2018 Honda CR-V Diesel 1.6 SX AWD – Full Review

Honda has among the widest variety of crossovers in the market today. But, all those models owe their existence to this the CR-V The 5th-gen CR-V takes a more evolutionary redesign. That said, it follows the current design language With its slim, upswept headlights and bold grill Onto its side, it’s been re-profiled. But it’s […]

2018 Honda CR-V Diesel 1.6 S 2WD – Full Review

It was a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The diesel-powered Honda CR-V We’ve tested the gas model And we’ve also tested the diesel all-wheel drive model So what’s next to test? So it’s time to test this one, the diesel powered two wheel drive version Now from the looks of it. It looks […]