Singing one syllable out-of-sync (THIS IS TRIPPY!)

Singing one syllable out-of-sync (THIS IS TRIPPY!)

What’s up, my name is… – Rami Just kidding, It’s actually pronounced… -Rami As you can see, I’m in my usual room, Everything is fine, and I’m definitely not being held captive. I just found this female woman called Jay Foreman She does this kind of trippy thing called singing one syllable out of sync Lets watch. – When I was about 7 years old, I had to sing in a recite in-front of my whole school It was, the song that goes: DO, a deer, a female deer, RE, a drop of Golden Sun You know that song? – Of course I know that song Julie Andrews is the only person on my freebie list, Please call me Julie… – Ok, basically, I had to sing that but I got really nervous And I missed my cue to start singing by one syllable. Now one syllable doesn’t sound like a lot, but it messed up the entire tune. It went like this: Do a, deer. A female Deer, RE a drop of Golden..? Sun, MI a name I call my Self, Far, a long long way to That was Jay Foreman go check her out. She’s really good. She’s got more videos like that. So today, I wanted to try out this concept with pop songs and just a bunch of other things. Let’s go BEEP Okay here we go again. BIG MASSIVE CRINGE ALERT If you’re sensitive to cringe, don’t watch the next 25 seconds. This is a sketch, That’s one syllable out of sync just like the singing let’s go -Hey there pretty girl. How are… – You I was fine before you arrived. You smell awful please… – Leave oh, I’m sorry. I’m not good enough for you Just because I work in a fish… – Shop, okay, then that’s what it was let’s get… – Married okay, great. This is how dating works, and I’ll sue anyone who criticizes me – The (BEEP) Oh my god that was even better than the original! If you’re watching this Ed and let’s not kid anyone I know you are feel free to use this version instead of the normal boring one I’m gonna sing you my favorites of all the outter sing songs in a second, but before we do that Let’s go visit my parents and brother again every sitting right now, and they’re staying at Hotel really close to here This is a nice bathroom. I want to poop here real good! Mmm! Bath tub Towels! Mmm! My god, you’re so impressed Wow So dad we’re almost back where you and Mom got engaged how does it feel? (WOO) How does it feel mom 39 years ago 39 years ago. You’re only 25 years old Whoo, you got engaged, whoo! Doggo, little dog man doing his dog business Maybe he’s like a dog bill and it’s like I’m gonna go pee on their engagement party for you guys How does it feel to have been married for like 27 years, how many was it 37 yeah? Oh my god you guys are ancient How many of those 37 years were happy? All of them of course! Mean you had your hands that must have suck to God is what was the worst year so growing up with me was the worst period when I was Like 5 you all like punched me Down the stairs Oh, yeah that was great I lost one tooth In the church yeah to be fair though in my defense you were really annoying Tried to get away with it Pick them up pick them up When were you the worst person ever You would get like really angry like when we played video games. I had a real problem. Yeah I was like worried for you losing the video game and like hits me like really hard like it really hurt for like 10 minutes So this is the actual tree where my mom and dad got engaged. Oh, my god. There’s some ring action going on So cute are you putting the rings on? Yes… First of august, 1979 That’s like a hundred years ago (GIGGLING) Ahh! Whoo! How old were you when you got engaged here? 21 oh that’s crazy early. How are you right now? I’m 20 now Okay, let me do some wedding photography So engage there’s a dead squirrel in moms and dads engagement tree Okay, guys. It’s time for my favorite out-of-sync song the lyrics are on screen and if you succeed in singing it perfectly I will give you a Million subscribers also, I’m gonna be pulling over at this week I’m gonna be asking you for what kind of videos you want from me in the near future so if you want to join in On deciding what I’m gonna do on this channel head over to… Okay, let’s hear the song This mind boggling tale of syllabic fluidity is sponsored by ‘Squarespace’ Do you need a domain, website or online store (Whispering) Then make your next move with Squarespace they have 16 brand-new designer templates award-winning 24/7 customer service an all-in-one platform You’ll never have to patch or upgrade anything Go to for a free trial and go to slash roomie for 10% off your first purchase Thanks today. We’re gonna try out doing music and other things in slow motion. I love the mom’s sphaghetti I need to see that you get toms and heavy disbarment the sweater (Indistinct) Subtitles By The Domino D.R.

100 thoughts on “Singing one syllable out-of-sync (THIS IS TRIPPY!)

  1. Not saying that you can't joke about gender but how is the "female woman" thing even funny? It just seems like you're ripping on the guy and not even attempting to be clever. I read your explanation on Twitter and I'm still trying to see how it's even remotely humorous. I love jokes about almost any subject, but this falls so flat. I understand random humor but leave that to Eric Andre or improve.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, great video regardless and props for referencing the video that inspired you to make this.

  2. Did anyone notice that he said female woman and he's a guy.

    P.s why didn't he just say female or woman

  3. For a hot second I was like "Jay foreman trans?" And then I was like "no he has an entire show on his channel called map men"

  4. Yo at 7:15, that lowkey sounded better than the original, idk why but the way the flow worked it sounded good 😂

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