Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

93 thoughts on “Snowmobile Powered Sports Car Gets Custom Drivetrain

  1. John Pagel built a miata with 3-cyl and cvt belt drive. The belt drive was a reliability failure. Why not just use a 5-speed???

  2. as you get better, that lave will become one of your number one pieces of equipment, with it, a welder and grinder you can make anything.

  3. I think I have the same lathe as you do. I also owned two Triumph Spitfires in my youth. They were fun cars but less than reliable on my college student budget.

  4. I'm not sure if you guys have covered this before, but Ethan, I'm really curious to know your background? Everything I've seen on this channel has been an amazing feat of engineering and design so it makes me wonder where it stems from.

  5. Let me begin with saying that Edwin has some great fabricating skill. His ability to make these conversions takes awesome imagination and engineering skill.

    The thing that I don't understand is, why he takes such unusual challanges and makes remarkable conversions on things which are not going to serve any practical purpose. It seems to be a, "build it to destroy it" approach. Kind of, make these wacky things just for the heck of it?? I understand that its just for fun, but his talent and engineering skills seem to me, to be wasted on kind of senseless projects. His skill and imagination could be put to much more practical use. There is genius in his craftsmanship. His efforts to create someting extraordinary are fun, but are also impractical.

    He should channel his skill to create things that are useful and marketable. I know he would be very good at it. I'd like to see him stop playing in the sandbox and put his remarkable skill to practical use. Just my opinion.

  6. The clutch space doesn’t have to be perfectly spaced apart just tight enough that the belt isn’t slacking and that you aren’t pulling the belt to much

  7. I have the exact same style of drive shaft design in my 2009 Vstar 650 classic. In a forum I'm on I get constant posts of that being a huge fail point. Just a thought. First comment on any channel in my life. Great job, if anyone on YouTube deserves a break it is the minds that make this content possible.

  8. Whomever is giving the thumbs down here is just so unhappy with themselves. But the biggest haters are the biggest fans.

  9. Something else to test out before you romp on it too hard and blow the Us and diff are the primary and secondary fly weights and springs.
    Certain combinations (less spring tension on secondary for example) can get your rpm down to cruising speed quickly.
    So you can have a short torquey diff ratio and be quick off the line but still rev down and cruise at high speed.

    Cant wait to see more of this! Keep up the positive tude, you guys rock

  10. A friend of mine has already built a Yamaha 750 triple powered Miata that raced 24 Hours of LeMons. The CVT/2stroke combination makes a fun car.
    I know you have used snowmobile powertrain elsewhere. If you search Google for "snowmochop", you'll find my Polaris 550 powered rigid frame chopper.
    Good luck.

  11. Man you guys fricken exploded in popular since I subed! 400+k subs now is mental! Keep on the grind you’ll make to 1m just wait

  12. 141👎…= 141 bitches who don't build anything ,who are armchair quarterback's and probably have tiny weiners ,kick puppies and drown kittens…..from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠

  13. Love the channel. Keep up the great content. But I did notice that the belt is sitting to low in the secondary. Either that belt is shot or the secondary is not shimmed correctly. You will lose on both ends. You will be starting out in a higher gear and the primary won't be able to pull the belt all the way into the secondary to get max shift out. Rule of thumb is the bottom of the upper cogs should be even with the top of the secondary shives. If this helps at all.

  14. Looks like it will pay off an be a blast, Enjoy it an get some serious lighting later on. Or it could be a strugle. Iv got a small vehicle an seeing at night is tough.

  15. I would have put a 302 and t5 in it. 5.3 would be cool but if you like bangin gears your going to spend $2500 on a manual trans for a LS. ….. and thats why i like sbf/t5. $300 engine and $300 trans. If you get a 302 out of a explorer with gt40/p heads you can make over 300 fwhp with a simple cam swap. But it will weigh alot more than this. They did this swap on motor trend a few years ago and it was mental. That was just a stock Lo-Po 302 out of a truck or something with probably under 180 fwhp.

  16. Very interested to see how it turns out.
    Question is, how fast will it be with that snowmobile gearbox? Why not just reuse the snowmobile engine and connect the old gearbox?

  17. Been awhile since i heard some of your older tracks! They just have an OG feel to them, always nice to hear your sound cloud stuff in vid!

  18. What kind of supercharger goes zpheeeww whitchhhhh? Lmfao u guys r awesome. If im ever out ur way im lookin yall up. If your ever in michigan hit me up. We can ride or build some sht. Look for sparks welding in monroe mi, im the owner 👍keep up the crazy builds guys your an inspiration.

  19. Im so excited for this build! 😁🙌 on another note, @AkinaBoy is a master with the beats & all round filming/editing. Nothing but #class ! 💯✔

  20. Would you not have saved an hour on that lathe by using the grinder to "rougly" make that square circle-ish first? Turning down a square is a pain in a metal lathe. All you have to do is cut off a few corners first.

  21. I just picked up my Spitfire today and this is super intriguing and entertaining. Really excited to see where this goes!

  22. I have no idea what you guys talk about but I love it I wanna get into cars when I get older lmao I wish I could just get one my broke ass😂 new sub I love your guys work

  23. If you learn about feeds and speeds on the lathe you can make that in about a half an hour. When using carbide tools it is ok if the chips are hot and blue.

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