100 thoughts on “Power Wheels Go Kart Runs! + Off Road tires!

  1. Y'all should definitely do a gymkanaha style vide where its the camero and the mustang racing then they split with a fade to it blasting through the woods with cinderella

  2. Do a Truck powerwheels next make it longer Like cinderella and put a Diesel engine in it please. Would be awesome

  3. Whole chassis is tacked together, spindles held on by 2 threads……
    Well, this is the biggest hill on the property….

  4. Hey, you're the guy from "NoAnchorTV" I knew you looked familiar! "My First 8 months travelling/living in a truck" video had a huge impact on me.

  5. Build a chain guard on that thing ASAP. The chain whipping right between your legs is an accident waiting to happen.

  6. If you need to put a rubber on the rim, just wrap a strap around the rubber while on the rim then wrap a bar around the strap until the tire it tight on the rim, the add air and release the strap

  7. You can ratchet strap to “bear hug” your tire and it will tighten the tire and seat the tire while you put air in it. I used that method on the trail when I rolled a tire off the bead a few times.

  8. So, basically, to get the off-road tires mounted, you gotta do the GPC version of the Hokey Pokey?

    Y'all should trademark that :p

  9. You really need to remove your hoodie lace and roll your sleeves up on the lathe… or with any equipment for that matter…

  10. use a ratchet strap around the tires th bead them , put it around the tire tighten it up fill it with air. has never failed me yet

  11. Would have been great to go with an air cooled motor so you don’t have to worry about all the extra cooling stuff. JMO

  12. Why is the engine in the front? Wouldn’t you want weight in the rear for traction and not flipping while going downhill?

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  14. Guys, I wanted to give you a suggestion for getting those tires to "bead up" next time. Ratchet Strap! The other quick way is a little starting fluid and a match. Spray a little starting fluid inside the tire then throw a match at it from a distance. When the fluid ignites it pops the tire onto the bead. Then you just air it up. It's an old off-road tire trick.

    (Just saw this below, my original post was going to be this; Try using a ratchet strap to crank down the middle of the tire and force the bead out to the rim.)

  15. Hey guys love your channel I was wondering if you would be willing to sell the BMW pickup you guys made I live in cali and it would be great out here

  16. Hey guys. Love your stuff. I'm looking for a donor power wheel "motors, batteries, electronics " to sorta do the opposite of what you guys do. Lol. Keep me in mind please?

  17. Give it away please.. that was so cool, i am really want to build something similar to that but can't afford it 😂 maybe sometimes.. i know i will do it

  18. I just passed you guys on 94 between Boner and Clinton Montana. The barbi jeep looks nice on the back ok the crawler

  19. Hey guys, I have a mountain biking background and I highly recommend that you get some sort of cover over the air shock stanchions because when they get scratched it is really bad for the inside of the shock because the scratches can carry the dirt inside completely messing up the shocks👍
    Anyway great work loving the vids

  20. Can't wait to meet you guys at the next Gambler 500! I'm learning how to weld right now. Also less than three death to thee!

  21. @grindhardplumbingco i use to have a bad ass predator 500 that would walk raptors and mild banchee’s . If you need any tips on tuning that cv carb hit me up

  22. The Escalade is getting a huge upgrade going from a 5.5 hp push mower engine to a honda VT750 vtwin and the frame will be built hopefully soon for suspension and wheels im thinking of looking for atv parts

  23. I have always just used a ratchet strap to blow out the tires to fit a larger wheel. You guys do awesome work though. Mind blowing

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