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  1. Ah #Germany. This was a fun video to make, even if it was at 1:30 in the morning and I had to be a little quiet so Kaleb and Jilian wouldn't be bothered through my thin walls. Thanks to all the Germans that helped with this episode, obviously I couldn't cover everything about every state so if you'd like to add anything, TEACH US! Put it in the comments! ALSO KEITH WILL BE IN A SPECIAL 2ND FILLER WEEK VIDEO! STAY TUNED!

  2. Berlin=Washington D. C.
    Lower Saxony=Oklahoma
    Hamburg=Rhode Island/Maine
    Bremen=Rhode Island/Maine
    Hesse=New York

    Hope that’s kinda accurate
    Greetings from Frankfurt

  3. The saxons from saxony are barely related to the ancestors of the English. These people came from Lower Saxony and denmark and are closer related to the people living in nrw and Lower Saxony. May be confusing

  4. I want to say that we make a lot of jokes about Saarland as being a place where a lot of incest and stuff is happening (just like americans do with alabama)

  5. You explained Hesse quite short in my opinion, and you had the wrong flag of Hesse. We have a red white striped lion in the center with the background of the Indonesian flag, I’m from Hesse. You have still have Kassel, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt wich are also quite popular city. And in Hesse/Germany we have also dead Volcanos. Green sauce is the typical food in Hesse. And in Kassel you have the Wilhelmshöhen Mountain park wich is a quite popular sight.

  6. I recently visited the place king Ludwig drowned, like, I just made a little tour on a boat and the captain was like "and this is were king Ludwig and his doctor were found dead"

  7. Wait, am I wrong, or did I not hear it correctly, or barbs said it wrong because I'm pretty sure it's Otto von Bismarck not bon vismarck

  8. Don't forget Franconia! Yeah, political we are a part of Bavaria, but cultural we are different 🙂 you have cities like Bamberg, Würzburg, Nürnberg and we have THE BEST BEER IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I'll promise you that 😀 Visit us and enjoy a whole new level of beer. Franconia is not Bavaria <3

  9. You could've mentioned that Frankfort is the most criminalized place in German due to the many corrupt business cooperation's and the fact that about 1/4 of it's population are immigrants. Out of 100.000 citizens about 15.000 a criminals in light or heavy cases each year. In the wrong place at the wrong time you could meet the wrong person wich threat's or even murders you. Even the Police itself shows signs of corruption, because many known officers simply were ''suspended'' or ''disappeared'' from their duties after moving too close to criminal businesses.
    Besides that this city is a known station for Junkies to get their golden shot. Each morning about 100 syringes have to be collected from the streets. It has also a very known red light district known national wide and even below national borders, the Kaiserstraße. A friend once said that the chances of getting aids there are almost as high as in Swasiland. Police Forces even avoid this district, but the German Police is only a debt collector anyway. You could call Frankfort the German Los Angelos. Crime, Prostitution, some acting, i guess? But especially immigration.
    The Rest of Hessen is average familiar with the rest of California. Most of the Germans are WW2 Veterans, the youth population is shared between immigrants and Germans though. In 20 Years it will be about 50:50 national wide. A safe place in the daylight usually, but you should watch yourself at night. My small town near Frankfort is pretty balanced between German pensioners and mostly immigrated kids born here. The worst thing you see are some middle class students (7th. graders – adults) drinking and taking drugs at the train station at 9pm.

  10. I hate it that only 50% of Baden Württemberg is shown.
    Swabia is only Würtemberg. Baden is not shown at all. Only 4 of the 5 largest cities are inside Baden and a large area of the black forest are inside this completely different cultural region. Even the dialects are different with the dialect in Baden close to the language in Switzerland.

  11. The amish language thing is wrong. The amish language is from the alleman region that includes part of Baden-Württemberg, Switzerland and France. The pennsylvania dutch came a wave earlier and originate from the Pfalz. Also more south. The plattdeutsch has nothing to do with dutch or amish in USA.

  12. Selbst im Ausland haben die Sachsen den Ruf als Rechte:(
    Schade,ich als Migrantkind (was nicht deutsch aussieht) hab in Sachsen nur gute Erinnerungen

  13. Hey, Würtenberg also had their king! So did Hannover (who at one point was the same as the king of England, including big bad George III),

  14. i don't actually think every german hates becks? it's just the most basic bear there is. but that's why you can always go for it, when you're in a different region (even in other countries). it won't be amazing, but you'll have a … good beer i guess.

  15. Hay from Saxony (leipzig) you are all beautifull Humans
    and i wisch one day we all can get along.

    Why mention that i am from Leipzig. Well at the moment i dont want to have anything to do with Dresden or their sourounding land. Thes seem to have forgotten why they get bombed in ww2 in the first place and i dont want to be associated with that mind set.

    And actually i did not live back than but i kinda feel proud to be a saxon guy some of my ancestors might have created england and thats kinda nice. Really i should not feel proud but i do

  16. In Schleswig-Holstein you don't say ,,Moin Moin" you say only ,,Moin" , but in Hamburg you say ,,Moin Moin"! (I live in Schleswig-Holstein).

  17. For me as a Vietnamese Canadian: Bavaria is the Quebec of Germany:
    -both are the largest states ( except Quebec is a province, and Nunavut is more bigger but it's a territory)
    -both are the second most populated subdivision
    -both had the second highest gdp
    -both of Bavaria and Quebec want to be independence (although not a lot of people want to split away)
    -and they are for some reason equally, and incredibly beautiful in terms of cities, landscapes, and attractions.

  18. Ok…. Bavaria = the Texas of germany
    Northrine-Westphalia = the California of Germany (even if California could better be compared to all of Germany)

  19. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and various states on the french-german and Belgium border these are my favorite parts of germany.

  20. Man I love germany. Obviously far back enough my ancestors came from here. Like seriously Anglo-Saxons are literally insular germans that migrated from germany. Also german ancestry from historic east germany and middle germany.

  21. Luxembourg should just join germany i mean seriously i wish their a state in germany. Their basically german. They look german etc.

  22. In Bavaria there is not only the oldest brewey in Germany, but the oldest continously operated brewery in the world: Weihenstephan since 1040.

  23. Eh, saying that Saxony and Lower Saxony have nothing to do with each other isn’t accurate, the Dutchy of Saxony that was based in Lower Saxony was split in the 1200’s if I remember correctly, and one half of it expanded south and east into Saxony, and was later split again and lost most of its western territories, so they do have a lot to do with one another, as half of the old dutchy essentially migrated from Lower Saxony to Saxony, which is also why they have the same name, Lower Saxony used to be called Old Saxony for this exact reason.

  24. hust hust most of the states had their own king before 1871 and not only bavaria. That was the whole point. To bring all these kingdoms together.

  25. are we not gonna talk about how much the people from the palatinate hate the people from Saarland?


    Well, I guess that's because the Saarland is an uninteresting pice of land. Let's hope France will take it one day! (a girl from Palatinate has spoken)

  26. 1.) I am German and I HATE Mallorca and I’ve never been there. It is too full, too fake German, too many drunken Germans around. There are these two different types of Germans: the ones love Mallorca and they are there every summer and the others hate it and never go there or at least visit it in autumn or spring without whole Germany around.
    2.) I am living in Lower Saxony and my roots are in Saxony. Well, that’s a culture shock when I meet my grandparents. They have a strong dialect, especially in the South of it. They have their own words like “freilich”, “bissl” and “gell”. But I love it, it’s feels like home there.

    great video, very funny to hear your perspective

  27. You just cut North-Rhine-Westphalia in half and completely left out the western part with its capitol an cologne 😂

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