2019 Audi S4: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Is the new Black Optic an M340i Killer??

What’s going on YouTube? So Audi released an all new version of the s4. Just one year ago yet despite that They are already making significant changes for the 2019 model year We have a new base trim level new equipment and even updated styling all designed to keep it up to pace with the […]

DYNO Result from APR Stage 1 on Audi A4 B9

hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m a living in Vancouver Island we need to go to the mainland today because we are going to run a dyno to see what’s the horsepower and a torque on this 2017 Audi a4 and right now is 5:33 and the first ferry is at the 7 […]

Audi RS7 Acceleration 0-250 Launch Control V8 Sound MF-RS 750

AUDI RS7 ! the first generation “4G” 4.0L V8 – 605 horsepower – 700 newtonmeter weight : 2005 kilogram but this one here isn´t stock (~ 750 HP)! quattro + new tires… but the ESP lamp still flashing You want to see more of this RS7 ? Write in the comments !

Audi A4 B7 – czy można kupić prestiż za 14 000 zł? | #TOP10 OTOMOTO

2020 Audi A4 Review – First Drive | carsales

You’ve heard of The Wild One, well, this updated Audi A4 we’re in Italy driving is The Mild One, mild hybrid that is. What is mild hybrid? In this case it’s a small lithium ion battery and a belt alternator starter. They allow the A4 to coast with the engine off for up to 10 […]

2020 Audi A4 vs 2019 Audi A4 | A Refreshed Luxury Sedan

– Okay Welcome back guys. Jason Campbell here with Zimbrick Audi in our beautiful new showroom, across the street from our old location here. We are now right next to Mercedes Benz. A lot of our videos show this building from the outside, so it’s nice to take a step inside. Today I just want […]

Attrezzi messa in fase Audi Seat Skoda e Volkswagen TDI PD DOHC – A1362

Penat Sepak Bonet Audi Tapi Tak Terbuka ?!

One of the features… Not so many Audi owner did’nt realized is ‘kick boot’ or… I did not know the correct term. But we can kick under boot. Our boot will open by itself. Basically, Audi from year 2012 and above.. A4 and higher model..if not mistaken. Already have this feature. I don’t know and […]

2020 Audi A4 // NEW Decade Brings a NEW LOOK… But is it Enough??

So even though I already lightly updated the a for just last year they’re already bringing it under the knife again for 2020 and this time not just for some Styling revisions in the front but for a whole refresh of both on the outside inside and in regards to the technology! That’s why we’re […]