Your Spot for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in Madison WI

The Man Who Brought BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche To America

The post-war baby boomer generation brought wealth and success to the United States of America and as such people wanted cars. They didn’t want the cheap and sad machines built in the wartime era they wanted the cars of the future and to one man Maximilian Hoffman he already had that planned this is the […]

2018 BMW X3 Review | Edmunds

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARK TAKAHASHI: What we have here is all new 2018 BMW X3, fully redesigned from the ground up, but it’s kind of hard to tell, because there’s not a whole lot different about it stylistically. It has a bigger grill. That’s about it. However, it builds on the X3 legacy, giving you plenty […]

moje samochody i super samochody

Hi. Very pleasant topic for today, i.e. about cars, about super cars, how to drive such cars? Because I’m standing in the street, it’s loud here, so I’ll go over and I’ll tell you. It may be what I drive first to see you right away. This is my car that I drive every day. […]

Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Everyone has their own story, how they got to this moment. Mine began, before I can even remember. My father, my mother, and me. Our family, together. In her love, in his strength, my passion was instilled. Many other times and many other places, that wouldn’t be true. But here, always, it was. For me […]

This BMW Build Just Changed the Game

– Taking cars of years past, and throwing current-day technology into them isn’t new. But doing so can strike a nerve with purists. So, what do you do when you want to put a modern twist on a classic BMW from the 80’s, a BMW E30 M3? Well, you go off and solicit the help […]

Audi e-tron World Premiere

hello you have a nice time on the boat yeah let me hear you yeah so greetings and warm welcome to San Francisco Bay thank you for being part of this important evening for Audi in let’s say exciting moment a big thank you to Scott Q and his team who organized this and host […]

BMW M5 – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

(car engine revs) – It’s the super sedan that turned the car world on its head and made BMW the German sports car masters. While its little brother gets all the racing cred, this big, fast A F Sedan proved to the world that you didn’t need to be a lil coupe to have fun […]

BMW Vision M NEXT. Official Launch Film. (Sound by Hans Zimmer)

Who are you? A driver? Do you feel it? The power of attraction? Can you control it? And drive to move beyond? What catches your eyes, will capture your heart. If you’d like to go from B to T. You have it in your DNA. You make the choices or just one. Don’t look back, […]