how to use this feature. Because sometime it works, sometime it does not. We give you 3 tips how to open the boot. Tips #1: Key and its location First rule… Make sure that your key. is locate behind the car. Not at right nor at left nor at in car. Not in your house. And if you don’t have this key. Most probably your’re not owner of this car. I don’t sure why are you watching this video. 🙂 Tips #2: Standing The Right Way Rule number two. Do not stand too close to your boot. Stand at least, one or one and half foot. Tips #3: Kick with Style. Rule number three. Do not kick too fast. Kick with… medium speed. And wait a few seconds For it to open. This is how it looks. messy here. You can practice. By seeing blinking light at the key. So, that’s few tips.. How to kick at your Audi boot Hopefully, you did’nt kick literally at your bumper. Hope you like my video. See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Penat Sepak Bonet Audi Tapi Tak Terbuka ?!

  1. Bro. Thanks for sharing the video. Just to inform the kicking direction is easier to be achieve by doing kick in and out . Not left to right or right to left .
    Kudos for all your videos

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