BMW ConnectedDrive App Features | Tutorial/HowTo/Erklärung

BMW 4 Series coupe 2013 review – CarBuyer

The BMW 3 Series may well be brilliant — but it seems like everyone’s got one. So that’s why for this coupe version BMW has decided to call it the 4 series. The car is actually lower, wider and longer than both the old 3 Series Coupe and the new 3 Series Saloon. In fact […]

Stanzani Racconta: L’addio di Ferruccio alle sue Lamborghini – Davide Cironi (SUBS)

Ferruccio’s farewell to his Lamborghini marked a historical break How did you deal with it as a Technical Director? Let’s start by saying that Lamborghini’s farewell to the automobile is really painful for him because the company was running great so much so the sales of the car company was necessary to save Lamborghini himself […]

BMW 1 Series 2016 review – Car Keys

If you are after a small BMW then it’s likely for one of two reasons: you’re after a car that’s fun to drive or you want an affordable model with a premium badge. The point is, this isn’t like your average hatchback. It belongs to an elite, rather highbrow group along with the likes of […]

2017 BMW Alpina B7 Review | Edmunds

That Right There is the BMW Alpina B7 What Is Alpina it’s a Great question They’re not really an in-House tuning Company But They’re not an outhouse Tuning Company Either That Sounds like an Entirely different form of Business Altogether Alpina Exists as technically a Separate Company in Germany That happens to build Cars Based […]

Why BMW Is No Longer The Leader In Luxury Sales

BMW has long called itself the ultimate driving machine, but lately it does not seem to be the ultimate destination for customers in the market for German luxury and performance. In 2016, BMW lost its crown as the top selling luxury brand around the world to fellow German rival Mercedes Benz. In 2012, the BMW […]

BMW X6 2020 | GIGANTE quadri-TURBO [ Prova su strada ]

Guys, I know that this fantastic illuminated huge grille might not please everyone, but personally I really love it! Hello to all friends of DriveZone Italia, today I’m driving the new BMW X6 2020, equipped with a 3-litre 6-cylinder engine, quad-turbo diesel with 400 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque We’re talking about the world’s […]

Audi Q3 vs. BMW X2 – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – English subtitles

The first generation Audi Q3 was quite a remarkable car. It had a high entry, but not those bulky shapes of regular SUV’s. The new Q3 follows the same recipe. It’s longer, wider, but it has a lower roofline. BMW even goes one step further with the X2. That’s not an SUV Coupé, because the […]

2020 Audi e-tron Sportback Defined: Overview

It’s a really difficult to describe feeling because it has been four years of hard work since the first sketches when the people didn’t even hear ever about this kind of concept happening. You need to see the car on the street to understand what it is. My name is Juan Carlos Huerta. I’m an […]

【你要賣多少EP4】TOYOTA 86 估一波~拓海還是填海就看這一次了~