Behind the Nines: Audi Nines 2018 Documentary

If I had to explain to someone, that doesn’t know about the size of all this, I would probably tell them that we are pretty much jumping over a house or even multiple houses. We try to go fast, like, as if you were driving a car. Humans are pretty damn epic. We’ve found so […]

How do you say PORSCHE? – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience

– Hey guys, so we’re getting ready to head to NJMP and we’re gonna ask some of our fans who are actually driving this 991 GT3, how much they know about the car but specifically, do they know how to say, the name properly right here. Alright so, right behind you is one of our […]

School of Rock | ‘Theme Song Lip Dub’ Music Video | Nick

[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Stop telling me to read between the lines. It all adds up to one thing. Are you really [INAUDIBLE] for the test? When I’m with you, it’s the best. Five, four, three, two, one. If you think you’re gonna lose your cool, well sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules. Hey, show me […]

10 Minute Photo Challenge with JORDAN MATTER & Dance Moms Ellie & Lilly

I Spent The Day With An Adult Entertainment Company

– Alright, good? – Hey there! I’m Aria. And we’re here in the San Fernando Valley, the heart some might say, of the adult entertainment industry to take a look behind the scenes at where the sausage is made here at the Vixen offices. – What’s up? – It’s Abigail, right? – How are you? […]

Outlander | Entertainment Tonight Interviews John Bell | STARZ

♪ Hey everyone, I’m Leanne Aguilera from Entertainment Tonight and I am joined by John Bell who you all know as Ian onOutlander.That’s correct, yes. Talk to me about season four for Ian. Where’s his mindset going into it? Yeah well for Ian, he has a really interesting journey.He starts off coming out of a […]

Lizzy Greene & Ricardo Hurtado: Behind the Romance | Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Nick

– We’re behind the scenes of a brand new “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn” with Ricardo. Check it out. Those. Come in here again, Montagellis! [YELL] So, the Montagellis are a rival family of the Harpers, and their son, Joey Montagelli, secretly has a relationship with Dawn. No Montagelli would ever be anywhere near a […]

‘Happy Birthday, Casey Simpson!’ Official Tribute Music Video | Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

[MUSIC PLAYING] SINGER: Whoa, whoa, enter a new day. Feel the emotion. Hi SINGER: Take the first step. Plus art’s an easy A, but then for me, aren’t they all? SINGER: Tallest tree and see what’s all around. The sunshine’s beaming and– Look smart. SINGER: The air fills up with sound like, hola, hola. Stop […]

JoJo Siwa | BTS on the ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ Official Music Video | Nick

– Hey, everyone. It’s JoJo, and right now we are on set of my music video “Kid in a Candy Store.” [MUSIC – JOJO SIWA, “KID IN A CANDY STORE”] Let’s go check it out. JOJO SIWA: [SINGING] Hey. Hey. It’s JoJo. Here we go. “Kid in a Candy Store is all about finding a […]

Behind the Scenes: What’s Happening at the Factory?

So while you and I might have been on holiday over the winter break the team have been busy building the new car. So I’ve come to the factory to see what their different departments have been working on. DESIGN OFFICE Difficult day for me at work is designing components for break cooling, uprights and […]