Yeni Kral Belli Oldu! | 2019’un En Çok Satan 10 SUV Modeli | Bilgin Olsun

We had a harsh 2019 in terms of automotive industry. On 2019, Turkish automotive industy has decreased 23.3% compared to 2018. The number of sold cars down to 479.060. Also just the passenger car segment saw a 20% decrease. However, SUV sales are seeing an unsual actions. Especially the new SUV models had sold great. […]

2019 Chevy Blazer First Look (DETAILED) | Quick New SUV Review at the 2018 MIAS | In 4K UHD!

Hey guys I’m at the 2018 Miami International Auto Show and Chevrolet has the all-new 2019 blazer here on display so let’s take a quick first look and a brand new segment that I like to call add a glance hey guys I’m here with Joe from Chevy and we’re going to take a brief […]

2019’da En Çok Satan SUV Modelleri

What’s the Best Mid-Size SUV for 2019?—

[MUSIC PLAYING] SUV shoppers who don’t need a third row but want something a little more upscale than your run of the mill compact model have midsize SUVs to look at. has spent a week testing a bunch of 2019 examples popular with small families and couples. They are the Chevrolet Blazer, the Ford […]

Introducing the New 2019 Ford Edge ST: Capability Meets Power | Edge | Ford

[SOUND] I think it’ll fit. [MUSIC] Want a performance car that actually fits your life? [SOUND] Introducing the new 2019 Ford Edge ST. [MUSIC] Capability meets power, in the first SUV from the Ford performance team. The new 2019 Ford Edge ST.