POV: James Charles wakes you up at 2am

POV: James Charles wakes you up at 2am

(What’s going on?) (Oh no! It’s James San!) *crack* Hello sister. (No! Don’t make me gay!) *sNaP* *wIgGLE kRiGLE * (What are you gonna do to me?) *sNaP again* I’m gonna make you gay, yOu know, I’ve grown very fond of you over the LAST couple of nights. You’re so beautiful You know what would be super awesome? What if we kissed? Better yet. Let’s make out. (NO!!!) Oh no, no, no, don’t be scared (Leave me James San!) I’m famous and have a bUnCh of followers. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. (shoot) Don’t worry. Just go with the flow (Mr.Charles, I don’t feel so good.) Why are you being so reluctant? (I’m straight bit-) Come on, just relax All right, let’s go. (ₙₒ dₒₙ’ₜ ₖᵢₛₛ ₘₑ!!) You dare oppose me M O R T A L Only I can turn people gay at will. (ɳO!! ιT’ʂ ʝK ɾOɯLιNɠ!) Let me display my power (ah shit here we go again) sit (sheldon where are you) By the power of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory you shall henceforth be gay *Summons the big gay* Stop this madness, JK Rowling. You are a false prophet. Bruh *V O R E J K* *C O N S U M E S T H E S I S T E R* I shall forever defend you your highness stay humble and keep praying. now lift yourself (thank you sheldon very cool. also go sub to surreal ok bye now.)

100 thoughts on “POV: James Charles wakes you up at 2am

  1. James Charles – What if we kissed..? Better yet make out!


    Me later in the day – I'm a man(woman) of god 🙏🙏🙏

    See what I did lmao…if you don't get it you're not a true tiktok user…

  2. Oh my god, this will become my nightmare, I'm gonna have it every night, omg, this was so frickin' creepy, omg, omg, omg, omg, it's coming after me.


  3. I didnt expect this to be this scary T^T..I cursed in front of my parents when james charles' head suddenly went towards us

  4. My girlfriend said she'd cuddle with me to protect me from him. So when we broke up, i didnt cry cause she left, i cried cause now hes gonna get me

  5. I watch one james charles video n this is what my sleep paralysis episodes look like for the next five months😶

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