Dan and Phil play JUST DANCE

D: Hello DanandPhilGames Buddies P: Hello! D: So something quite exciting has happened… P: Wait wait wait wait wait. Need to make it official (Phil toots the announcement moose) D: Really? P: Yes D: DanandPhilGames has a million subscribers!!!!! Dan and Phil: Woooo!! D: Can’t help but feel that was slightly more underwhelming than we […]

Extended Cut – Ellen Gives a Deserving Family the Single Biggest Gift Ever!

Earlier in the show, I told you we had the biggest surprise we have ever done for one family. And when I say it’s big, it is big. We met the Daniels family last November when they entered a contest to sit in our Skybox for the 12 Days of Giveaways. After the show, we […]

1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing found in storage unit! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 32

you know born fun or we find lots of vehicles or like you know Falcons and Chevelle’s and we’re like to find you know rare cars but we don’t you don’t have a choice we finally find and we’re about to see a car that we can’t tell you who owns it and we can’t […]