Porsche History – Paris-Dakar Vicotries

A revolutionary car for Porsche was the 959 Turbo with integral traction. In 1984 Porsche won the Paris-Dakar with a 911 4×4. Then the German producer presented the 959 with a mixed air/liquid cooling, which won Paris Dakar in 1986 and was produced in a limited edition. In the same years Porsche performed very well […]

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Review | Edmunds

[MUSIC PLAYING] JONATHAN ELFALAN: We’ve been really eager to get our hands on the all new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, partly because it’s named after a Greek god, but more so because it’s now the biggest, roominess vehicle that Volkswagen makes. And it’s not a minivan. From the front, the Atlas isn’t really recognizable as a […]

Team Toyota Takes Over Daytona | Toyota

(energetic music) (race noises) – We just walked into Daytona on take day and all of the sudden we are directing cup drivers and other Toyota drivers. – How many shots do we have? – Eleven shots. (laughing) – Ooh. – [Todd] Aw man, this is scary. – All right ladies and gentleman, we are […]

2018 Audi RS 5 Review | First Drive | Edmunds

WILL KAUFMAN: Right now, I’m in Arizona tooling along in an Audi coupe. There are some clues that this isn’t a regular A5. For example, there’s this perforated leather-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel, the perforated leather on the shift knob. There’s carbon fiber trim bits all around the cabin, some alcantara on the door liner, and […]

2015 Volkswagen Passat: How to Connect Bluetooth

In this video, we’re going to show you how to connect your Bluetooth device to the 2015 Volkswagen Passat. When your phone is paired to your vehicle, you can access your contacts, place calls, and listen to music. To connect your phone, simply open the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for the VW […]

The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

CHRIS HARRIS: I’m standing at Jarama Circuit just outside Madrid. We’ve come here from the UK for 24 hours to have 20 minutes driving a new car. I wouldn’t normally agree to this, but it’s the new Toyota GT86, which for me is one of the most exciting cars of 2012. The problem is 20 […]

Toyota Mirai | Portrait of a Pioneer – Angela | Toyota

– [Man] You ready for this? – I think so. – [Man] All right, lot of energy, let’s do it. (rising energetic music) – I actually didn’t learn about environmental issues until I got to college. Once I became aware of climate change and global warming, my mind was completely blown. And I knew I […]

🚗🔧HISTOIRE DE VOITURE – PORSCHE Carrera GT (la voiture qui a tué paul walker)🔧🚗

1100HP V6 Turbo Hatch | J Series Honda CIVIC [TECH TALK]

– With in excess of 1000 wheel horsepower and a best ever trap speed in a half mile race event of 199 mile an hour, Aaron’s EG Civic is obviously no slouch. However there’s a few things that make it a little unusual compared to your typical Civic. The obvious one there, when we look […]