Sesame Street: Irish Step Dance School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Sesame Street: Irish Step Dance School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

SINGERS: Murray has
a little lamb. MAN: Yo, Murray has a little
lamb, who wears a little bow. SINGERS: Go, Murray. MAN: Together they go everywhere
amigos like to go. SINGERS: M– M– Murray. MAN: He follows her to school
each day, they run, they spin, they leap. SINGERS: Go, Murray! MAN: Yo, everybody loves to see
a monster and his sheep. And they all say– SINGERS: Murray, Murray,
Murray, Murray– MAN: Murray has a little lamb. SINGERS: Go, Murray! MAN: Murray has a little lamb. SINGERS: Murray has
a little lamb! MURRAY: Oh, boy. I wonder where we’re
going today? Ovejita will know. But, uh, where is that
little lamb? OVEJITA: Yahoo! MURRAY: Ovejita! Where are we going today? OVEJITA: Una escuela. MURRAY: A school! Oh, but what school
are we going to? OVEJITA: Adivinar. MURRAY: You want me to guess? But I don’t even have
one clue yet! OVEJITA: Heehee! Whee! MURRAY: Come on! Let’s go get some clues! What’s the first
clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: Musica. MURRAY: Musica? What’s musica? OVEJITA: Musica! [LOUD MUSIC] MURRAY: Whaaa! OVEJITA: Heehee. MURRAY: That sounded
like music. Whoa! It is music! OVEJITA: Si. Musica. MURRAY: Oh, musica must be how
you say music in Spanish! And it sounds like
Irish music. But what kind of school
do you need music for? OVEJITA: Adivinar. MURRAY: Guess? I have no idea. I need another clue. OVEJITA: Whee! MURRAY: Come on. Where are you, Ovejita? Ovejita! There you are. What’s the next clue? OVEJITA: Un zapato. MURRAY: Un zapato? OVEJITA: Un zapato. MURRAY: It’s a shoe. OVEJITA: Un zapato. MURRAY: Un zapato must be how
you say shoe in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si! Un zapato. MURRAY: OK. So the clues are music– OVEJITA: Musica! MURRAY: And shoe. OVEJITA: Un zapato. MURRAY: What kind of
school can it be? OVEJITA: Adivinar! Heehee! MURRAY: Come on. There’s more guessing to do! [WHISTLE] MURRAY: Oh. There you are, Ovejita. What’s the next clue? OVEJITA: Bailar. MURRAY: Bailar? What’s bailar? MURRAY:Bailar. MURRAY: Look at that! The statue’s dancing! OVEJITA: Si. Bailar! MURRAY: Oh. Bailar must mean dance
in Spanish! OVEJITA: Si. Bailar. So the clues are music– OVEJITA: Musica! MURRAY: And a shoe. OVEJITA: Un zapato. MURRAY: And dance! OVEJITA: Bailar! MURRAY: Wait a minute! I can’t say for certain, but I
think we’re going to Irish stepdancing school! OVEJITA: Escuela de
Baile Irishes. ALL: Yay! MURRAY: Can anybody do Irish
stepdancing, or do I have to be Irish? IRENE: Oh, no. Our kids are every culture
you could think of. MURRAY: Oh, even a monster? IRENE: Yes. MURRAY: Oh, boy! Even a monster can do
Irish stepdancing! What is these beautiful dresses
you’re wearing? GIRL: These are Irish
dancing dresses. MURRAY: They’re so colorful. And what about your hair? You all seem to have the
same curly hairdo. GIRL: They’re wigs. MURRAY: They’re wigs? GIRL: Mm-hm. MURRAY: Ooh, boy. I wonder if all Ovejita could
get a wig like that. What parts of my body am I gonna
use to Irish stepdance? MAN: You get to kick
your legs around. MURRAY: Oh, I love to kick
my dancing legs. So what do I do with
these, then? MAN: You keep them down
by the sides. You put them in fists,
and you put them straight down by the sides. MURRAY: Down low. MAN: And you’re not allowed
to move your body at all. Just your feet. MURRAY: I’m gonna try and
not move my body. MAN: Looks perfect. MURRAY: Does it? MAN: Yes. MURRAY: I’m really itchy
right now, though. I really want to do an Irish
stepdance, but I don’t really know what to do yet. Can you teach me some stuff? GIRL: You have to put your
feet together, and jump. MURRAY: Let me see
if I can do that. Put my feet together– how’s that? GIRL: Good. MAN: Hop, and one, two
three, four, keep your heels off the– CHILDREN: Floor. MURRAY: Do you guys think
I would be able to do an Irish stepdance? GIRL: Yeah. MURRAY: Really? What do I have to do to
do an Irish stepdance? GIRL: You have to lift your legs
up high and point your toes while you do it. MURRAY: Can you show me that? Whoa– that is one high kick! You think I can do it? GIRL: Oh, yeah. MURRAY: OK. Here I go. One, two, three– whoa! Little help! I fell down. Does that happen to
you guys ever? BOY: Not really. MURRAY: I am so embarrassed
that I fell. You think I should give
up right now? BOY: No. MURRAY: Here I go. I think I kicked myself. So how do I get good at
this Irish stepdance? IRENE: Practice. MURRAY: Practice? Oh, really? Over and over and over again? IRENE: Every day. MURRAY: I can do that. MAN: That’s what I like. MURRAY: Oh, that’s
a good stretch. I am on my way, Irene. I am gonna be great at
Irish stepdancing! Let me see. Marie. Good. And Karen. Good. Here I go. Ooh! I did it! Let me do it again. Haha! I did it! Was that any good? GIRLS: Yes. MURRAY: Now what’s
an easy step? BOYS: Knee, two, three. MURRAY: Knee, two, three? BOY: Yea. MURRAY: OK. Instead of one, I say knee. OK, here I go. Knee, two, three. Knee, two, three. Knee, two, three. Ooh, I’m getting really
good at this Irish stepdancing stuff. I think I’m ready! I think I wanna try! Let’s do it! I did it, Connor. I love Irish stepdancing
school! OVEJITA: Escuela! MURRAY: See you next
time at school! OVEJITA: Adios! MURRAY: Bye!

