Sing Official Trailer 3 (2016) – Taron Egerton Movie

Sing Official Trailer 3 (2016) – Taron Egerton Movie

– You ready, big guy? – Ya! (exhales)
I’m like totally ready. – Everyone in the city gets a shot
at being a star in our singing competition. – This stage is about to explode
with major piggy power! ♫ Yo, Humpty
♫ You’re really funny-lookin’ ♫ That’s all right
♫ ‘Cause I get things cookin’ ♫ Come, my lady
♫ Come, come, my lady ♫ You’re my butterfly
♫ Sugar, baby ♫ Oh my gosh
♫ Look at her butt ♫ Oh my gosh
♫ Look at her– – Are you okay?! – Oh, yes. I’m fine.
Thank you. How are you? – If you wanna become stars
and win a hundred grand then you better be ready to work harder
than you’ve ever worked in your lives! – Ugh.
– Yes, that was very bad. – Where’s Johnny? – He’s not here. (police sirens) – Where were ya? – I was at rehearsal. Dad, I don’t wanna be in your gang.
I wanna be a singer. – How did I end up with a son like you? ♫ Music can alter moods and talk to you – I can sing, but I get so scared. – Come on! Be confident!
Don’t you want this?! – I’m back!
What is going on here? ♫ Seize the moment
♫ Try to freeze it and own it ♫ Squeeze it and hold it
♫ ‘Cause we consider these minutes golden – Don’t let fear stop you
from doing the thing you love. You know what’s great
with hitting rock bottom? There’s only one way left to go,
and that’s up! ♫ Sing with me
♫ Sing for the years ♫ Sing for the laughter
♫ Sing for the tears – That’s my son! ♫ Dream on
♫ Dream on – She’s not even that good. – Yeah, yeah. Totally. – I can’t move. I’m terrified. – Just sing. ♫ Dream on
♫ Dream on ♫ Dream on (sings high note) – Uh, I’m sorry. Uh… (cheers and applause) ♫ Sing with me
♫ Sing for the years ♫ Sing for the laughter
♫ Sing for the tears (crying)
– Why aren’t you rehearsing? – I’m through!
They said I’m an intolerable egomaniac! I don’t even know what that means!

100 thoughts on “Sing Official Trailer 3 (2016) – Taron Egerton Movie

  1. OMG GUYS THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER IVE WATCHED IT 4 TIMES AND OT HASNT GOT OLD I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please tell me there's gonna be another one

  2. Reese witherspoon do you want to play the character ursula as max Taylor's sister in the prehistoric film dinosaur King the movie so do we have a deal?

  3. Immediately after the update computer 💻 frozen said You must Pay 💰 too unlock it I said how the Hecklers is this possible but they Said Speaking I write the Door 🚪 someone saying it Happens too the Bestsellers Love ❤️

  4. Spoiler alert I guess eh

    I wish That they make a sing 2 and I wish they bail Johnny’s dad out I am so sad Johnny can’t see his dad in person only in jail ):

  5. 1:52
    Mike: yikes!!
    Johnny : this is 4 Meena!
    Ash: YEAH
    2:00 – 2:03
    MEENA : high note
    Me: Encore! encore!
    Howie: I don't even know what that means

  6. Meena's terrible voice just exploded my ears and the Audience just pretending to like it which it shouldn't happen. At least she has a voice only a mother can love.

  7. OVERLY EPIC SONG……for a kids’ movie.
    (Couldn’t they use “Dream On” for a spy/action thriller or gang drama or something??)

  8. I can sing but I just get so scared don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love you won’t feel afraid anymore if you just start singing come on be confident don’t you want this

  9. “How did I end up with a son like this?”

    *30 seconds later*

    “That’s my son! :D”

    This is why I hate most trailers.

  10. We got twerking bunnies. A gorialla in a gang with his son playing the piano. a porcupine playing a guitar . crowd of animals clapping. A terrified Eliphent. A kouala as a manager. A mouse that apparently found his way into dept being chased. A pig with very exotic clothing. And a intolerable ego maniac frog that doesnt know what it means. PERFECT!!

  11. They keyed this movie up to be badass yet the movie is basically just the trailer without dream on and random bullshit everywhere else

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