2017 Honda CR-V Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

[CLICK] [MUSIC PLAYING] The redesign for 2017 Honda CR-V shows that if you want to stay on top, sometimes you have to be willing to make some pretty big changes. Honda typically has been conservative when passing from one CR-V generation to the next. But that’s not enough anymore to battle red-hot, small SUV competitors. […]

Never Buy This SUV

rev up your engines, Alex Hamilton says Scotty what do you recommend, Toyota Landcruiser 2000-2008 or range rover classic 90s or 80s okay well the Land Cruisers they last longer they hold up, the parts are cheap on them then on the Range Rovers the real early Range Rovers, when you’re talking about the four-cylinder […]

IE(Integrated Engineer) Pops and Bangs Tune on Audi A4 B9

hi guys I am Yaode welcome back to my channel if you watch the last video then you should to know I’ve flashed the integrated engineer in stage 2 on my 2017 Audi A4 and that tune is a custom tune that integrated engineer did it for me and I asked them to add a […]

New Audi RS3: behind the wheel of 362bhp hyper-hatch

The new Audi RS3 is the most powerful hot hatch on sale. A five-cylinder, turbocharged, 362 horsepower rocket ship designed to make you question why on earth you’d have a cramped sports car, when you can have this with five seats and a boot. This then, is the ultimate evolution of the hot hatch genre […]

Volkswagen Helix Sound System

Hello and welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to tell you about Volkswagen’s Helix subwoofer accessory and whether it’s right for you. The Helix subwoofer accessory is more than just a subwoofer and amplifier. It’s a full sound system upgrade for the base infotainment system found in most Volkswagens. The system features a five-channel […]

The Death of the Toyota Celica, What Went Wrong

Rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk about what happened to the toyota celica and why they stopped making them, now the first toyota celica was made in 1970 and the last toyota celica was made in 2006 over the course of time toyota sold 4.1 million of these celicas, so why oh […]

2019 Toyota RAV4 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

[SNAP] The redesigned 2019 RAV4 has new exterior styling to make it look more rugged. It also comes with the more powerful four cylinder engine, hooked up to an eight speed automatic transmission. The engine is noisy, and suffers from an irritating drone. This was one of the major downsides of the redesigned RAV4. Non […]

The Wrenchmen | Todd’s 1957 Volkswagen Beetle – Episode 5

– [Host] Have you ever purchased a car on eBay that wasn’t quite as described? Well, in this episode of The Wrenchmen, Davin and I tackle Todd’s 1957 eBay Beetle with steering, brake, clutch, and electrical issues. Follow along as we try to get Todd back on the road. (rock music) – It should not […]

Porsche Cayman ile Yaşamak Nasıldır?/ Here’s Why Porsche Cayman You Have to Own Before Getting Rare

Today, I want to present you Porsche Cayman 2007. A brief look at the vehicle’s history takes us all the way back to Porsche’s plans around 1955. Around 1955-56, Ferdinand Porsche was interested in producing a light model with mid-engine design, for use in races in particular To do so, the mid-engine design model with […]

Reviewing the 1/24 Volkswagen Beetle (Type I) by Kinsmart

hey what’s going on guys welcome back to another episode of Imperial Diecast now last week my brick-and-mortar store which is called Drogeriemarkt Müller and about which I have made a video about a year and a half ago which you can find in my video description was having a 20% off sale and since […]