98 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Irish Step Dance School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

  1. My 3 year old nephew loves this! And I pretend not to as he watches sitting on my lap while I que the video. Cape Town, South Africa

  2. I think that the hairstyle of the girls that have their hair pulled up and back on top of their heads looks very nice. I like that better.

  3. I'm 29 and I've been dancing 3 years I grew up watching Sesame Street… we don't get it here any more though which SUCKS!

  4. Interesting that the shoe that the characters are holding during the introduction is a Sansha brand shoe and not a true Irish ghillie! But so nice to see Irish dancing making into the mainstream.

  5. This is all very well but check out "Emma O'Sullivan Irish Sean Nos Dancer" for the proper traditional folk style of dancing. It's a lot less uptight and more natural and sensuous.

  6. Stop trying to teach our kids Spanish, if i want my kid to know Spanish ill move to Mexico. And that aint happening.

  7. Really? You're telling a television programm to stop teaching your kid Spanish? Ever tried to turn of your television or maybe let your kid decide himself what he finds interesting?

  8. Sorry, to the person who was talking about Emma o Sullivan… Emma o Sullivan dances in the Sean nos style of dancing, which is a very old style dance which originated in Connemara, Ireland. Irish dancing is a totally different style of dancing. The reason I know this is because I have danced both styles as I am from Ireland, and there is no comparing them.

  9. This is so cool! Maybe Zoe should have been in this too!

    The history of Irish step dance is vague, however it can be dated back to the Druids and early Celts in 400 AD.

  10. I am fairly certain that the dance school is the Inishfree School of Irish Dance. They have schools through out the U.S.

  11. If your a irish dancer and you don't remember the reel i will help you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Point hop back point hop back knee two three four five six seven point hop back point hop back knee two three and point hop back

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