Seat Arona 2018 👌 Nuevo SUV Pequeño de Seat

Seat Arona 2018 new small SUV from the German brand welcome, you are in the channel of Sr Space Walker Seat Arona, takes its name from a town in the Canary Islands but is to be manufactured in Barcelona. Marketing has just started now at the end of 2017. In previous videos, we were talking about the best This SUV 2017-2018 and one of them was the Seat Arona It is 4 meters long and 1.5 meters high and is high enough to access the interior. A lateral frontal virtually identical to the Ibiza has low plastic protections that make having an aspect crossover is novel roof can be painted in the body color, obviously, or with other colors, the brand speaks up to 68 possible combinations. The best is the interior, is somewhat wider than that of Ibiza, as there is a to gain more vertical windshield ceiling height. It has a 400 liter capacity luggage compartment which they are 45 more than he Ibiza, a figure that places it among the car concerning small SUV. There are two options for engines and there will be three options in the future, but for now there are two options: diesel and gasoline Diesel we have also in two options: the 1.6 TDI engine versions available in both 95 and 115 hp more gasoline versions of the three-cylinder engine issues tsi of a book with 95 and 115 hp and that is the 1.5 dCi 150 hp that is the Volkswagen Golf premiered 2017 and CV are enough to move this car. In the future it will join the range CNG version 1.0 petrol engine associated with TGI 90 hp. These engines cylinders 3 and 4 all turbocharged direct injection and Start & Stop system. Standard manual changes five or six relationships and any associated DSG automatic dual clutch, All are front-wheel drive, obviously. There finishes four versions:
Reference Plus, Style, Xcellence and FR (which is sportier, as he always does Seat). As for each the Reference Plus has a very basic finish, with braking assistant city were so its touch screen 5 inches obviously get air conditioning 16 inch bar window frames in black with the logo crossover in black or black leather upholstery ceiling Style is probably the option that the customer usually choose more because it has a XDS electronic differential (for 100 CV engines), detector dead angle such a thing is very useful when changing lanes on the highways alloy wheels 16 inch chrome package, mirrors in body color, chrome front grille or ambient light the Xcellence version seeks elegance betting technology since it will for example put the screen changes from 5 to 8 inches dual-zone automatic climate control parking sensor front and rear automatic parking conscious opening system and keyless start (Kessy), roof rails chrome or body bicolor also good for such obviously rearview camera vision and Full link The FR is the sportier car is modified with outside grill grate wider one slightly different and new air intakes in the lower bumper on the metal shield also has like the Aztec FR having variable dampers hardness, we can modify the hardness of the shock absorbers for a more sporty look. Sports seats and Seat Drive Profile with 4 driving modes selectable (Normal, Sport, Eco and individual) It is at the same level as the Excellce, so it includes all of the above: the 8 inch screen. The screen is compatible with Apple and Android Auto carplay and will have a wireless charging system for mobile. (As we see in ads) .Espero that you liked this video of the new SEAT Arona 2018 if you liked: subscribe to my channel Like the video and dale. Thank you very much to see the new Seat Arona 2018 the new SUV from the German brand.

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