SB19 – “Go Up” 2x Speed Dance Challenge

SB19 – “Go Up” 2x Speed Dance Challenge

[Stell] So guys, today— [Stell] We just finished filming our “Go Up” dance practice! [Stell] We have received a lot of messages from our fans hoping that we would make a “Go Up” dance practice video. [Stell] So guys, this is it, we just finished filming [Stell] We hope that you’ve watched and liked our video. [Stell] Lastly, we would like to thank our fans and everyone for tirelessly supporting us and watching our MV. [Stell] And I hope everyone will continue supporting Filipino music! [Stell] Thank you very much, everyone! [Stell] See you next video! Okay, bye bye— [Josh] Paper? [Josh] What’s that? [Josh] Is this a prank? [Josh] I don’t think my knees can survive this [Josh] Seriously?! [Stell] Is this serious?! Really? [Ken] Signs of aging. [Justin] Like, now? [Josh] The infamous… [SeJun] What cut? What (dance) cut? [Justin] We can do this if there’s a reward. [Ken] Do we have a reward?
[SeJun & Stell] For a reward! [Ken] Reward! [Josh] Wait, let’s think… like… [SeJun] Chicken? Chicken? [Justin] House and lot! [Josh] House and lot? [Josh] What about… [Josh] Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! [SeJun] Four boxes? [Stell] With chicken? With Chicken? [Justin and Josh] Times two, ’cause it’s 2x [Stell] How’s this gonna go? For only one try? One take? One take? [Stell] One take. [Josh] We can do it. [Stell] We can. [Ken] We can. [Josh] Then you’ll treat us pizza? [Stell] Then a pizza? [SeJun] Is the pizza 2x too? [Stell] Pizza and drinks? [Stell] Can we do it? Can we? Can we? Don’t give up, SB19! 2x Speed is just chicken* for SB19!
(*Easy peasy) You can do it, kuya!
(*Kuya is a way to call an older brother) You guys can handle this! They’re so happy! Can you still go, Justin? Don’t fall! Run, Ken, Run!!!! Can you guys still run? Looks like Justin is drowning in the river Hang in there, SB19! Almost done! Stell’s doing a zombie walk already Almost done! Oh wow, our main dancer’s (Ken) having a wide smile! As well as our leader (SeJun)! [Stell] Wasn’t that 4x?! [Ken] We can’t breathe! [Justin] I feel ticklish! [Justin] Wait—
That’s reversed, Justin! [SeJun] Let’s eat. (*Mojos are lightly battered, fried sliced potatoes) [Justin] Did you see it? All of the scallops fell [SeJun] How about Stell? Did he say he’s not gonna eat? [Justin] It’s still early that’s why… [Justin] It’s still early. SB19’s gonna eat first, BYE! [Justin] But we already have our food. Yes!
SB19’s gonna eat first, BYE! [subs by @vesterstell]

100 thoughts on “SB19 – “Go Up” 2x Speed Dance Challenge

  1. Hello! I am new to SB19 ever since i saw their video on FB. Can anyone please tell me the meaning of Aurum and Breakers and how are they related to the group?

  2. Ang saya saya ko habang pinapanood to. Hahaha atawang tawa talaga ako. Kase ang saya saya din nila. Ang saya nlang panoorin 😍😍🤗💖💖

  3. Kalevel n tlaga nila mga kpop groups. Naalala ko ung 2x group challenge sa super juniors parang ganyan din sa performance nila.

  4. nakakabilib in sync pa rin, even though poor Justin is dying 😂
    yung downside lang, nakakagutom yung ending haha

  5. Pag malayo sila….

    Yung boy na naka white striped shirt parang kamuhka si jungkook at yung white na buhok….pag malayo,kamuhka si Jin

  6. Tae na yan. Nakita ko lang ung clip nung isang araw sa fb nung tilaluha, tapos dumiretso na ako ng YT para mapanood at mapakinggan buong song ng tilaluha. Eto na ako ngayon, iniisa isa na lahat ng vid ng SB19 sa channel nila! Hahahahhahaha

  7. Keep smiling even we struggling- ken😁, let's support sb19 mga kapwa pinoy like we do on our kpop idol. Who wants Worldtour for sb19? 🖐️

  8. Justin: "pineapple with pizza"
    "Who is best in raffing?"-other video hahhahahhaha cute mo bata ka.. i wuv u na

  9. Stl waiting to our co-k-pop fans to comment here… pinapanuod ko to naiisip ko BTOB collab with SB19 hehehehe pag kompleto na BTOB…hehehe

  10. hhhmmm, why still in 1M views, nabawasan ng views or bagal lng tumaas. ung like ko dto last month pa nawala, idk why.

  11. Uhmmm boys, according to the description, you might have a surprise for us if the vid reaches 1 million views. Guess what? We did. So…?

  12. ang cute nyo aaaaaaa ang gagaling!! my mother recognized sejun kaagad nung pinapanuod ko sa kanya to yieeeee. fighting boysss! 💖🎉

  13. Hahahaha grabe sttruggle is life …
    Pero sisiw lang ang dance challenge x2 or x4 ba un hahaha ,,
    U made my day guysss
    We will support u babies 💙
    All the way up up up
    #SB19 FTW !!!

  14. dun sa part na "sa ilog na rumaragasa", diba may parang turn sila doon na wave-like. ang accurate pa rin ng wave kahit 2x na

  15. I wish that a day would come when I speak the name of SB19 & no one will ask me "Sb19 who?" Soon your name will be known nationwide and hope to be worldwide too. That even the donkey and the monkey in the forest can recognize you name. Hahaahah
    Please don't stop learning. Keep developing your skills, your talent & your personality.

  16. Fowta tapos ko na iwatch nung nakaraan pa ung lahat ng vids ng sb19. Kaya eto ako inuulit ulit nalang vids nila. Hahahha

  17. Hey I'm a new fun in this group, and talagang nasurprise ako I like the song and the sb19 members keep up the good work I'll always support tell the end.🤩☝️❤

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