Audi A6 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

You probably already saw the photo’s of the new A6, because it was on the Geneva Motorshow this year. You also might’ve thought it looks a little like the current generation, and that’s about right because the silhouette has remained the same. If you look at the details however, you’ll see it’s an entirely new […]

Geely FY11 2019 Coupé SUV | Todo lo que debes Saber

Volkswagen T-Roc – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

The SUV-policy of the Volkswagen Group, isn’t always as easy to understand. Now Seat has a SUV based on the Ibiza with their Arona, you’d think Volkswagen would start right away with a SUV based on the Polo. That hasn’t happened. The car will come in time, but instead Volkswagen presented the T-Roc last summer. […]

DT Test Drive — 750 HP Audi RS6

This time we decided to test the fastest wagon in Russia. Welcome to 750hp Audi RS6, Nizhny Novgorod and here we go! Nizhny Novgorod is a great city, beautiful, this embankment, this dusk, everything is amazing, but when you have 750hp you have no place to breathe. You cannot even accelerate for a couple of […]

Audi A1 Sportback – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Audi presents the new A1 as the ultimate solution for the premium-loving city slicker. A car which combines the design features, appearance, luxury and technology with the size of a car… which actually fits on the Prinsengracht. That’s one thing, but the other thing is that underneath the skin, it’s incredibly similar to the Volkswagen […]

Volkswagen Golf VIII (2019) – AutoWeek Review

We had to wait the whole year for it, but it’s here. 2020 is around the corner and Volkswagen just released their new Golf. The Golf 8, and you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this car. If we count all of the previous generations, they’ve sold more than… 35 million Golf’s. I don’t know any […]

Volkswagen Touareg (2018) – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Within the Volkswagen Group, you can get your big, expensive SUV at Audi, Porsche, or even Bentley and Lamborghini. However, Volkswagen wants to have their own SUV. It started back in 2002, when the first Touareg was launched. Now it’s time to meet the third generation. Because it’s a Volkswagen, the Touareg is quite a […]

Audi A4 40 TFSI Avant vs. Mercedes-Benz C200 Estate – AutoWeek dubbeltest – English subtitles

This could be a very short video. Four years ago, my colleague Roy conducted a comparison test between the then new Audi A4 Avant… and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate which had been around for a while. And I’m doing the same today, only with facelifted versions. The Audi A4 Avant has just been to the […]

Renault Mégane vs Volkswagen Golf – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – English subtitles

Since Laurens van den Acker became design chief of Renault, there’s one thing very certain; every new Renault is at least controversial. Take the Megane, probably the most flamboyant car in the C-segment. Today, it’s across the most conservative car in the C-segment. This one. The Volkswagen Golf. Because a Golf always will be just […]

Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016) AutoWeek review – English subtitled

The first Audi R8 caused a bit of a stir. A mid-engined supercar, from Audi? Also, it was rather safe to drive. ‘My first supercar.’ But it evolved, got a V10 and special editions. And even oversteer! So, now we have the 2nd generation car. It’s more of an evolution. It’s lower, wider, lacks sideblades […]