THROW IT BACK DANCE (Everytime this song plays) | Ranz and Niana

NIANA THROW IT BACK Okay Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Ey Ey! Ey! Ey!! Whoo Eyy “Laugh” Stop it! NIANA! THROW IT BACK!! Eyy Whooo Ey! Ey! Ey! Whoo!!! “Laugh” STOP! NIANA!! THROW IT BACK!!! C’mon “Laugh” Okay Okay Whooo Ey Ey C’mon Ey! Ey!! Whoo!!! “Laugh” What is that pose? NIANA!!! THROW ITBACK!!! Ok Okay Ey! […]

Are Higher Speed Limits Safer? | WheelHouse

To some people, speed limits are an absolute necessity for keeping our roads safe, But is that actually the case? Where’d they come from, How do we set them, and do they work? I’m Nolan Sykes and this is WheelHouse. One of the first speeding infractions for a car was written in 1899. A bike […]

Scandroid – Neo Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)

(We’ll dream of Neo-Tokyo tonight) (We’ll dream of Neo-Tokyo) (We’ll dream of Neo-Tokyo tonight) (We’ll dream of Neo-Tokyo) Neon lights glisten off the streets The moonlight swallowed up by breathing electricity Salvation hovers in the sky Dream of a life inside while we escape just to survive Let go, take flight Dreams begin to reignite […]

’80s Aerobics Dance Challenge w/ Kate Upton

-Hey, guys, I’m here with Kate Upton, and we’re about to do an “’80’s Aerobics Dance Challenge.” You ready for this? -Yeah. ♪♪ -1, 2. 2 to the right. ♪♪ 1, 2. 2 to the right. -2 to the right. -Oh, yeah! -1, 2. 2 to the right. Now for toe-heel. -Oh, I got to […]

Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chases from the 80’s | Donut Media

1980’s Cinema saw the rise of amazingly cheesy blockbuster films. But big budgets meant big chases and crazy action. Here are the top 10 greatest car chase scenes from the 1980’s. Starting off the list at number 10 is “Against all Odds” from 1984. This classic chase involves two jocks racing a red Porsche 911 […]

The Hair Metal Singer Who Turned to Classical Music

(metal music) – The year is 1988; big hair and denim are in. (“Seventeen” by Winger) The ultimate lead singer in hair metal, Kip Winger, and his band are at the top of the charts. But the party that seemed like it would never end suddenly came crashing down. (birds singing) No air play, no […]

How cars went from boxy to curvy

If you look at cars from the 1970s and cars from the 1990s, there’s really one big difference in their designs. The ones from the 70s are boxy, and the ones from the 90s are curvy. For some car models, you can even tell the exact year when that change happened. Just look at this […]