Philips Android TV™: A world of entertainment

Philips Android TV™: A world of entertainment

Just imagine… That’s what we did when
devising the perfect TV experience for you. One that is faster, richer and more personal. Smart TV just got smarter and a lot more simple. The remote gives you control at your fingertips Or via voice Built-in Android TV opens the door to endless content. Connect instantly, and enjoy it
with perfect Picture Quality and Ambilight. Philips’ TV Remote App lets you use your
smartphone to create personal playlists, control your TV, switch channels, and use Google Cast. All with complete ease. Think of the endless possibilities… A world of entertainment without limits. It’s the Perfect Viewing Experience.

16 thoughts on “Philips Android TV™: A world of entertainment

    Vă mul?umim pentru ca ne-ati contactat, referitor la întrebarea dumneavoastră dorim să vă oferim următoarele informa?ii:

    This TV has problems with supporting 5GHz network. It's TV from 2014, when 5GHz networks were not as popular as 2,4GHz.
    Please, change the network to 2,4GHz and check the internet speed via

  2. I am looking for getting a 50PUT6800/56 but I have my doubts, I don't know when it first made available, 2014, it's that old?

  3. I had to return my pus7101 because of a huge amount of software problems with the Android TV. After trying to fix things for a week, it finally just stopped turning on entirely, so I asked for my money back.

    I do wonder if the 7601 has gotten improved in that area or if the software has been updated to not be so terrible, because the picture quality and Ambilight were amazing.

  4. A lot of bugs mostly yes, random reboots, android crashes, netlix crashes and laggs, don't buy Philips's TV, just go to their forum to realise how much this is bad. Everyone complains about the issues there.

  5. I suggest NOT to buy this tv and here's why. After me and my husband bought this tv it worked for 3 month, then it started twitching regardless whether we were watching cable tv, youtube or from USB. It would be twitching and then screen would just turn black, there would be sound but no video. Later the screen would just be black, only sound. Knowing we got a defective tv we contacted Philips as soon as possible and asked for them to change defective tv into nondefected one. But they said that they can't do that since 50 days has passed and that they will take it to repairs only. They tried to repair it two times already and the same problem continues. And every time we had to pack and unpack tv ourselves, it was frustrating and time consuming. Each repair would last almost a month. What was even more frustrating was how slow they were to contact us. Every time we wrote them it would take half a week or more to get a response . This whole situation still continues, Philips is not writing us back after last failed repair and we decided to contact users rights. It feels that this company does not respect nor value it's customers. First we asked to switch up tv's since we are understanding that there can be defects in mass production, but now that it has taken so much of our time, energy and nerves having to go with them back and forth we demanded to just give our money back. Don't want to deal with Philips ever again.

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