Why Not to Buy a Diesel Car (Diesel vs Gasoline Engine)

rev up your engines! today I’m going to talk about diesel versus gasoline engines in your car, now in the United States, diesel engines generally have been used with big diesel trucks for quite a few reasons, they put on a tremendous amount of torque, so they’re great for pulling things and when they’re added […]

Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car

DALE: You can shut the gate on that one Maxie, it’s the ducks guts. COMM: Over 3 decades ago, 50-year-old Dale Walter from Michigan, set his heart on recreating one of cinemas most iconic cars. DALE: Mad Max is one of my very top favourite movies of all time and when I was sitting there […]

Why Not to Buy Low Profile Tires for Your Car

Rev up your engines! Today I’m going to talk about why you shouldn’t buy low profile tires, now tires have gone a long way since the 1960’s when I started working, and I had motorcycles with spoked wheels and tube tires, back then, most tires were just two ply, they weren’t all that strong, you […]